The Elements: Air/Metal

As the Sun changes signs from Virgo to Libra, and we have the Autumnal Equinox, we are now in the Air Element, also called the Metal Element in Chinese medicine. Each of the elements have their own spiritual, physical, and psychological properties. Let’s look at this one.

Libra is one of the three Air signs of the Zodiac, along with Gemini and Aquarius. Libra is most often represented by the symbol of the scales, which stand for balance. Librans tend to see both sides of things, are fair, just, with a deep sense of honor. The truth is e  xtremely important to them. By nature, they are very honest, they abhor lies.

In Chinese medicine Five Element theory, the Air/Metal Element is comprised of the Lung and Large Intestine meridians. Usually referred to as the Metal Element, it represents the qualities of justice, fairness, the truth, right, wrong, morality, and integrity. It also has to do with structure, and the need for it. Metal Element people have an innate capacity for attention to detail, assessments, and evaluations. They can be perfectionists. The shadow side of that perfectionism can be a tendency towards self-judgement. Grief, guilt, and a false feeling of responsibility for others is a part of this element, as well as feeling alone. Metal Element people tend to surround themselves with non-human things.( Plants, animals, stones.) They are highly intelligent, but dislike debates, finding those tiresome. They make fierce champions for the underdogs, often becoming activists, attorneys, social workers, psychologists and healers. They are completely committed to serving justice.

The Metal Element asks the question “What is precious to us?” “What do we value”? In understanding the answer to that question, we can then take steps to insure that those needs are met. For example, one of the things that is precious to me is my serenity. In understanding that, I can then avoid people who enjoy drama and conflict. Take some time to meditate on what is precious to you. Knowledge is power. Understanding yourself is the first step towards empowerment.

Fall is the season associated with the Metal Element. The trees are the perfect teachers about holding on and letting go. They shed their leaves, letting go in preparation for their winters rest. One of the gifts of the Metal Element is releasing anything that no longer serves us. The Lungs and Large Intestine are the organs of elimination. How comfortable are we with letting go? Letting go is very liberating. Knowing when to let go is essential for our healing, and this includes letting go of fear, guilt, and self-judgement. Releasing people, places, and things that are detrimental to our souls highest expression is a part of the Metal Element.

To balance and strengthen the Metal Element, we can use a number of things. Diffusing Essential Oils, for one. Pine, Douglas Fir, and Juniper all vibrate to the Metal Element. Pine is wonderful for clearing that feeling of being responsible for others. If it is deeply rooted, you could add Myrrh, one of the sacred Essential Oils, a resin. It heals old wounds of the heart. The Bach Flower Essences are also helpful to work with. Where Essential Oils can be applied topically ( always diluted in a carrier oil, never directly from the bottle), or diffused via a diffuser, the Bach Flower Essences can be taken internally, as they are vibrational only. Not a tincture or oil. Again, I would suggest Pine, for the same reasons.

The Stone I would choose to work with would be Amethyst. Amethyst vibrates to Jupiter, the planet that rules Sacred Law, or Divine Justice. Since the Metal Element is all about justice and a higher law, Amethyst helps us tap into that frequency. It opens the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Holding it and meditating with it, while focusing on Divine Truth or Sacred Law is very helpful.

From a shamanic perspective, we could call upon either Crow or Owl medicine to help us. Crow is seen as a guardian of Sacred Law. If there are legal issues, we can meditate on Crow Medicine while calling for Divine Justice to manifest in the situation. If the issue is more about having the courage to see the truth of a situation, then we would call upon Owl medicine. Owl sees through darkness, and penetrates denial. We can meditate on Owl Medicine, while asking for clarity and that the spiritual truth be revealed to us. A good book on understanding Power Animals is The Medicine Cards, by Jamie Sams and David Carson. Animal Speak, by Ted Andrews is excellent, as well.

Fall is my favorite season. Not surprising, given my affinity with the Metal Element. There is something about the quality of the sunlight this time of year that moves me. The angle of the light, great shafts of golden light pouring through the trees, turns the fields and woods into a poem. Softer than summer sunlight, yet still luminous, everything takes on a quieter, almost reverent tone, reminiscent of Avalon. It is magical and mystical. It is a wonderful time for ceremony. This weekend will be the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, on 9/27. With the Sun in the Air sign Libra, opposing the Moon in fiery Aries, it is a perfect time to meditate on what has value for us, and what we wish to release. Aries gives us the courage to move forward, while Libra always seeks balance. A good affirmation for that might be:” I fully and freely release that which I have outgrown. Just as the trees shed their leaves, I also shed all that no longer serves me. I joyfully let go, embracing new opportunities and growth now. By releasing, I create space within me for new life, new experiences. I am in perfect balance and harmony with all things, and I am at peace.”

The Air/Metal Element sits in the West direction, on the Medicine Wheel. The West is the direction of transition and change. The Cave within, the place of Bear and Crow. Bear represents introspection and self-reflection, always needed during times of transition. The West direction is also the direction of the Dreamtime. It reminds us that we are all dreaming our lives. We can change the dream at any time, and make it as beautiful as we wish. Embracing transition can feel challenging at times, but transitions are what allow us to grow, to evolve. Take some time to reflect on some of the powerful transitions of your life that have freed you, and helped you become the person you are today. As we work in the West, we can transition into the person we always dreamed we could be.

May this Element bring you to a place of balance, and freedom from anything that has held you in bondage. The only chains that bind us are the chains of our own making, our own mind, and our own imaginings. No one else can hold us back. The Universe operates under laws that are very simple, yet very powerful. Understanding that we are always in every moment connected with Divine Love, Divine Truth, sets us free from fear and doubt. This is the time of transition and dreams. How big can you dream? Dream in beauty. Stretch. Grow. Move out of your comfort zone, which has to do with the logical, analytical mind. The magic doesn’t live there. It lives within, in the heart. Reach for that, trust it, and fly.   Blessings to all, Judith

Home From the Gem and Mineral Show

Citrines Amethyst Amethyst





Wow. We’re home from the show. It was amazing. We’ve mostly unpacked. My husband backed the Terrain right up to the front door. I think anyone who will drive on the sidewalk is pretty badass. It was packed to the max. Whoo Hoo! Just a short list, for now, I’m beat.

We bought 18 water-clear natural Citrines from Brazil, almost the last of that old private inventory. We know how hard those are to find anymore. Over a dozen Amethyst Generator Points, the best I have ever seen. Deep, deep purple, rainbows, killer. I bought every one they had. Star Rose Quartz from Madagascar, Chlorite included Quartz from Brazil, a 5″ Obsidian Sphere with gold sheen on both poles…. Labradorite, gorgeous clear Quartz Spheres and Points, a huge 20 lb Pyrite Cluster from Peru. So much more. I am completely out of gas. Calling it a day. I will start listing them as soon as I can.




Out of Sequence

My husband is one of the funniest human beings I have ever met. He has that George Carlin or Jonathan Winters kind of humor, brilliant, sharp, and twisted. Perfect for me, because I tend to be unrelentingly serious about everything. He is very organized, everything in it’s place. His closet and drawers are arranged by size and color. Mine, not so much. Mine are arranged by how much I can stuff into them. Which brings us to our refrigerator.

The first time my husband opened my refrigerator, he flung himself backwards against the wall, shielding his eyes. Me: What? What’s wrong with you? Him: Oh, my God. You have things in there with expiration dates in Roman numerals. I saw a milk carton that said ” Lindbergh made it!” You have 4 of every kind of condiment opened in there. What do you do, if you don’t see what you’re looking for right in the front, you open a new one? Me: Yeah. Pretty much. Him: Incredulous look.

So, it’s been 12 years of wedded bliss, with us co-existing peacefully, sharing the same refrigerator. But there are rules now. I’ve learned to ask him if I canimage‘t find the mustard before opening a new one. Primarily for his peace of mind. Finding two mustards open disturbs his sense of how the world should operate. I try. Part of the refrigerator rules, is that I have to go in sequence regarding expiration dates. I have to open the oldest thing first, and then use it up completely before opening up a new thing. The problem is, my idea of “completely” and his idea of “completely” are markedly different. His involves there being not one molecule of the item left in the bottle. Mine involves a refusal to scrape out the old remains of anything. Hmm. An impasse.

This morning I was fixing my coffee, and needed to add the cream. I opened the refrigerator ( cue ominous music ) and got out a cream. It was unopened. I very carefully opened that fucking cardboard container, where it’s glued shut at the top, trying my best not to savage it, which leaves jagged tears in the pouring spout. I have been spoken to about that. Comments like “What did you use to open this, a chainsaw?” are not uncommon. I was feeling pretty proud of myself for not mangling it, until I looked up. My husband was staring at me, with that familiar incredulous expression. Uh oh. Him: Did you just open a new cream? Me: Yes. Why? Him: Points to the counter behind me, where another carton of cream is sitting open. He then clutches his chest, gasping for air, and rolls his eyes back into his head. Me: Oh, my God. I went out of sequence. I start laughing hysterically, which is always his intention, getting me to play, to lighten up. He gets how serious my work is, how intense my nature is. And he loves me just the way I am, while never missing an opportunity to make me laugh. I love that.

Laughter is a priceless gift. It brings us completely into the moment. I’ve always tried to look for the humor in situations, whenever possible. Marrying someone who is a master at that was the greatest gift I could have given myself. May your life be filled with laughter. I hope this snippet of my life contributed to that.