New Videos

I’m technologically challenged. There. I said it. I am in the process of learning how to upload videos to YouTube, so that I can teach about the Stone people, with visuals rather than just writing about them. It’s taken a few years to get me to a point with my website where I don’t start whining about the steps necessary to list new items when they arrive. Let me tell you something, having an e-commerce site is not for wimps. We had to decide on which shopping cart solution we wanted, I learned more than I ever wanted to know about web hosting companies that use shared servers that make your website crash… Repeatedly… Don’t ask. Ugh. Now I’m venturing, ( baby steps) into the wonderful world of YouTube. So far I have 3 small videos uploaded. One is of my office, including the amazing Crystal Cave that we live in, with 35 tons of Calcite boulders embedded in the ceiling. Another is showing natural Citrines, as opposed to that heat-treated Amethyst stuff that sometimes gets passed off as Citrine.

Today, I’m thinking of doing one on Quartz Crystal shapes, from Spheres, to Generator Crystals, to Dow Crystals… Clusters.. So many wonderful Crystal beings to experience. If any of you have any topics or suggestions that you would like to see me teach about, please email me at my website email address: My YouTube channel is my name, Judith Star-Medicine. Well, this should be interesting. More technology. Shoot me now. IMG_8729

A Master Teacher

img_9969 It is always an honor when a Master Healer joins my Crystal family. This amazing being joined us about a year and a half ago, and it was love at first sight. It is a 110 lb Smokey Elestial Quartz from Brazil. It holds a space in my office for all of us, my clients and myself. It has the heart of a warrior, yet is compassionate and wise. People are so drawn to it. It’s presence in my life is a gift. It lives in my heart. I am blessed.

Elestial Quartz is also called Skeletal Quartz, or alligator Quartz, due to the plate-like formations that occur over the body of the Crystal. It acts rather like the motherboard of a computer. It stores data, while at the same time balancing our electromagnetic energy field. It is without peer in that regard. The Smokey Elestials are wonderful for grounding and protection. I must have 20 of these ( not this size), in my personal collection. They are absolutely essential for balancing my energy during and after readings. They live in my heart, always.

Mercury Retrograde

imageThe planet Mercury is retrograde again, from May 18th through June 11th. Mercury rules communications of all kinds, as well as contracts, negotiations, appointments, schedules, and travel. While Mercury is retrograde, try to be as clear as possible with communications. Misunderstandings abound during this period. Avoid traveling if you can. Missed flights, unexpected changes in schedules, lost luggage, it’s annoying. This is not a good time to sign papers or contracts. What it is a good time for is self-reflection. Going within.

Mercury rules the analytical mind. This is a wonderful time to expand the mind, and connect to the Higher Self. The planet Uranus is seen as the higher octave of the planet Mercury. Uranus rules the Causal Plane, the plane where we do intention work. Shifting our consciousness from the material plane to the spiritual plane is always a good thing, but especially now. It frees us of the limitations of mind. This is an excellent time for meditation, reflection, and stillness. It doesn’t mean that your life needs to come to a halt. What it does mean is that it’s a better time to go within, rather than initiate important decisions and changes during this 3 week period.

I try and keep my sense of humor and sense of the ridiculous during Mercury retrograde. I write my appointments in my book with pencil, rather than pen, and keep the eraser handy. Stay flexible. Go with the flow. This happens about 3 times every year. It’s not dangerous, it’s just annoying. Being aware of it helps. Then you can have a plan B when plan A gets changed. As it most likely will.