Returning To The Divine Blueprint: Experiencing Security Through Alchemy

Bronze by Paige Bradley** Sculpture by artist Paige Bradley

Our Divine Birthright as an eternal soul is to be able to feel safe and secure wherever we are in the cosmos. Very often, that is not the reality many of us incarnate into, here on the Earth Plane. When the earthly reality includes circumstances such as neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse, or sexual abuse, these traumatic events impact the entirety of the trinity of body, mind, and spirit. They have an energetic signature that radiates out into life, manifesting difficulties in any number of ways. Healing the Root Chakra and the Energy Body needs to become our priority. It is entirely doable. This is where alchemy comes in.

** A word here about Western culture’s healing modalities. I value Western therapeutic methods very much. I am grateful for the support I, and others like me, survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence, have received over decades. What I am teaching about here is about healing Soul trauma, which is something Western-based modalities are not designed to handle. I send my prayers of gratitude and love to every social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist, and all of the thousands of mental health practioners walking a path of service to humanity, dealing with the pain and suffering of mankind on a daily basis. Whether you are known to me, or unknown, you live in my heart. We are all warriors, fighting the same battle. Bless you all.

If we believe that the soul is eternal, and is journeying through space and time, through infinite dimensions, if we believe that we are far more than this body, then we also understand that powerful energetic events remain within us, recorded faithfully by the soul itself. The soul is like microfilm, it stores experiences within itself in perpetuity, unless we act to clear them. Strong emotions like love, hate, fear, faith, trust, and security are all energetic signatures that remain with us from incarnation to incarnation. Each incarnation offers an opportunity for the soul to evolve. Or not. Free Will is gifted to each of us by Spirit. It is up to us how we choose to use it.

Once we broaden our understanding of what it is that we actually ARE, from a cosmological point of view, our perspective on healing broadens, as well. We become more reflective, deepening our relationship to the Universe and cultivating a deeper relationship to the heart. The Ego construct begins to lose it’s control over us. This is where true healing begins, because as the awareness of the soul becomes greater, the need to defend the Ego construct diminishes proportionately. As the Ego construct is restored to it’s proper role, we can then have a more direct, empathic connection to all things… People, animals, the Earth itself. Our awareness of the energy state of ourselves and others increases greatly. Now, let’s look at how trauma can impact that awareness.

First, I would like to dispel a common misconception  about Karma. Experiencing trauma, in whatever form, has nothing to do with one’s Karma, as is sometimes unfortunately said. Karma is a Sanskrit term, simply put, it is the Law of cause and effect. It was never meant to be used as a shaming and blaming tool, as it is today, by uninformed people. ( In the Hindu religion where it originated, it is never used that way. ) People that choose to be cruel, neglectful, abusive, or worse, to animals, children, or adults, are exercising their Free Will to behave in that way, rather than coming from love and kindness. Animals have no Karma at all, yet they are abused with the same frequency that humans are. From a spiritual perspective, a soul can choose to express the Light, or a soul can choose to come from fear, anger, and Ego. In the King James Version of the bible, the word “evil” appears SIX HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN TIMES.  If we interprete evil as error consciousness, and we accept the soul’s right to Free Will, this understanding absolves us of any responsibility for the choices of others. Let me be clear: We are NOT, IN ANY WAY, RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CHOICES OF OTHERS. Their Free Will was gifted to them by the Creator, as was ours. We had, and continue to have, nothing whatsoever to do with anyone’s Free Will.

Our Divine Birthright is love. We are all emanations of the Divine. At the heart of what we are resides that perfection, that radiant light, that no one can compromise or contaminate. Healing trauma is about going within, down past the outermost layer of the Ego construct, down past the intellect, down past the emotions, all the way down past the living, breathing energy body, to the soul itself. The eternal part of us. The microfilm. Seated within the soul is our Divine Spark, what the Taoists call the Shen. The soul is the temple. The Shen is our Divinity, it is that aspect of the Divine that is the Ascended Master within each of us. This part never needs to be healed, and is available to us in every moment to heal the soul injuries we may have sustained. Healing ourselves, and living a joyful life, is about unleashing that Divine perfection, and living from that.

Taoist Master Dr. Jeffrey Yuen once said about alchemy that ” Alchemy is the redemption of Spirit from Matter.” Alchemy is the path of the Sacred Fire, the path of the Phoenix. Healing the Root Chakra, which is the Chakra of our safety and survival issues, restores our capacity to trust. It restores our capacity to remain in our bodies, to be present to ourselves and others. It is the seat of our empathy. It restores our ability to have boundaries. To feel comfortable saying no. ( After all, if we have fear of being rejected or shunned, we are not going to be comfortable saying no. ) We can use affirmations and intention work as a form of alchemy. Here’s what that might look like. Quiet the mind, breathing deeply, letting yourself reach that meditative state. Floating in the serenity of the Cosmos, FEELING it, feeling the energetic link, begin affirming: ” I am an emanation of the Divine. I am now, and in every moment that has ever existed, one with All That Is. There is no separation between myself and Source. I release that illusion. I am safe. There is no Time. Time is a mental construct, therefore, all of my experiences are available to me, RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW. They can be healed, expanded upon, or erased, as I see fit. They belong to me. I can keep them if they enrich me, or discard them if they do not. My Higher Self and I now flood my soul with Light and Love. We rewrite this incarnation, every aspect of it, so that it reflects that Truth. All trauma is now released, and I am made whole. I braid time, I become the Sacred Weaver, as I weave all of my beauty, all of my light, all of my love, all of my wisdom, from all lifetimes, into this Eternal Now. It is mine to claim, and I claim it with joy. I go forward from this moment, remembering the Truth of what I am: A being of light and love that no man, no woman, can diminish. ”

Another aspect of alchemy and healing is nature. Nature is energetic, it is vibrational. My path is shaped by Taoism and Shamanism, where nature plays an important role. Stones are experienced as sentient living beings. The Chinese have been using stones, essential oils, and herbs to heal for thousands of years. Practioners of Classical Chinese medicine always incorporate nature into the healing of body, mind, and spirit. Animals are incredible healers. They can teach us what unconditional love looks like. Going for walks, connecting to Earth Mother, to the Elements… All of that is restorative and rejuvenating on a soul level.

Above all, in healing and clearing trauma, be kind to yourself. Be patient. Be compassionate. Understand that you are creating a new paradigm for yourself, where you are learning to truly trust yourself and the Universe, experiencing, possibly for the first time in some cases, the love that is Source. That love resides within each of us. Waiting. There is nothing it can’t do, no miracle it can’t achieve. That is the source of our security, right there. How amazing. We have only to remember it, to FEEL IT. Then, everything is possible. Everything. Blessings, Judith

Marriage: Also Known as, Oh My God

imageI understand that marriage is a loving union between two people. I should know, I’m a minister. I marry people. I help write the vows. I’m telling you right now, if you are considering getting married, somewhere in the wedding vows there needs to be one sentence prohibiting one partner from playing Mongolian or Tuvan Throat Singing within the hearing range of the other partner.

Shortly before David Letterman went off the air, he felt the need to bring one of these guys on. Oh. My. God. Do yourself a favor. Do NOT Google Throat Singing. Do not. No matter how curious you may be, it is not worth the pain and suffering, and possible years of therapy afterwards. My husband gets a kick out of it. Why, you ask? I have no idea. It sounds like a continuous dry heave, set to music. There are no words. I mean, I have no words to describe it, although it’s also true if they are actually singing words, they are unintelligible. If Dick Cheney had heard this stuff, he could have skipped over the water boarding. Although I’m fairly sure it is against the Geneva Convention.( Not that that ever stopped him before. )

I love my husband. With that said, I am either investing in earplugs, or praying for hearing loss. One or the other. This is said to be the oldest form of singing. Seriously? After centuries, this is as good as this gets? No. No. No. Shoot me now.

Spirituality vs Religion

imageReligion is a set of beliefs and ideologies that a person ascribes to. It is a purely mental construct. These beliefs can be moderate to extreme. Wars have been fought over them, people have been persecuted, tortured, and killed over them. I have certainly never understood this, the willingness to argue, judge, shun, or worse, over beliefs. Over opinions. Over an idea. That probably has a lot to do with growing up with a mentally ill mother. Let me explain.

When I was ten years old, my mother was diagnosed with a type of mental illness that caused psychotic breaks with reality. Hallucinations, extreme mood swings, an inability to function, necessitated her being placed on antipsychotic medications and antidepressants at that time. She was hospitalized more than once. Her episodes were so real to her, and it would frustrate her that none of us agreed that there was really a family of Amish people living in the house. ( That only she could see.) Or that people were coming every night and stealing her trees, digging them up, and re-planting them again in the morning. Or that there were white, legless bugs crawling on the refrigerator and microwave oven, and on her skin. She scratched herself until she bled. Once, ( I think I was nine or ten at the time ) we were all sitting at the kitchen table for dinner, when she started choking. She thought she had swallowed her fork. My three younger brothers laughed a little. My father was upset. I got up from the table, walked over to her, and counted all of the cutlery on the table. I showed her that there were six forks, and said, “Look, mom. There are six of us. There are six forks. Here’s yours. You didn’t swallow it. ” She stopped choking. She looked up at me, and said “Do you promise?” I said,” yes, mom. I promise.”

That was a defining moment in my life. It taught me that perception of reality is everything. That beliefs are incredibly real to the person who holds them. It freed me in ways that most people have to work towards. I came to trust my own perceptions of the world around me, while remaining open and curious. But one thing stayed with me for the rest of my life: I never gave my power away to an authority figure, after that. No matter how convinced they were about their beliefs, there was always that little voice inside of me saying, well, they BELIEVE that, but they also might believe they swallowed their fork.

The brain is an amazing organ. It is the lens we experience all of life through. When it is healthy, our perceptions of reality can be sharp and clear. When it isn’t, they aren’t. Then there is the aspect of intelligence. The I.Q. Some people are extremely intelligent. Others, not so much. But everybody has opinions, beliefs, cultural conditioning, that shapes their world view. Religion is just one of the many aspects of those things. That brings us to spirituality.

Spirituality is experiential. It is a direct experience one has with energy. It is not based on the intellect at all. Therefore, the mind has no input, no way to distort or influence the experience. It is not based on belief. Let me repeat that. IT IS NOT BASED ON BELIEF. Nikola Tesla famously said:” Everything in the Universe is energy, frequency, and vibration.” Spirituality is the direct experience of that energy. It is an empathic link to life-force. Just as love is directly experienced. Love is a pure state, it is an energy. Love is not a belief, not an opinion, not an intellectual construct. Mind has nothing to do with it. An animal loves. Birds love. Some species mate for life, and grieve if their mate dies. Spirituality is that feeling-based link to All That Is. It transcends mind. It is more than mind.

No wars have ever been fought in the name of Spirituality. No people have been tortured or killed in the name of Spirituality. Millions of people have been killed in the name of religion, or one person’s belief about God versus another’s. With religion/beliefs, you have the polarity of mind: right versus wrong, my belief is better than someone else’s belief. For me, that is basically crazy, because from the way I see it, we have millions of people trying to convince millions of other people that their beliefs are the right ones. And in the end, none of them are having a direct experience of anything. It’s all an intellectual construct. Which means we have all these people running around who believe they swallowed their fork.

True Spirituality is personal. It is rooted in love. It is rooted in the heart. It is the heart that can change the world. Not the mind. Choose to live from heart. Blessings, Judith