Holy Ground

imageWhenever life circumstances trigger fear or worry for me, I try to remember to grab control of my thoughts and emotions as quickly as possible. Negative thoughts are dangerous, if we believe that everything is energy, and that there can be only one outcome to allowing the mind to run away with us like a galloping horse. My way of centering myself is to begin positive affirmations, statements of truth about the Creator, God, Spirit, Divine Intelligence, whatever name we want to give it. I remind myself that I can never be separated from it, that any idea of separation is an illusion. One of the affirmations that came to me is: “The ground I stand upon in this moment is Holy ground. I refuse to allow my mind to profane that Holy ground with fear or worry. All negative thoughts are illusions. I banish them here and now, I cast them out, and I go free.” I love the feeling I get inside when I think about Holy Ground. I love Nature, mountains, woods, streams, rivers, all of it feels Sacred to me. The idea of polluting it is repellant to me. Is our body and our consciousness less Sacred? Is our mind less Sacred in the eyes of the Creator than a bubbling brook? No. Of course not. Yet, I need to remind myself of the discipline it takes to avoid polluting my consciousness with the constant onslaught of negativity on the news, in social media, everywhere we turn, we are pummeled by it.

Just as I would never pollute my outer environment, my inner environment is just as important. Perhaps, even more so. I have a number of favorite metaphysical authors that I rely on when I need to reboot my program. My top two are from the 1930’s, Emmet Fox and Florence Scovel Shinn. I have every book they have ever written, and have had them for close to 30 years. They are even available through iBooks! Incredible. So I have my old dog-eared copies, as well as having a few on my iPad. Find And Use Your Inner Power, Alter Your Life, and Sparks of Timeless Truth by Emmet Fox are on my iPad. The Complete Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn is on there, as well. There are others that are wonderful, but these two really set me back on my center.

It is our spiritual responsibility to keep our consciousness filled with Light, Grace, and Truth. As a way of doing that, I try to avoid negative people, places, and things whenever possible, and if it isn’t, to clean up the toxic sludge immediately after a “spill”. Only I can choose what thoughts and feelings I want to have and to dwell upon. I choose to declare that in every moment, the ground I am standing on is Holy Ground. And that the Creator and I are one. And that my good flows in in avalanches of abundance. And it is so. Blessings, Judith

Lost ( Again)

imageI hate getting lost. And, yes, I get lost a lot. I have absolutely NO sense of direction. None. So when my husband called on Friday afternoon to ask me to come pick him up because he had gotten a flat tire while cruising on his Harley, I knew what that meant. It meant I was going to be wandering around in the wilderness like one of the lost tribes of Israel. Come to think of it, my fathers side of the family are Russian Jews. Maybe this lack of direction is a hereditary thing.

Anyway, to make matters worse, my husband was calling from the service station’s phone, because there was no cell phone service where he was. I guess I was lucky there was civilization where he was. He likes to go to the remotest locations possible. Hence my apprehension finding him. He gave me directions, and since he knows me, he made them as detailed as possible. Right. So off I went, directions in hand, with the name and phone number of the garage. Which was over an hour away, for a normal person. Factoring in getting lost, at least once, about an hour and a half, for me.

My first call to OnStar was about half an hour into the trip. They are the nicest people. They assured me that I was on the right road, and that I would see Rte 55 shortly, where I was going to have to turn, heading to Grahamsville. As I continued to drive, the road signs changed. Three times. I pulled into a parking lot and called OnStar again. The second woman was also very nice, until she told me she was going to send directions to my car using back roads. BACK ROADS?? I advised her that if I got routed using back roads, with no provisions of any kind in my car, my husband would be waiting for me until Christmas, and I could potentially starve to death. So, no. Not happening. Even the main roads were just one step up from a goat path, in my opinion. I got back on the road, found my turn, and OnStar assured me that my destination was only 14 miles ahead. It was a gorgeous afternoon for a drive, if you enjoy that sort of thing. On my personal list of favorite things to do, winding along on remote mountain roads without a f#cking clue where I’m going is not even remotely up in my top 50. But this is the man who rescues everybody else, so I was determined to rescue him.

Finally, I reached Grahamsville. My husband had said the service station was on the left. I drove through the town, (which took all of one minute). No service station. On either side. I called his cell. No service. I called the service station, and got the answering machine message advising me they had closed at 5, and would reopen Monday morning. It was now 6:30. I started to cry. Just a little. I saw a small deli across the street, and walked over. Fortunately, the woman working there knew where the garage was, about 2 miles outside of town. 5 minutes later, I found him, sitting outside of the locked service station waiting for me.

He went back this morning with his truck to pick up his bike. The owner of the garage had heard my message, and wondered how it was possible for anyone to get lost in Grahamsville. My husband said he did his best to explain it to him. All I can say is that I am positive I was never Magellan in a past life. And I think I know how the Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 years. They had somebody like me in the front. And no OnStar.