imageIt occurred to me that people might like to see photos of my personal collection of Stones, my office, how I’ve set up my Sacred Space, etc. I post funny Memes, inspirational quotes I like, photos of Crystals that are on their way, and more, on my Twitter page, user name StarRev, Judith Star-Medicine if you are searching Twitter. These are photos I took myself using my iPhone or iPad. If you have an Instagram account, my Instagram name is Judith_Star_Medicine. Again, I share funny Memes, quotes, and photos that I can’t post on my website or blog. These are things that make me laugh, make me think, or make me happy. I hope they do the same for you. I also share informative articles I like on any number of topics, when I come across them. Lots of cool stuff. Back to work in my office. Have a great day.image

Get The Paddles

Wow. I’m home from the Gem and Mineral Show. This was one of the best shows I’ve been to in a while. We certainly initiated Voron, our new Terrain today.( Voron is Russian for Raven. My Chevy Malibu is named Raven, so Voron felt right for the new Terrain.) Voron was loaded to the gills with Crystals.

Here’s a partial list of what we found. Huge, and I mean huge gem quality Fluorite Spheres. The dealer had put them aside for me. When she opened the box, I almost fibrillated right on the spot. 6″, 5″, maybe six Spheres in all, intense emerald green, teal, all swirled together, completely translucent. ( Hence the title, get the paddles.) Crazy beautiful. You never see this quality Fluorite any more. These are the best I have ever seen. I also bought 2 flats of Fluorite Freeforms, with that same jewel quality.

I bought 2 huge Star Rose Quartz Spheres from Madagasgar, the home of the best Rose Quartz in the world. They both have six-pointed stars EVERYWHERE, that seem to lift off of the surface of the Sphere, like a hologram. Almost blinding. The Stars hit me right in my eyes. You know that song, “Blinded by the Light”? That’s how I felt. They are also translucent gem quality Rose Quartz. I apologize in advance for the price, they were expensive. My American Express Gold Card is lying on it’s back with all 4 paws in the air, like road-kill. But I was NOT leaving them there.

imageI scored, big time, on big clear Quartz Spheres. I bought 9. Hot pink and blue rainbows, water-clear and dazzling. Unbelievable. From Brazil. I also bought more Ametrine from Bolivia. Yay!

I bought 6 beautiful Smokey Quartz Points, again, water-clear, with rainbows. 2 Smokey Quartz Spheres. Gorgeous. 2 big Mahogany Obsidian Spheres, plus 1 large Silver Sheen Obsidian Sphere. I found some sweet Sunstone and Moonstone Spheres.

I found a dealer selling carved animals, they were lovely. I bought Lizards and a Frog carved from soft green Amazonite, a Turtle carved out of Agate. Beautiful.

Another dealer had some gorgeous Geodes of Septarian Stone from Madagascar. Septarian Stone is also called Dragon Stone. It is a combination of dark chocolate brown Aragonite, Calcite, and Limestone. One of the oldest stones on the planet. Spectacular.

Everything is a blur, at this point. I’m toasted. My office looks like a bomb hit it. I have boxes everywhere, packing material, you name it. My plan is to attempt to apply CPR to my AMEX card, my husband, ( although I can usually resuscitate him with chocolate), and then pass out. As soon as I can get everything unpacked, we can start photographing and listing these magical beings. What a fabulous day. But, hey, any day with rocks in it is a good day, as far as I’m concerned. I’ll try and post some photos to my Instagram page, Judith_Star_Medicine as soon as possible. Have a restful evening. ¬†Good night, all. Judith

Guardians Of Magic

imageMagic is everywhere. It streams through every living thing, the water, the earth, the mountains, deserts, forests, the very air we breathe is full of magic. Indiginous Cultures have always known this. Different places have unique types of magic. Sitting on a mountaintop feels very different than sitting by the ocean. Each is powerful, each is healing, in it’s own way.

All Native traditions have protocols for guardianship of the land they live on. They see the Earth as Sacred, yes. But they also have an intense awareness of magical energies. To know this, all you have to do is look at Power places around the world. Stonehenge. The Pyramids. Machu Picchu. Uluru, ( Ayers Rock) in Australia. Hells Gate in New Zealand. Chichen Itza in Mexico. Sedona, Arizona. There are too many to list. What they all have in common is Magic. Power. Swirling ribbons of energy permeating everything around them. Protecting and guarding these energies is seen as a Sacred Covenant that the native people living there have been entrusted with. This is why we are seeing so many protests around the world about pipelines, Fracking, oil and gas exploration on Reservations, pollution of the Amazon, native people everywhere are in revolt. Because if this all continues, if the magic dies, the Planet dies.

Each of us has magic. Our bodies are like a microcosm of the Earth. And like the Earth, our magic has a unique signature. We can have Fire magic, Air magic, Water magic, or Earth magic. We can have mountain magic, plant magic, Star magic, or Void magic. Again, too many types to list. Like the Indiginous people, we also have a covenant to guard and protect our magic. Just as there are those looking to take advantage of the magic of the Earth, there can also be opportunists in our own lives. Then there are those who are drawn to our Light and energy because they need additional strength and support. And that’s fine, as long as we are aware of our magical energy reserves in the moment.

All magical people need psychic boundaries. Honoring our energy demands this. If we give to the point of depletion we become, at the minimum, cranky, and at the maximum, exhausted and ill. See your personal magic as the precious gift that it is. See it as Sacred, a living part of you that deserves to be cultivated and nurtured.

Some people have a soft, dreamy, gentle magic, while others have a magic that is wild and fierce. All magic is beautiful. Discovering your magic is part of the journey. Look at the things you have been intuitively drawn to as a child. They can point the way to your magic. Always remember that magic lives in the heart, and that the most powerful magic in the Universe is Love. If you walk with honor, integrity, and love, your magic will shine it’s light like a beacon out into the world. First, we preserve our own magic, then we can take the steps to save the Earth’s magic. I stand in solidarity with Native people around the world, standing strong for Earth Mother. Blessings and thanks to the Guardians for all you do. ¬†Judith