Anchored To The Void

In some Native traditions, the Void is called ” Great Mystery”.( Not to be confused with Great Spirit, which comes from Great Mystery.) In Taoism, the Void is the Tao. All and everything. Limitless possibilities. Chaos. Hence the saying ” The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao”. After all, if you are speaking about something limitless and undefinable, how are you defining it through speech?

All times, past, present, and future, are existing simultaneously. All dimensions, universes, and planes of existence are existing simultaneously. Since the mind is linear, logical, and finite, it cannot begin to grasp the concept of non-linear time. It cannot begin to grasp the chaotic nature of the Void. Nor should it. It is not designed to do that. That is the job of the Right brain, the magical, intuitive part of ourselves.

In Classical Chinese medicine, which is rooted in Taoism, a piece of the Void is seen as being held in the Kidneys, the Water Element. Emotionally, the Water Element is about faith, trust, our resources, the limitless possibilities available to us. It represents the supernatural. Magic. Conversely, when it is weak, it affects us through fear, an inability to trust, both ourselves and others. Shattered or betrayed trust at a very early age, through physical abuse, emotional abuse, or sexual abuse is something we work towards restoring in Chinese medicine, using herbs, stones, essential oils, and acupuncture to strengthen the Kidney meridians.

During a recent reading with Merlin, he commented on my connection to the Void, saying that due to early childhood trauma, I had become anchored to the Void, rather than to the Earth Plane. This actually made a lot of sense to me, as I reflected on it. I’ve always had a sense of humor about not being terribly grounded. I just figured it came with the territory of being a Clairvoyant Empath. And the truth is, I’ve never met an Empath who WAS grounded, like ” normal” people. We are always moving in and out of energy fields as a natural way of being. We flow. Which is what the Water Element does. It flows.

Now, let’s look at manifesting, for a moment. There are a number of techniques used to create something, to manifest something. Many of them focus on using the mind, affirmations and visualization, as well as intention work. All of these are excellent tools, using the mind and the energy of the Causal Plane, which vibrates to the planet Uranus. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, the planet that rules the mind and communications. Uranus rules the Causal Plane, and our Higher Consciousness. We can certainly use that to manifest. However, if an individual has learned at an early  age to spontaneously take refuge in the Void, AND REMAIN PERMANENTLY LINKED TO IT, then manifesting anything using the Void is much easier for that person.

Here’s what that looks like for me. Rather than using the Astral Plane or Causal Plane, I link directly to the Void, (which is ruled by the planet Pluto, the most alchemical of the planets.) I can feel the Void.  It is sentient. I can feel it breathing,, alive within me. I feel the love it has for me, and me for it. I feel the way I belong to it. I feel our oneness. When I say I link to it, what I actually do is suspend mind, thereby suspending my illusion of separation from it. We are all ALWAYS, IN EVERY MOMENT, LINKED WITH THE VOID. We all exist within it. Everything does. Mind and the Ego construct create the illusion of separation. Everything that we need exists. Love, health, abundance… Everything. We don’t need to create it. We need to draw it towards ourselves, from where it exists, to where we exist. This is the best part of Void Magic. We don’t need to “know how”. That’s mind, and mind doesn’t work in the Void. By surrendering mind, and fusing with the Void, or “All That Is”, we have access to all possibilities, all wisdom, WE BECOME ONE WITH MAGIC. And with that living link, everything is possible.

What we want to create is a living, permanent bridge within ourselves between our Spirit Self and the supernatural Void Magic within us… A link between the Fire Element, ( the Heart), and the Water Element, ( the Kidneys). The Shen ( the Divine Spark) and the Jing ( the Essence). This is the heart of alchemy. As Dr Yuen has taught, ” Alchemy is the redemption of Spirit ( Shen) from Matter ( Jing)”. ( The creative essence held in the Kidneys).

We are always, in every moment, living in the Void. Embracing that, FEELING THAT, is the path of the Alchemist, the Mage, the Wizard. It is the path of the Stars, magic, and miracles. And it is always available. The only thing in the way is mind. Oneness is a heartbeat away.



Systems Of Divination

imageI get asked a lot about the types of readings I do. There are so many systems of divination, or methods of doing readings. These systems span centuries and cultures. Each person has their own types of magic, their own specialties that they have cultivated, often over lifetimes. Let’s look at some of them.

1. Astrology. Astrology and astronomy were, at one time, the same science. Astrology is a map of the heavens based on a person’s date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth. Most cultures use some form of astrology. There is Chinese astrology, Ayurvedic astrology, Western astrology, all using the calculations of the planetary movements to create an individual horoscope. Within Western astrology, you have specialities, such as Natal astrology, Horary astrology, Mundane astrology, ( world events), weather forecasting, ( the almanacs ), Medical astrology, and more. I tend to combine Natal astrology and Medical astrology, using my background in Chinese medicine in combination with the planets, the aspects they form, and which Essential Oils, Stones, Herbs, affirmations, and intention work will best support the souls journey at any given time.

2. The Tarot. The Tarot is another very ancient system of divination. There are so many different Tarot decks available, too many to count. I love the symbolism of the cards, the Major arcana and the Minor arcana. I use only the Major arcana in a reading, primarily because I am using two different decks of cards in a reading, the traditional Tarot, combined with the Native American Medicine Cards ( by Jamie Sams and David Carson). This gives me a very comprehensive look at what is happening in someone’s life, and why. Each reader has their own methods, and works with the cards in their own way.

3. Palmistry. Palmistry is another ancient method of divination that is global. A person’s horoscope is depicted on the palm of their hand, if you know how to see it. I love palmistry, especially if I find myself out in a social setting, where people tend to work their way over to me for a mini-reading, ( say, at a wedding or family gathering. I can’t begin to count how many times that’s happened. The line forms to the right. ) People seem fascinated with psychics, even the most skeptical. With palmistry, all I need is their hand. Their horoscope is right there.

4. Scrying. Scrying is the ability to use a mirror, or a Crystal Ball to gaze into, to alter one’s consciousness to see events, past, present, or future. I use a Quartz Crystal Sphere for that, one of Merlins earliest teachings. ( I have six. ) Some use Obsidian Spheres. Those are wonderful, also.

5. Mediumship. A Medium is someone who can enter a trance at will, in order to speak with non-corporeal spirits. The dead, guides and teachers, beings from other realms or dimensions.( Also called Necromancy.) I prefer that term, myself. ( In fact, I have a coffe mug that says ” It’s okay, Necromancers have mortgages too.” My favorite mug. )

6. Runes. I love the Runes. Again, an ancient system. Norse. Wonderful.

7. The I Ching. The I Ching is thousands of years old. Chinese, and very powerful.

These are just a few of the forms of divination out there. As a Claivoyant Empath, a psychic from birth, I don’t need to rely on a particular system to see soul patterns in any living thing. They are right in front of me. For forecasting, I use both the Tarot and astrology, depending on the clients request.

** A word here about giving one’s power away to any reader. A psychic is only as good as their level of consciousness allows them to be. Spiritual cultivation, heart, empathy, and the shedding of one’s ego construct during a session determines the accuracy of a reader.  Since many of these forms of divination require no licenses or credentials, anybody can call themselves anything they want. Frauds, fakes, and opportunists abound in this field. Unscrupulous people seek to take advantage of those who have lost loved ones, or who have health issues, or are seeking reassurance. A reading that is empowering is a reading which directs the individual within, to the Master Teacher, one’s own heart. Any reader that tells you what to do, or gives you advice, is not spiritual or accurate. Run, don’t walk, to the nearest exit.

The more evolved someone becomes, the broader their psychic abilities become, because the heart is the portal or gateway to other dimensions. Some people believe that it is necessary to open the Third Eye to achieve visions, or to connect to other realms. I’ve never found that to be the case. A side benefit of cultivating the Heart Chakra is the ability to access the Ascended Master within the self. Everyone has psychic ability. My path of service to humanity is to awaken people to their own gifts, not to create dependence on me for mine. This is what brings me joy, helping someone discover, uncover, and recover their own personal magic. Setting them free from cultural conditioning that blinds them to the truth: We are all made of stardust and magic. We are all journeying through space and time, here to learn and grow in joy, free from fear. Everything is possible. Every miracle, every blessing, the Universe is available in it’s entirety in every moment. A reading of any kind should remind us of this. Magic is everywhere, and the purest magic of all is love. Any reading should flow from love. May this teaching bless all who read it.