My April Teaching of the Month

My April teaching will be up in a few days on my website. I chose to expand on my March 2014 blog, “The Myth of Forgiveness” for a number of reasons. One, I’ve had a number of clients recently who were traumatized by New Age healers, psychics, or self-proclaimed “channels” pushing this concept, as if it is some kind of magic wand that will wipe away the pain of domestic violence, incest, neglect, abuse at work, etc. I get it that for these types of people calling themselves “healers” who have absolutely no training of any kind, using these New Agey cliches affords them a way to feel important, and to make money. The New Age movement is rife with narcissism, which makes it extremely dangerous, just like any other fundamentalist group. Over the 4 decades of my professional life, the tragic stories clients have shared with me about the advice given to them by this group is both terrifying and heartbreaking.

Two, i’ve been doing a lot of teaching lately on Free Will and the Law of Karma, so it seemed appropriate. I wanted to revisit this topic to help people who confuse forgiveness with letting go to free themselves from past injuries. I hope I have accomplished that. For those who subscribe to my blog, you can see the re-written blog now. Just type “The Myth Of Forgiveness” in the search box.

Finally, in closing, remember, never give your power away to anyone. Listen to your heart about what’s best for you. There is a saying in 12-Step Recovery: “Take what you need, and leave the rest”. This is a time in the world where narcissism has become a pandemic. People with no credentials, no training,  and no boundaries are everywhere. Truly spiritual people practice non-infringement. They do not give advice of any kind. To do so would create Karma. If all someone has in their healing tool box are cliches and platitudes, or fundamentalist religious beliefs, rather than solid training and credentials, run. Run faster if they tell you they are “channeling” some mystical being who wants to give you advice on what to do with your life. There is a lot of crazy shit out there. Just when I think I’ve heard it all, someone walks through the door with another story. Unbelievable.

Spirit Dance

imageWe are all eternal souls dancing through space and time. One of my favorite DVD’s to watch that reminds me of that  is “Spirit Dance: A Journey of Dance, Drums, and Song”, by Peter Buffett. I have it on VHS, also, and marked as a YouTube favorite. Peter Buffett is an incredible musician.  Here, he collaborated with Chief Hawk Pope, Robert Mirabol, the Native American musician, and a Modern Dance Troup, along with Native dancers. There is a truly magical blending of cultures that is inspirational. It moves me whenever I watch it. It celebrates the truth of what we are, all of us children of the Divine.

Even though I do my best to avoid the negative news reports, stories about racism, discrimination, and fanatical religious right-wing groups that are the American equivalent of the Taliban still sneak through. Rather than let them get me down, I immediately look to apply an antidote to my consciousness. Music, movies, books, or documentaries that uplift and inspire do that for me. I remind myself that there are heroes everywhere, right here and right now. I firmly believe that courage is the norm, not cowardice. I believe we can change the world, if we hold fast to love, and to each other.

Each of us has a Divine destiny, a blueprint, and no one, no matter how wounded or disturbed can keep us from it. The journey is meant to be joyful. It is the journey home, to the Heart, the Ascended Master within. A word here about the Heart and Chinese Medicine. The Heart is seen as the Emperor, or Sovereign Ruler, the home of the Divine Spark, or Spirit within each of us. It is a part of the Fire Element. The Fire Element is about joy, laughter, what inspires us. Dancing and singing are a part of that. That is important to remember, so that we can do things that bring us joy, that make us laugh, that inspire us, as frequently as possible. Spirit Dance does that for me. It reminds me that we can all dance together, if we want to. All races, all colors, all people everywhere. Life is a Sacred Dance, and the Heart is the Sacred Drumbeat that each of us can follow. My prayer for the world is that we all choose the Spirit Dance of love, releasing the illusion of separation. We are all One.  Blessings, Judith

The Solar Eclipse And Equinox

imageMarch 20th will be a very powerful day, given that it will be a New Moon, with the Sun and Moon Conjunct at 29 degrees of Pisces. It will also be a Solar Eclipse, and the Vernal Equinox. New Moons are wonderful times for doing intention work, for new beginnings. Any Eclipse tends to be powerful, and this one even more so, given the placement of the other planets. I’ll get to that in a minute.

I’d like to talk about the sign Pisces, which I happen to be. Somehow, and I have no idea how this came to be, Pisces has been described as the sign of dreamy, rather ungrounded types. Floaty, impractical types. I don’t get that. It’s almost funny, really. Any Pisces people I’ve met are super-focused on their goals. Compassionate, yes, but a powerful force of nature. I don’t think anyone who has met me would describe me as dreamy. And this business of the “shadow side” of Pisces avoiding or escaping from reality? Laughable. It’s one of my goddaughter’s birthday today. She’s just finishing her PhD in clinical psychology. She is brilliant, compassionate, empathic, and intensely focused. No evidence of escaping from reality. In fact, we often joke about our reputations as the Truth Police, or the Reality Police. So I have no idea where that airy-fairy myth comes from. For all of you Pisces people out there, you know what I’m talking about. Maybe it’s because the planet Neptune rules Pisces. Neptune is the planet of Mysticism. The planet that rules Empaths. Psychics. As a Clairvoyant Empath, I can say emphatically that I never met an Empath who was a pussy. Sorry, being an Empath is not for wimps. Trust me. Mystics, Wizards, and Mages are no slouches, either. So, color me puzzled. It’s weird.

So, to connect that to this Eclipse in Pisces, it offers a new beginning in embracing magic, empathy, compassion, and vision. Since we are the co-creators with Spirit of our reality, this New Moon offers us the opportunity to bring our consciousness to a higher level. To choose to live from love, from heart. When we add in the Square aspect from Uranus to Pluto, ( are we DONE yet? Seriously, what is this, the 7th one?) this aspect brings together the Great Liberator, Uranus, with the Great Alchemist, Pluto, for the final time. ( Even though it’s going to last pretty much all year.) What do we need to be awakened to, or be liberated from? People, places, patterns? Pluto is about the Phoenix rising out of it’s own ashes, endings and beginnings. An excellent time to let go. Or, to commit to some new path that feels magical.

In many traditions, the Vernal Equinox is a time of ritual, ceremony, new beginnings. This one is really powerful. Take advantage of this Cosmic alignment to create the reality that you want, and release the reality you don’t want. Embrace your inner Wizard, your inner Mystic. It’s a magical Universe. Dream big. Expect miracles. Reach. Blessings, Judith