It’s snowing up here in the mountains. The forecast is for about a foot or so today. I love the snow. Not driving in it, but there is something about being inside, watching it fall, the stillness, the silence, that moves me. We are prepared to be snowed in. The cars have been moved to the top of the hill, the bird-feeders are full, the snowblower is ready. All of my appointments today are by phone, so I’m all set to enjoy the first big snowstorm of the season here in the Catskills. As I look out my window, it feels like we’re inside of a snow globe. Magical. It makes me want to make a wish, or a prayer. Maybe, on this quiet winter day, my prayer will be that this unconscious country of ours begins to finally awaken. As the snow blankets Earth Mother, and continues to fall, I pray that the grief and rage engendered in many this week by the travesty of justice in Ferguson, becomes instead a call to awaken to the reality of racial discrimination that has not changed for so many. We can’t say that it has, when an unarmed black teenager is gunned down in the street, and a Grand Jury doesn’t believe that that young man’s death is worthy of a trial. Not very different than another black teenager gunned down as he walked home, carrying skittles and an iced tea. And another jury declaring his killer “not guilty”.

My prayers go out to the families of these children, and my prayers are that some day, it will be safe to be a person of color in this country. That day is not today.

The Pyrite Shipment

imageMy shipment of Pyrite cleared U.S. Customs in Miami today, so it should arrive in a few days. I have 13 Clusters of that crazy sparkly Pyrite coming from the Quiruvilca Mine in Peru. Nothing comes close to this Pyrite. Nothing. With a brilliant mirror luster, perfect cubes, it is exquisite. Pyrite brings vitality, strength, and abundance. After the other pieces arrived, I had to get more. I’ll start listing it as soon as it gets here.