Some Beautiful New Things

AMY-GEN13-AAAAI’ve been trying to catch up on listing some of the beautiful Crystals I found at the last two Gem and Mineral shows we went to. Due to a death in the family, everything came to a screeching halt in October, and I have been doing my best to get the spectacular beings I found listed on my website.

I found some amazing Amethyst Generator Points from Brazil, the highest quality Amethyst, from a privately held collection from 1992. ( The same private inventory the rare natural Citrines are from). You can’t find this material anymore, these mines have been closed for years. When Stones of this caliber are offered to me, I buy every single one. This Amethyst is water-clear, deep purple, with crazy rainbows. I bought sixteen pieces. Unbelievable. Amethyst alleviates fear, is soothing and calming. It vibrates to the Violet Ray, opening the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

QTZ-GEN-8-AAAAI also bought eighteen more of the natural Citrines from that 1992 inventory. This brings my current Citrine inventory to sixty pieces.¬† I have been told that we are coming close to the end of that collection, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. This is the real thing, not that awful heat-treated Amethyst that gets passed off as Citrine to unsuspecting buyers. Natural Citrine is very rare. It is a pale golden color, and balances all seven Chakras. It does not absorb negative energy, so it never needs to be cleared. That is not the case with almost any other stone. ( For those that are curious, Amethyst has Iron ( Fe ) in it’s Crystal lattice structure, as Fe2 and Fe4. Citrine has Iron, as well, as Fe3. You can heat Amethyst all you want, and turn it orange, but you still don’t have Fe3. ) Aren’t you glad you wondered about that? This is why I pounce on this like a rabid wolverine. Again, these mines are closed. And these prices are from 1992. Crazy.

imageFrom that same collection, I found some fabulous clear Quartz Spheres and Generators, again, water-clear. Superb. I am very particular, and hand-select every piece I buy. I want to hold it up to the light, and examine each specimen. These are also from Brazil. Quartz is an amplifier, wonderful to work with to enhance intention work.

I bought a number of Obsidian Spheres, both gold sheen and silver sheen Obsidian. Obsidian is one of the most powerful psychic protectors that there is. A must-have Stone for Sensitives and Empaths.

So much more, too much to list here, but I wanted to let everyone know that there are some very beautiful things that have been added. Rose Quartz from Madagascar, Pyrite from Peru, Smokey Quartz from Brazil… Wow. Have fun looking.


Nothing To Forgive

imageThe hallmark of the spiritual warrior is a willingness to take responsibility for one’s choices. We are all gifted by the Creator with Free Will. How we use it is completely up to us. In every moment, we are choosing something. Even choosing to do nothing is a choice. We are all here to learn, evolve, and grow. Whether or not we choose to participate in our own process is up to us, as it is for everyone else.

If we understand Free Will, it becomes easier to let go of the pain and hurt of other people’s choices, the choices that impact us. No matter what that choice might be, no matter how destructive, in the end, it has nothing to do with us, and everything to do with that soul and it’s evolution. Or lack there of. Each soul is responsible for its own Karma, it’s own opportunities for growth. If a person chooses to come from fear, ego, anger, or negativity, that’s their choice. And let’s be clear, it IS a choice. We can always choose to live from love, kindness, empathy, and compassion. Understanding WHY someone chooses to be narcissistic and abusive is impossible if you are not factoring in Free Will. There is no “Why”. There is only the choice, and the Karmic consequences of that choice.

As we hold ourselves responsible for our choices, and the consequences of them, we are then able to hold other’s responsible for THEIR choices. This sets us free from any attachment emotionally, because we understand that just as our choices have nothing to do with anyone else, the same is true for others. There is never anything to forgive, because each soul is responsible for itself. Each soul walks it’s own path, learns it’s own lessons at it’s own pace. Some learn at the speed of light, some take centuries to learn. As Osho said, this insight gives us freedom.

The concept of our healing being dependent on understanding the “why” of anyone’s choices, and then “forgiving” that choice is extremely limiting. Acknowledging the action as a choice, with no excuses or explanations is far healthier. We are then free to LET IT GO, by holding the soul responsible, in our own hearts. There is no need to have a dialogue with someone, to try and “save” them, teach them, or fix them. Accept that this is where that soul is on it’s journey. We can have compassion for that soul, while disconnecting and moving on. Broadening our understanding of the Universe as an eternal classroom helps with this.

We are all the co-creators of our experience. It is none of our business whether anyone else chooses to grow or not. Evolve, or not. Be honest and reflective, or not. The only thing that matters is our own path, our own honor, our own integrity, our own sense of personal responsibility.  This is our journey. Our dream, our vision. Nothing anyone else chooses to do can hold us back. Nothing. There is nothing to forgive. It is a magical Universe filled with love, light, and beauty. Hold on to that. Feel that. Release everything and everyone who chooses anything other than that. Freedom and love is there for the taking. Claim it. Blessings, Judith