The July 1st Full Moon


Art by Kinuko Craft

The Full Moon on July 1st will be a very powerful one. The Sun at 9 degrees of Cancer, a Water sign, will be conjunct to Mars, at 4 degrees of Cancer. By itself, this conjunction of Mars and the Sun increases vitality, courage, and initiative, the willingness to start new things. Then, as we look further, things get really interesting. The Moon will be at 9 degrees of Capricorn, an Earth sign, conjuncting Pluto at 14 degrees of Capricorn, both are exactly opposite the Sun and Mars conjunction. This is a very intense configuration. Here’s why.

The Moon represents feelings, emotions, intuition, and the subconscious mind. Pluto represents alchemy, death and rebirth, and the Void. It is also seen as the higher octave of the Moon, another aspect of the subconscious mind, a deeper aspect of it. Having these two planets traveling side by side during this Full Moon creates an amplifying effect on both of them. There can be penetrating insights into the core of oneself now. A willingness to release that which no longer serves us. Now… Factoring in the tension created by these two planets opposing the Sun and Mars, we now have a conflict between what we want, ( Mars, the desire planet ) and what we feel we NEED for our emotional survival. ( Moon/Pluto.) Both Pluto and the Moon represent the Root Chakra, the Chakra of  connection to the Earth plane, remaining centered and grounded, the survival imperative, and feeling safe. The Root Chakra holds our deepest beliefs about life, and about ourselves. Some of these beliefs serve us, and some don’t. The Sun represents the Solar Plexus Chakra, the seat of self-worth and self esteem. Confidence. Our sense of our authentic selves. Mars rules the Second Chakra, the seat of creativity and passion for life. The Second and Third Chakras ask the questions “What do I want in life, and how do I feel about myself”? During this period, the Root, Second, and Third Chakras are all in a powerful dialogue with each other. This Full Moon allows us to go within, and examine our beliefs about ourselves and the world more closely.

The planet that offers it’s assistance to this group is Neptune, which rules the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. It shows us the best way to approach this Full Moon and work with it. Neptune is at 9 degrees of Pisces, simultaneously forming a lovely trine aspect to the Sun/Mars conjunction in Cancer, and a Sextile aspect ( half of a trine ) to the Moon/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. A trine aspect is an aspect of harmony and flow, very positive.  THIS is the way we want to navigate this Full Moon, by tapping into Neptune’s energy. The Third Eye Chakra is about our vision, our ability to see the truth clearly. The Crown Chakra links us to our Higher Selves, Source, and our Guides and Teachers. This expanded vision helps us to negotiate the tricky territories of the issues that may be triggered in those lower Chakras.

Neptune is the planet of Divine love, compassion, spirituality, and Mysticism. It is the higher octave of Venus. If we can raise our vibration up during this time and come from love, we can avoid the traps of Ego, ( the Sun/Mars ), Will, ( the Moon/Pluto ), along with the traps of unhealed fears and issues in the subconscious mind.( Also the Moon and Pluto). By being mindful, reflective, and compassionate with the self, this Full Moon can create a quantum leap forward, not just for us as individuals, but for humanity as a whole.

***A word here about this Full Moon and global events…. If the Race Mind refuses to choose compassion over ideologies, this Full Moon could usher in a time of discord and strife. Greece could be forced out of the Euro, impacting global economics. The Moon conjunct to Pluto in Capricorn,( the business sign of the Zodiac), could place money ahead of the well-being of an entire nation. As the deadline approaches, the banks are closed in Greece today. People do not have access to their savings. In the U.S., in the aftermath of last week’s landmark Supreme Court decisions preserving the Affordable Care Act, and granting same-sex couples the same civil rights as the rest of us to be married, has brought joy to many, and rage to others. The rage accompanying those two decisions is off the charts, with some States refusing to comply with the law. ( The Moon/Pluto opposing Sun/Mars, a desire to be a law unto oneself. Mars rules weapons. Pluto rules force and will. Having these two planets in opposition inclines people to attempt to assert their will over others, using force to accomplish that.) The heinous murder of 9 people in a church in S.C. by a white supremacist has caused many to finally look at the Cancer of racism in this country, another form of forcing people into subjugation.

Now,  I am not an economist. I have no way of knowing what the most financially prudent thing for the countries involved in the final decision about Greece is going to be. I am a Mystic. I walk a path of Heart. I pray that the path of Heart trumps the path of money. I pray that people of good will can find a way to help all of those who struggle. I pray that on this Full Moon spirituality, love, and compassion are chosen over religion and ideologies. This is a wonderful opportunity for humanity. This Full Moon sets the tone for the entire month of July. It opens us up to the mystical, to the Void. The Void (The Moon/Pluto) represents limitless possibilities.  May we each embrace those possibilities, and go free from that which limits us.  Blessings, Judith

*** Art by Kinuko Y. Craft “Isis” ( This print, a gift from a friend, hangs in my bedroom, inspiring me every day. ) ***


Star People

Indigenous culture people teach that we come from the
stars, that we are travelers through time and space. Scientists, especially of quantum physics, have arrived at the same conclusion. It is so important to remember that we are made of stars, as the song by Moby says. If you understand that, that you are ancient and magical, then notimagehing feels impossible to achieve. There is no miracle beyond your reach.

Science has stated that all of the metals on Earth are from stars going Nova, and that all of the gasses are from the Big Bang. Our bodies are full of metals, Iron, Copper, Zinc… All of these came from stars. We are so much more than we realize. Stardust and magic flows through our veins. The Seneca Elder, Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, always used to open ceremony with prayers, saying “Always remember that we come from the stars, and to the stars we will return.”

Native people have a strong connection to the stars. The Lakota people call the stars “The Great Star Nation”. ( A wonderful song on YouTube by Brule & Airo is “The Star People”. That will make you get up and dance.) The Lakota saying ” Mitakuye Oyasin” translates to mean ” We are all relations”. All people, the Earth, the plants, the animals, all things  are all related in Spirit.

Ideologies divide people, causing us to forget that in truth, we are all relations. All of us, a Cosmic family. Race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender, are only limited ways of understanding and describing what we are.

The Heart has no such limitations. It knows only love, the ultimate spiritual truth. When we shed this body, and we will, at some point, we each return to our pure state. No Ego construct, no cultural prejudices, no mind,  only beauty, light, and love. That state is ever available to each of us, we have only to go within, into the Heart. The Heart is a living portal to the stars, to enlightenment.

We are magic. We are love. We are ancient beings that have temporary amnesia about what we really are. Not “who.” “Who” implies Egoic identity. “What”… What acknowledges that we are energy. We are so much more than a “Who”. As if a vortex of stardust could ever be limited. No.  Remember where you come from. The magic lives within you. It always has. You are a child of the stars.  Live from that place. Claim your birthright, your legacy. Remember. Blessings, Judith

** Photo of Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, beloved Seneca Elder. Thank you for everything, Grandmother. I miss you. ***

Love Wins

imageI am celebrating the Supreme Court’s decision to grant equal rights to same sex couples that allows them to marry. I guess I’m confused as to how this was an issue in the first place. I keep hearing the phrase “The bible defines marriage as between one man and one woman”. So? How does one group’s Holy book factor into the law-making process for an entire nation? Why do people think that they have the right to force their religious beliefs on the rest of us? I don’t get it. Can you imagine the Amish trying to impose their religious beliefs on the rest of us? No electricity for you, we don’t believe in it. No cars, either. How about those Little House On The Prarie dresses? Listen, I love butter, but I am not churning my own, I am driving my butter-loving ass to the store and buying it. In my car. I am not hitching up the buggy. And I want to be able to read, not by candlelight, or kerosene lamp, but by real light bulbs. So, because there are less Amish people here, they don’t get to make the laws, but other groups of Christians do?

We have a lot of Jewish people in this counimagetry. How come they don’t get to make laws? ( Although it would be nice to have laws guaranteeing a decent Ruben with kosher pickles everywhere.)

Then we have the Buddhists. They don’t believe in a Creator/Deity at all. But they meditate. A lot. What would Buddhist laws look like? Or Hindu laws?

So as I’m celebrating this outcome today, what would be even more amazing would be freedom FROM religion. We already are guaranteed freedom OF religion. People can practice whatever faith makes them happy, in the privacy of their own homes, churches, or synagogues. Or they should  be free to not do anything at all. I’m waiting for the day that we are all free from religious tyranny in this country, and based on the group of Conservative Justices on the Supreme Court, and the group of Conservative knot heads running for president in 2016, it’s hard to be optimistic. The separation of Church and State does not exist, at this point.

But for now, love wins. Human rights win out over bigotry and fundamentalism. We are creeping forward as a country. At a snails pace, mind you, but I’ll take it. I am proud to say that in my role as a Minister I have already performed a wedding ceremony for a gay couple in the State of Connecticut, where same sex marriages have been legal for a few years.  All I have to say to the rest of the States where it hasn’t been, is, FINALLY!  Welcome. Welcome to a world where love is the ultimate law. Where any two people, regardless of race, color, religion, or gender can love each other and be afforded the same civil rights as anyone else. Today, love won. Blessings, Judith