My Relationship With Profanity

imageI’ve pretty much always had a mouth like a Marine. I have absolutely no idea where it came from. Nobody in my family swears, except for me. I’m really comfortable with this part of myself. Some people think that swearing is bad. That profanity is bad. I see it differently. I don’t worry about the four-letter words that are the usual culprits. You know what I think is profane? Words like Hate. Fear. Racism. Bullying is profane.

I use profanity very consciously at times in my work, for different reasons. Sometimes for it’s shock value, to shock people awake. Sometimes to make people feel safe, or to make them laugh, because it’s unexpected coming from someone that is supposed to be spiritual. How did we ever come to equate passivity with spirituality, anyway? Some of the most hate filled language comes from people that are religious fanatics. But they don’t swear.

I think I’ve turned swearing into an art form. It makes me laugh. I can get pretty creative with it, when the occasion calls for it. And let’s face it, there are some occasions in life that can just be expressed or explained in one or two words if you use profanity. Damn. Doesn’t that sum things up sometimes?

I was doing a session today with a client, and she was asking me how I deal with my mind, with fear thoughts that creep in and try to dominate. I think she was expecting a very profound, complicated answer. What she got was something entirely different. I said “Here’s how I handle fear thoughts. You have to be fierce. Disciplined. You are not your mind. Not your thoughts. You are more than that. You can choose what you allow yourself to think about. If a fear thought comes into my mind, and starts harassing me, I tell it to blow me. ” She burst out laughing. She loved the idea of that. It took all of the vagueness out of the concept of pushing back against thoughts. That’s how I deal with a bully in real life, so if it’s my mind that tries to bully me with fear, worry, or any kind of negativity, I have zero patience for that. I’ll only tolerate so much of that nonsense before I tell it to STFU. Hey, that works for me. It puts me back on my center, and reminds me that I’m in charge, not my thoughts. The fear thoughts are illusions, anyway. Lies, and I have no patience with liars, either. Lies. There’s another four letter word that’s profane.

For me, true spirituality means walking a path of heart, compassion, and kindness. It has an honesty to it. One thing I know about myself is that I am always authentic. No masks. Masks are for cowards. I can be both compassionate and fierce at the same time. There is room in my heart for the four-letter words, because oddly enough, they are all sourced from that one all-important four-letter word: Love. Love for others, but most importantly, love for myself. And that is what works for me. Blessings, Judith



The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

imageIt’s that time of year again, time for the Tucson Mineral Show, the largest of it’s kind. Dealers come from all over the world with Mineral specimens, jewelry, Crystals of all kinds. They pretty much take over the whole town, from hotels, to open markets, to warehouses scattered over the entire city. Every year, a good friend who is a geologist takes my wish list and shops for me. He knows what I like, and has a fabulous eye. He jokes that he has a lot of fun spending my money. Monday was opening day, and he called mid-afternoon with some exciting finds from a dealer from India we’ve bought from before. Here’s a partial list of what’s headed my way.

1. LEPIDOLITE SHIVA LINGAMS. A Shiva Lingam shape is where the stone has been polished into an egg on both ends. It is considered a Sacred shape in India. I bought 8 of these this year, they are gem quality Lepidolite, a beautiful soft lavender. Lepidolite is calming and soothing, gentle. I bought 4 the last time, and they were gone in a week.

2. RHODOCHROSITE SHIVA LINGAMS. These were a little pricey, but gem quality Rhodochrosite is worth it. A powerful heart healer.

3. STAR ALMANDINE GARNET WANDS AND SPHERES. These Star Garnets are from Pune, India. The best in the world, in my opinion.

4. RAINBOW MOONSTONE. Moonstone strengthens the Yin, and intuition. Beautiful.

I also have more Nuummite coming, and I still have to list the 2 Smokey Elestial Quartz pieces with the Record Keepers and Trigonics, from Brazil. These are incredibly rare, covered with literally hundreds of triangles. Finding one or two of these markings on a Crystal is a find, finding a Stone with HUNDREDS is unheard of. Ancient Master Teachers. I have 2 more Watermelon Tourmalines in Quartz to list, also.

My shipment from Peru of 8 pieces of Sphalerite with Pyrite should arrive tomorrow. Finally. Jeez. I bought that on December 21st. It is from the Animon Mine in Peru. Spectacular and powerful. One of the six Alchemists, in Taoist tradition. Sphalerite is a Zinc Sulfide. I made it my February Stone of the Month, since it embodies breaking free of limitation.

There’s more, but let’s see what else finds it’s way to me. I promise to get them listed as soon as possible. Blessings to all, Judith




The Upcoming Storm And The Standing People ( Trees )

We have a serious storm approaching, here in the Northeast, with up to 2 feet of snow predicted, along with high winds. For most of my life I’ve chosen to live in the woods, surrounded by the Standing People. (Trees). I consider them my family. They are Elders, wise ones, that have taught me much. Their Magic and Medicine is strong. When a storm like this is bearing down on us, I go outside, close my eyes, open my heart, and speak to them. I let them know what’s coming, I send them love. I ask that they not drop limbs on my house, garage, or vehicles. They have always, always respected this request. In 1996 there was a severe storm like this, where my area was declared a disaster area. Trees were down everywhere, over 100,000 people without power. Including me. A 75 foot tree came down, uprooted, and missed taking out my living room by six feet. All of the paintings on the walls were skewed by the force of the impact. After the storm was over, I went outside with my pouch of tobacco, and made an offering to it, along with my prayers of thanks.

The Lakota People have a saying, that “We are all Relations”. I live from that belief, and it has served me well. We are all connected, all one. One with All That Is. So, if you live with the Standing People as your neighbors, go outside and talk to them from your heart. They will hear you. And you will be safe. I send prayers to all during this storm. Be well, Blessings, Judith