The Vilification of Wall Street

Eleven Tears 9/11  Memorial. Crystal cut and polished  by Lawrence Stoller.

Eleven Tears 9/11 Memorial. Crystal cut and polished by Lawrence Stoller.

As a Medicine Woman and spiritual counselor, I consider it an honor to be invited into someone’s process. It is a privilege to be entrusted with someone’s innermost feelings, memories, and experiences. Over four decades of my life, I have walked a path of service in this capacity. People from all walks of life have worked with me, from homemakers to politicians, people in the entertainment industry, athletes, and quite a few people from Wall Street.

I am deeply saddened by the disparaging, ugly labels that get slapped onto groups of people, which dehumanizes them, making it easier to hate them. We’ve all seen this happen throughout history. It seems like sooner or later, everybody gets a turn. As a Clairvoyant Empath, I have never understood this. When I’m working with someone, all I see is the soul. That’s all I’m interested in. The soul and the journey towards wholeness and joy.

On 9/11, I had a number of clients and close friends who worked in finance. On Wall Street. I have had clients who worked for Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and a host of other hedge funds and investment groups. When those planes flew into the World Trade Center towers, I was beside myself. People I loved were down there working. One of my closest friends had a late morning meeting in one of the towers. She came up out of the subway to a rain of ash and debris, and a cloud of burning smoke. The towers had just collapsed. Had the meeting been an hour earlier, she would have died.

I counseled clients who had lost family and friends. I was taking a one year program on Chinese herbs with Taoist Master Dr Jeffrey Yuen at the time. In Chinatown on St. James Place, a few blocks from Ground Zero. Driving down the West Side Highway along the Hudson River, the furthest point you could get to was Canal Street, which was my exit. Below that was blocked off by jersey barriers. The police were everywhere. So was the National Guard. The stench was unbelievable. People were wearing masks. It was hard to breathe.

As I listen today to politicians railing against Wall Street, and income inequality, ( which of course is a real thing), what strikes me is how easy it is to forget that these companies are made up of human beings, with children, bills, stresses, hopes, dreams, and issues, just like the rest of us. By lumping thousands of people together into a faceless group called “Wall Street”, it strips them of their humanity, and that is a terrible thing. There is no such thing as “Wall Street” in the way that they mean it. Wall Street is a place. A place where human beings work, who have chosen finance and investments as a career path. It is so unfair to judge others based on the kind of work that interests them. And Heaven forbid, if anyone in politics gives a paid talk or lecture there… ** Gasp!** Oh! No! What, are there evil finance cooties that are going to slime them after a speech there?

Each of my friends and clients from these large firms are people with honor and integrity. They all worked with Dr. Yuen, all meditated, all had their own spiritual path. All of them were, and are, lovely human beings.

My point here is that rhetoric that is divisive accomplishes only one thing: It preys on people’s fears and frustrations, their anger, and a feeling of hopelessness. It devolves into 7 second sound bytes that are basically meaningless. It is propaganda, pure and simple. The problems we face are complex ones, certainly. And there are those, in all walks of life, that are power hungry and greedy. We will always need to stand guard and have safeguards in place to prevent those people from harming the rest of us. I believe that scapegoating an entire group misses the point, and allows the real wrongdoers to escape responsibility. The economic collapse we experienced came from a number of factors that I don’t need to go into here. If we want to call for finance reform, we should do that. If we want more regulations and oversight, we should pass laws to effect that change. Using phrases and words that incite and anger people,( intentionally, I believe,)  is just a manipulative strategy to whip people up, and to get votes. It sickens me.

The American Express company commissioned a memorial to honor the eleven employees who lost their lives on 9/11. Called “Eleven Tears”, it is a huge 1100 lb Quartz Crystal cut and polished by renowned Crystal artist Lawrence Stoller. It is suspended over a pool of water, with the names of those that died carved into the pool. It is an exquisite work of art, a living expression of light and energy honoring what we all lost that day, but more importantly, what we all should remember: Wall Street is a place where wonderful people work. They make their living in finance. They are souls, just like the rest of us, on a journey, just like the rest of us. I am honored to call a number of them my friends. I love them. I hope this perspective is helpful. Blessings, Judith

** The Eleven Tears 9/11 Memorial is open to the public.

Freedom From The Bondage of The Race Mind

imageWhen we speak about the Race Mind, in metaphysical terms we are speaking of the group mind, or group consciousness of humanity. It is the shared beliefs of many, which often include negative beliefs. Edgar Cayce wrote about the Race Mind at length. As we look at what is happening in this country, in terms of this political cycle, fundamentalism, racism, and misogyny, it can be incredibly disheartening to watch.

Freeing oneself from the effects of the negative beliefs of millions of people takes a type of discipline and groundedness in spiritual truth. Understanding that the Earth Plane is a classroom for souls at all levels of evolution helps. People tend to fear change, even when change is positive. Attempting to get the masses to embrace change is always a challenge, even when the status quo is failing miserably. Conservative Politicians understand this. Souls that are extremely fear based are easy to manipulate.

Fear breeds anger and hatred. All positive outcomes flow from love, all negative outcomes flow from fear. We know this is true. How can an individual hope to make a difference? We can each choose to gain dominion over our own consciousness. We can rise up, above the fog of confusion, fear, and anger swirling over this country like a poison gas. The reality of the Race Mind has always been a bizarre mix of oppression, violence, and hope. Science, art, and beauty, mixed with slavery, genocide, and greed. Angels and demons. Light versus dark. Good and evil, co-existing side by side.

The invitation for each of us is to anchor ourselves in the light. To live from that energy, the energy of Divine Love. That is the nature of true rebellion, to refuse to get sucked into the undertow of the Race Mind. As each of us holds to our spiritual path, contributing light and love to the planet, together we CAN make a difference. Refuse to engage with, or become embroiled in the lower vibrations being put out there by others. Don’t argue with them, don’t attempt to teach them anything. You can’t teach the unteachable. They are where they are vibrationally. They have their own Karma, their own pace. It may take eons for some souls to change.

Our only concern in any given moment should be the state of our own consciousness. Do things that inspire you, that reminds you of the magical Universe we live in. Inspire others wherever you can. Live from compassion and empathy, being a living lighthouse for the world. That’s my definition of a true rebel: someone who refuses to drink the kool-aid of a spiritually bankrupt culture. Someone who chooses honor, integrity and love over fear and anger. A warrior of the heart. A warrior of light. Be a rebel. Choose to live from love. No matter what.  Blessings, Judith

From Exile To Eden: Restoring the Heart Through Healing the Myth of Alone

image So many spiritual paths teach that God is love. Many teach people about prayer and meditation, and how to achieve serenity and inner peace. All of these paths are good ones, and yet we still struggle to directly experience, in a real way, the freedom from fear and absolute feeling of safety and love that we seek. Today, I would like to approach this from another perspective, through understanding, and then clearing, the birth of separation between self and Source.

It would be wonderful if we all incarnated into safe, loving environments with emotionally available healthy parents that could see us for who we came to the planet to be, and nurture us from sensitivity and strength. Unfortunately, that was not the earth plane reality for many of us. Our earliest experiences may have been those colored by parents with addictions, mental illness, narcissism, health issues, or a host of other circumstances that contributed to an awareness of being alone, on an existential level that can be felt but not explained. Even though parents may have used the word “love” liberally, if there was no empathetic link of deep understanding between the parent and the child, love is just a word. It has no life to it. Living in an environment of invisibility, it becomes clear to the incarnated soul that the earth plane is somewhat forbidding, if not outright dangerous, and that we are on our own here.

Often, there is a defining moment when that awareness crystallizes within us. Over the years I have had any number of clients and friends describe it in vivid detail, the moment they KNEW…. That this was their reality, and that nothing was going to change. A sense of acceptance and resignation, and in that moment the split between ourselves and Source is born. The ” Myth of Alone” is given birth to, fully formed.

Let’s be clear, it does not matter at all what your intellect knows or believes about God, or love, or the Universe. What shapes our reality are the experiences/feelings in the subconscious mind. Healing the intellect is a piece of cake. Changing the wiring of the subconscious mind is another matter altogether. I’ve always said, show me what someone is manifesting in their lives, and I’ll tell you what they believe.  The good news is that healing this issue is entirely doable.

Now, we know our birthright and our legacy is Divine Love. We are all eternal souls on a journey through space and time. And it is going to be space and time that we work with to heal this issue once and for all. I do NOT see this as an “Inner Child” issue, as is sometimes popularly said. I see it as soul trauma, the consequences of the Free Will of adults who made certain choices with their lives. Choices about parenting, behaviors, actions. Those choices are going to create Karma, which is not our concern. Our responsibility is how to restore our ability to trust, our ability to feel a sense of expectation connected to receiving, how to feel the reciprocity between ourselves and life.

Growing up in a dysfunctional home robs us of that beautiful feeling of reciprocity. We learn to be givers, caretakers, Empaths… Highly sensitive to what everyone else needs. But who was that for us? Who was the empathetic adult aware of what we needed, of our dreams, of our authentic selves? And if there was one, what happened if they died, or left? Because this is about love, and learning what love really is, not the illusions of love people like to talk about. Empathy is love. Love is empathy. Period. If there was no empathy in our family, there was no love. No Sacred exchange.  No reciprocity. So we have no model for a Universe where there is a constant flow of energy, back and forth. In and out. Balance. Compassion.

** A word here about the pandemic of addictions of all kinds that we are seeing in this country. Addictions are all about pain, and novocaining that pain. Numbing it so that it becomes bearable. Nothing is worse than the pain of feeling alone, of not being seen. People will use anything to deaden that pain. Alcohol, drugs, food, work, sex, sports, anything. And all of it further distances us from Source, from love.

The alchemical approach to healing this split is one where we use a more cosmic reality, a deeper perception of what we are, and what the Universe is. The truth is that there is no such thing as time, past or future. All time exists now, all possibilities are available to us now. What I do is step into that frozen moment in time, the seat of the trauma. I visualize it as a “Matrix Moment”, after the movie The Matrix. I see the moment, the split, the disconnect from Source, from Self, from LIFE….. And then I change it. I envision myself standing in the center of the Void, surrounded by billions of stars, planets, galaxies, dimensions. I FEEL THE TRUTH OF THAT. I FEEL THE SENTIENCE OF THAT. THE LOVE. THE WISDOM. THE POWER. I know that I am one with it, and it with me. I feel it breathing with me and through me. I tap into it. I fuse with it.  And then, like a nova, I flood the split, the moment of separation, with that energy, OUR ENERGY,  declaring: ” In this moment I exist in the Eternal Now, one with All That Is. All love, all miracles, flow through me like an endless river of light. The illusion of separation is now healed, and I go free to experience joy, love, abundance, and beauty. I experience this in my life now. The illusion of separation, and all negative illusions return to the nothingness from whence they came. I am free, now and forever. Every moment is mine to create, and I create only perfect partnership with Source, and perfect love. ”

The Eden of the Heart is our birthright, not the exile imposed upon us by wounded beings and our own minds, thoughts, and belief systems. Empathy, love, and compassion are the currency of the Heart, and it is this that heals. Feeling this energy directly, experiencing it in our spiritual work, restores the Heart, our vital life force, and our will to live. It has to be FELT. Don’t stop until you get there, get to that place within where you are plugged into that current, that energy. It is a supernatural vortex, nuclear powered, that runs through every living thing. Throw yourself into the vortex. Feel the magic. Become one with it. You already are, you just don’t remember. No illusion, pain, or trauma can stand against it, because it is love. And so are you. Blessings, Judith