On Being Authentic

Each of us is completely unique. Living from that, and being willing to be SEEN, takes an enormous amount of courage. We live in a culture that celebrates conformity. I don’t really understand why that is. Nothing in nature is that way. I have a huge collection of Crystals and minerals. No two are alike. We’re like that. The diversity in humanity is wonderful. Expressing the essence of ourselves is our birthright. Our sacred legacy.

No one understood that better than Dr Seuss. I still love Dr Seuss. His quote ” Why fit in, when you were born to stand out? ” still moves me. What a good question. Why fit in at all? And fit in to what, exactly? Trying to fit in to a spiritually bankrupt culture is sad. One thing I can say about growing up in the sixties, the ” Age of Aquarius ” was that it gave us permission to LIVE. To be free spirits, to love, to laugh, to dance, to sing. To wear flowers in our hair, to be anti-establishment. To march, to protest, to burn our bras, demand civil rights, women’s rights, human rights.

Now is the time when the Earth and all living things need us the most. It is a time of awakening to the magic within us. No more conformity. It is a time of radical truth, radical honesty. Radical love. Be who you came here to be. Dance. Sing. Celebrate your wild spirit. Yes, I believe in the wildness inside of each of us. I have never been tamed by life. And anyone who tried to tame me regretted it. It was never possible, because I have a love affair with the wild that lives in everything.

Be wild. Be courageous. Be love. BE YOU. You have nothing to lose but your limitations. Blessings, Judithimage

Living From Magic

Staying connected to the magic of the Universe can feel challenging at times. Life circumstances can pull us off of our center, no matter how hard we try to remain anchored to the Cosmic truths we believe in. Staying in flow, living from heart, empathy, and compassion means we need to be ever vigilant, observing our thoughts and belief systems as they get triggered by life. Even seemingly simple things can both trigger us, and have a message for us, if we are open to it. Case in point: my printer.

My old printer died last week, and given that I have a Crystal store, I need to be able to print out orders and shipping labels. I’m also an astrologer, so I need to be able to print out charts. I reviewed all of the different wireless printers, and selected one. I have a Mac computer and an IPad, and I need to be able to print from both. Long story made short, we could not install the printer onto our system, even with 5 hours of tech support from the company. It could not locate our network. Here’s why I’m mentioning it. I got increasingly aggravated, talked to 5 different tech people, who got nowhere with the problem. I felt completely off my center. We decided to return the printer and choose another company more compatible with Apple products. I let go of the frustration, and looked for the message the Universe was sending me. The message coming up on the printer was ” cannot locate the network”. ¬†Interesting. Thanks to my frustration, neither could I. My network is Source, the Void, Spirit. I was completely unplugged from it. As soon as I realized that, I took steps to reconnect. Here’s what I did.

My spiritual sister is a horse trainer, and owns an equestrian training facility. One of her horses had been impacted by a parasitic infestation that can cause serious neurological damage if undiagnosed and treated. This horse had become quite ill from it. I had done medical intuitive readings for her, and agreed to meet her at the barn to see if I could help him. Now, horse is one of my spirit allies, I have a powerful connection to them that goes all the way back to my childhood. Just walking into a barn, smelling the horses, the hay, is heaven for me. This particular horse is huge. His temperament is complex, due to his history. He doesn’t particularly trust humans. He loves my sister, but can be extremely aggressive with others. And he definitely does not like being touched. Or standing still. But, we knew he needed more help than the excellent vets could give him. So… I stood quietly outside his stall and let him look at me. I talked to my sister in front of him, joked, laughed, letting him see the trust and love between us. He watched, interested. He moved closer. I started to talk to him telepathically, offering help. I entered a light trance, and began working on him. He moved closer, coming right up to the stall door. I was given that I needed to put my hands on him, where the damage was the most severe. We decided to try putting him in the wash stall, so I could actually touch him. Tricky. He was calm. I stroked his neck, again, offering help telepathically. He allowed it. I moved to his hind end, where I was shown residual blockages remained. I told him I needed him to stand quietly for me, and not step on me. He agreed. I entered the trance again, working on the blood level where the issues remained. My hands got hot, and the entire area warmed up. He remained still. I told him I needed to move to his other side. Again, I stood by his neck, gently stroking. I realized there was not enough room for me to stand near his hip on that side. I telepathically asked him to move over. He complied immediately. This side was the most compromised. Again, I asked him to remain still, so I could enter the trance state. He was perfect. I put my hands on his hip joint, reaching out to the blood. He allowed me to take as long as I needed. When I finished, I stood directly in front of him. I offered him direct access to me, at any time. If he felt afraid, or for any reason. I opened myself to him, and he accepted. I felt the luminous fiber link snap into place. ( Like a cable of energy between us.) He stared into my eyes. The people at the barn were incredulous, this was unheard of behavior for him.

Last night, right before I dropped off to sleep, there he was. He was looking at the luminous fiber connection, touching it, examining it. He didn’t need me, he was just testing the connection. Let me repeat that: He was testing and feeling the connection. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED, not just to each other, but to every living thing, and to the Universe. The only time things get difficult for us, is when we forget that.

I surround myself with nature. Stones, plants, animals…. I create a magical sanctuary for myself, so that when life happens, and, like that printer, I can’t find my network, I can connect to them, and then to Source. Then I can feel the love of the Divine flowing through me like a river. And the amnesia leaves me, and I remember what I am: Love. Eternal. Infinite. Magical. May this snippet of my life experience remind you of the same. Blessings, Judith

My office.

My office.

Becoming Timeless: Freedom From The Finite

Time. Time is something we all feel we don’t have enough of. It is also something we work around. We make plans for the future, next week, next month, next year, because it seems irresponsible not to do so. We worry that time is running out, that we have to manage our time. The whole idea of “free time” can make us feel guilty. Shouldn’t we be busy? Doing something meaningful? We say things like ” There just aren’t enough hours in the day”. And that’s sad, and more importantly, it’s just not true.

The whole idea of time is an illusion. It is a mental construct created by the mind, one that we all agree to believe in. Real time is infinite, it is limitless, it transcends the capacity for the left brain to grasp. All time exists right now. There are no past lives, no future lives. There are SIMULTANEOUS lives, aspects of the soul existing alongside of this one. All planes, all dimensions, are existing simultaneously. They are separated only by vibration and frequency. Think of a radio. There are thousands of stations being broadcast at the same time. We can move the tuner to a particular station, and that’s the one we hear. The same is true with different planes and dimensions, they are all existing at different frequencies, but since we are tuned into the Earth Plane, this is the one we hear.

This awareness becomes essential when it comes to creating the reality we want. To manifest ANYTHING, health, love, abundance, true vocation, we have to understand that what we need already exists, somewhere in the Universe, in the Eternal Now. It is available to us. To access it, we need to release the mind, to suspend it, temporarily. That’s actually pretty easy to do, as anyone who has every daydreamed or fallen asleep can tell you.

Here’s how you can tell that time, as the mind defines it, is an illusion. It can’t be directly experienced. Let me repeat that. Time is an abstract concept, therefore it cannot be directly experienced. Felt. As opposed to love, which CAN be directly felt and experienced. So can grief, sadness, anger, fear. They are not abstract concepts. In fact, when we are engaged in our life, feeling it, experiencing it, time seems to fly by. When we are fully present, doing something we enjoy, time ceases to exist.

Freeing ourselves from illusions is the priority of the spiritual warrior. We can walk with a foot in both worlds, be here on this plane while bridging to the Void, and the supernatural laws of the Void, at the same time. Creating what we need is a matter of pulling it towards ourselves from where/when it exists right now. It already exists. We don’t need to find it, or have the mind understand where it is. The left brain can’t help with this. It isn’t designed to. The right brain excels at this. Engage that, the intuition, the imagination, the Mystic within. An affirmation that would resonate with this is: I exist in the Eternal Now. All that I need is available to me, right here and right now. I am one with the Timeless Infinite, which is the Source of all things. I know that I am supported and upheld by this Principle on every level of my being. All that I need now comes to me. I have absolute faith that this is so. I am at peace.

My prayer for all of us is that we learn how to just BE, to be fully alive in every moment, feeling the richness of the classroom that this Earth Plane is. May we each experience the magic of love, mountains, waterfalls, rainbows, music, laughter, peace, and the freedom to be ourselves. We have eternity. Anything that causes us to doubt that is an illusion. Feel. Engage. Come into the moment, and LIVE. Blessings, Judith

Art by Josephine Wall

Art by Josephine Wall