The Blood Moon 4/4/15

imageSaturday’s Full Moon is also an Eclipse. This particular type of Eclipse is called a Blood Moon, seen as an important event, often considered a harbinger of change. I expect that will prove to be true, given the other planets positions in relation to the Full Moon. The Sun will be at 14 degrees of Aries, opposing the Moon at 14 degrees of Libra. Uranus is Conjunct the Sun, and both are making a beautiful Trine to Jupiter, the planet of opportunities and blessings.

Oppositions are considered to be about choices and decisions, with a built-in kind of tension. Should I go in this direction, or that one? Adding Uranus, the planet of sudden change, freedom, originality, into the mix, where it sits right on top of the Sun, intensifies our willingness to change something. Now, factor in Pluto, the Alchemist, which is at 15 degrees of Capricorn, squaring the Sun, Uranus, and the Moon… Oh, boy. Very interesting, to say the least. A lot of possibilities here for personal freedom and letting go.

Having this Full Moon the day before Easter, a celebration of rebirth, redemption, and resurrection  is powerful. It reminds us that in every moment starting over is possible. That each day represents a new beginning, and the opportunity to release that which no longer serves us. The apostle Paul said: “I die daily”. I love that, and try to live from that. I try my best to let any negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs die, as quickly as I can identify them. May this Full Moon bring you the blessings of new beginnings, rebirth, and the limitless opportunities the Universe holds for you.

*** Art by Josephine Wall ***

America And The Hypocrisy Of Forgiveness

I wrote my Teaching of the Month on The Myth Of Forgiveness. Now, I realize that for some, the concept of forgiveness is a religious one, which makes it a pretty charged issue for them. I get that. And I get the narcissistic entitlement that goes along with religion, that if you believe something, everybody else has to believe it, too, or you feel threatened. Weird. I get it, but it’s still weird. Here’s my issue with that. America identifies itself as a Christian nation, while being founded on blood, violence, land theft, and genocide. Our history is one of slavery, discrimination, and misogyny. Maybe it’s me, but I’m not seeing a lot of Christ’s message there. The things some people do in the name of God can be the stuff of nightmares.

The number of deaths from guns in the U.S. annually is staggering. But most gun owners shriek to the high heavens about their constitutional rights to own all kinds of weapons, including assault rifles. They feel they should be able to openly carry these assault rifles in Starbucks, Walmart, or wherever. ( I’m not sure if they’re worried that the apocalypse will start in a Starbucks, but, obviously, they want to be prepared ). The U.S. has been in more wars, dropped more bombs, and killed more people over the last few hundred years than any other country. (I am including the mass slaughter of Native American people here). Not really seeing that whole forgiveness thing happening. President Bush invaded Iraq under false pretenses, and told the world it was about 9/11. Right. And the entire Congress, short of a few people, voted for that. That looks like retaliation to me, not forgiveness. He claimed that Saddam Hussein was evil. I guess I’m wondering why we didn’t intervene in countries like Cambodia, then, where Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge slaughtered over a million people. Oh, wait… We already have rice. I suspect evil is more important if the evil-doers have oil. Or Rwanda, again, genocide. No intervention.

Unless the people who support the death penalty, wars, invading other countries, the largest prison system in the world,  and the NRA change their positions, they should pretty much STFU about forgiveness, because they have no idea what it means.( Unless they are trying to forgive people to death.)  How about forgiving student loans, or at least dropping the interest rate? How about Health care for all, rather than insurance companies making huge profits on sickness and suffering?

Evil exists. All Shamans know that. We have protocols for extractions and exorcisms. We are not conflicted about dealing with it. I think this country is very conflicted about dealing with it. It has no problem bombing the shit out of any country that threatens us, but tells a survivor of domestic violence or sexual abuse they should forgive the offender. What hypocrisy , what a double standard. If you believe the country has a responsibility to protect itself from evil beings, then afford that same right to it’s citizens. Recognize evil acting within our borders, as well as without. Deal with the evil of police brutality. Teach women how to stand up for themselves. Teach them that it is okay to take kickboxing lessons, or karate lessons, and to kick the snot out of an offender. A woman in Florida was sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot at her ex, who had a history of battering her. She didn’t shoot him. She went to jail for warning him. Wow.

So you can’t have it both ways, America. We either have the right to identify evil, or we don’t. Jesus cast Satan out of Gethsemane, he didn’t say anything about forgiving a Demon. Demons exist. When you are dealing with someone hosting an entity, a sexual predator, murderer, rapist, you take the steps you need to take to heal from the trauma of that. Those steps are spiritual steps to restore the person to wholeness. But they have nothing to do with forgiving a demon. They have more to do with casting it out, and helping the person to understand that they were in no way responsible for the demonic attack. Relieve the guilt and shame around it,  so the survivor goes free.

Let’s remove the mask that some people wear, pretending to be religious, while using their beliefs to bully and control others. They really are not at all interested in “Love thy neighbor”. They are interested in controlling their neighbor. Judging their neighbor. All to feel superior. Fundamentalist religions and cults exist for exactly that reason, for people to feel superior. There is no love in any of them. They are the most subtle and covert type of evil, in my opinion, because they do harm to others under the guise of righteousness.

Question everything that does not look like love, compassion, or kindness. It is not loving to pass laws discriminating against others, like the law recently passed in Indiana, the so-called Religious Freedom Act. It is not loving to try to interfere with women’s reproductive rights. It is not loving to compromise the Civil Rights Act. It is not loving to refuse people the right to marry. What it is, is religious fundamentalism run rampant in this country. So until this country addresses the core issue, the hypocrisy between what we say we believe in, and what we actually DO, both here, and around the world,  I don’t want to hear another word about how this is a Christian country. No. It isn’t. It would be so beautiful if it was.