The Scorpio New Moon

imageTomorrow brings us a powerful New Moon in the sign Scorpio. A New Moon is when both the Sun and Moon occupy the same sign, or are said to be Conjunct. They both enter Scorpio together, along with the planet Venus, the planet of love, artistic creativity, and gentleness. All three will be at approximately 0 degrees of Scorpio tomorrow afternoon. Let’s look at that.

Scorpio is one of my favorite signs of the zodiac, probably due to two things. First, it is a sign of radical truth. It is ruled by the planet Pluto, the planet that represents the Void, limitless possibilities, and Alchemy. Scorpios tend to be fearless and intense. They CAN be somewhat black and white in their thinking, but are actually slow to anger. You have to work pretty hard to piss them off, but if you do, look out. Second, my Moon is in Scorpio in my birth chart, as is my youngest daughter’s Moon. We often laugh at how similarly we see things. And all three of my daughters have Snake as a Totem Animal, as do I. The sign Scorpio has often been depicted as the Eagle carrying the Snake, in the Toltec tradition, Taoism, and Native tradition, as the symbol of Alchemy and Transmutation.

This New Moon is an opportunity for new beginnings through Alchemy. Scorpio is a Water sign, and the Water signs, (Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio) are seen as the signs of the Zodiac with great empathy and compassion. Having a number of planets in the Water signs right now gives us an opportunity to step into self-love and self-care, and because Scorpio is so comfortable with honesty, self-reflection, and has a zero tolerance policy for bullshit, it’s also a great time to step forward towards our dreams in a fearless way. The planet Neptune, which is the planet of inspiration and Divine Love, is going to be making a fabulous Trine aspect to all 3 planets, the Sun, the Moon, and Venus. This is a wonderful combination. Neptune is in the sign that it rules, Pisces, so we have all of this visionary energy combining with the intensity and power of Scorpio. This is one of those aspects we wait for. It will bring courage and momentum to anyone open to working with it.

The tone for the entire month is one of the fearless warrior. If there has been something you’ve been wanting to do, now is the time. Time for a new beginning, which may be standing on the smoking rubble of an ending of something you know isn’t serving you any longer. That’s the beauty of Scorpio, it is willing to let go of anything, with no excuses. It embodies the word “ENOUGH”. So, on this powerful New Moon, give yourself the gift of a new beginning, or an overdue ending. Dream big dreams. Become the Alchemist in your own life. And from my Scorpio Moon, I can wholeheartedly say to everyone: “Come on in, the water’s fine”. Blessings to all, Judith

Politics and The Age Of Aquarius

The sixties were pretty amazing, in terms of the shift in consciousness in this country. The group of Souls that incarnated at that time had a lot to do with that. Referred to as the “Baby Boomers”, ours was the generation that began to change the world. We embraced “Flower Power”, Peace, and Love. Over a half a million of us showed up for the largest concert of it’s kind, Woodstock. We marched, we protested. We sang songs of peace. We had slogans like “Groovy”, the famous Peace sign, “Chill out, man”. Songs flooded the airwaves about changing the status quo. We were anti-war, anti-establishment. We had anthems. “Ohio” by Crosby, Stills, and Nash, about the shootings at Kent State, “Feel like I’m Fixin to Die”, by Country Joe and the Fish, Jimmi Hendrix, ” If Six Was Nine”, where he sang ” And I’m going to wave my freak flag high, wave on, wave on”. The Doors, with Jim Morrison, Sly and the Family Stone, Ritchie Havens, the list of musicians with a message of freedom is endless.

Until the sixties, television was only in black and white. In the mid-sixties, color tv became available. To me, this represents the beginning of the major shift in consciousness that I’m talking about. We went from shows like Leave it to Beaver, the Donna Reed Show, Gunsmoke, the Lawrence Welk Show, to the NBC peacock, and shows with more of a social awareness. The news coverage changed. Basically, everything changed. What I see now is the Right-wing and Republican Party trying to drag us all back into the fifties. Limiting the Civil Rights we fought so hard for, women’s rights, voting rights, trying to force their religious beliefs on all of us.

Let’s call a spade a spade. The Democrats are the Party of Hippies, all about Peace, Freedom, Civil Rights, Human Rights, anti-war whenever possible, wanting there to be enough food for everyone… Democrats never vote to cut Medicare, Social Security, school lunches. Republicans vote to cut ALL of those things, while making sure Exxon and huge corporations make billions in profits. It’s really a whole different set of priorities. Appalling, actually. It was the Republican Party, under Nixon, that set up the for-profit Health Care system we now have, leaving us the only major industrialized nation in the world that profits from illness, pain, and suffering.

The mid-term elections are coming up, with the control of the Senate hanging in the balance. We are at a Spiritual crossroads as a country. Are we going to sit back and do nothing, and allow these people to undo all of our efforts to free our country from the chains of greed and fear? Or are we going to rally, to turn out, as we did in the sixties, in the hundreds of thousands, to let our voices ring out once again. We are the Rainbow Warriors the Hopi Prophecy spoke of… The ones with the long hair and deep love of Nature and the Planet. We have watched with horror as Republicans have gutted environmental protections, denied climate change, and raped the Earth in every way possible, including putting a former attorney for Monsanto on the Supreme Court.

Now is the time to rally. We are strong, we are fierce, and we are legion. We may be peaceful, but we are the true activists that have changed the world, and made it a better place for our children. If we want to preserve it for our grandchildren as well, we have to do something. Vote. Get all of our friends to vote. The spirits of all of those who fought beside us in Vietnam, who marched, who sang, stand with us. Remember who you are, children of the sixties. I love you. I’m proud to be a Hippie, and proud to be considered a freak. And I’m going to wave my freak flag high, until I die. Blessings, Judith

The One Way Street

I’m sure everyone has encountered a one-way street. NYC is full of them. It’s supposed to make traffic flow more smoothly, I guess. Sometimes information is given to me in the Dreamtime. The other morning I woke up with that street sign, One Way, right in front of me, as if I was looking directly at it. I had been meditating on the qualities of Mind. The Intellect. On what it CAN do, and what it CAN’T do in our lives. I saw very clearly, from a metaphysical point of view, that Intellect is a one way street. That every thought we think gets shot like an arrow out into the Universe, and since thoughts are energy, will create the reality we will then experience. That is the law. Mind, or Intellect, is designed to think. That’s what it does. The good news is that we have a built-in guidance system inside of ourselves that can supervise Mind, and that is the Heart.

Now, the Heart is a two-way street, allowing both incoming and outgoing traffic. The incoming traffic is from our Higher Selves, our Spirit, which the Taoists call the Shen. The Spirit of the Divine within each of us has no Karma. It is not the Soul, that’s different. The Divine Spark that resides in the Heart is the Ascended Master within each of us. If we connect with that, and allow it to supervise Mind, we can send our thoughts out into the Law of Divine Mind, Divine Intelligence, and create miracles. Without the guidance of Heart, Intellect alone can be dangerous. It can be harsh, cold, lack compassion and wisdom. Since Mind is a one-way street, outgoing traffic only, it receives no inspiration from anywhere. It can’t. It isn’t set up to do that. Mind without Heart is severely limited.

For each of us to create the fulfilled lives we deserve, we need to be sure that the traffic of our energy systems flows both ways, both incoming and outgoing traffic. Incoming first, being open and receptive to the guidance of the Heart, before we make decisions or speak our thoughts. In this way our internal guidance system operates to help us create a life filled with joy, love, beauty, and health, which is our birthright.

Years ago, while married to my ex, we were in Italy. He loved to travel. Me, not so much. I can’t remember which city we were in, Rome, Milan, Florence, we were there fairly frequently. Anyway, I noticed that every city had streets with the same name, Senso Unico. I commented on this to my ex. He laughed, and said that Senso Unico is Italian for One Way. In the dream the other night, those were the words I saw: Senso Unico. One Way. To be free of the limitations of Mind, we need to bridge it, constantly, with Heart. Heart has no limitations. None. It can accomplish anything. With Mind in it’s rightful place as the trusted servant, rather than the tyrant we allow it to be, we are restored to the throne within, the rulers of our own reality. Let us live where the traffic flows freely, on a two-way street. The beauty of our Heart will take us wherever we need to go. Blessings, Judith