A Whole Other Animal

I have friends that like to ride bicycles for exercise. I’m sure that it’s fun, and great exercise. Me, I’ve always been a horse lover. From the earliest I can remember, I wanted a horse. I was always horse crazy. I did manage to fulfill that dream, and had the most magnificent (in my eyes, anyway) jet black Hanoverian named Nardo. I used to get a kick out of people asking me why I did weight training to make my back stronger, to make me a better rider. They thought riding a horse is much like riding a bicycle, except that the horse is doing most of the work. Right. Obviously they have never had a 1500 lb animal between their legs, with a mind of it’s own. A bicycle responds when you turn the handlebars right or left. You know those reins you’re holding? Try steering with them on a cold, windy day, when the living being you’re sitting on feels like a coiled spring, ready to take off like a rocket for parts unknown.

A horse is big. If you fall off that bike of yours, it’s going to smart. Ouch. If you come off your horse, at speed…. Well, do the words “emergency room” mean anything to you? Even the most level-headed horse can spook at something. One of my friends had a Clydesdale, you know, the Budweiser horse. Abe. He was so cool. Pretty fearless, until one day while she was riding, they came across a snowman. Abe’s first snowman. We’re still looking for her.

My horse was fearless, also. Until the day a helicopter flew over our heads. At one show we were at, one of my friends was preparing to go into the ring for her test, on a lovely mare named Equity. And a hot-air balloon sailed by overhead. Oh. My. God. Unbelievable. Equity spent the entire 6 minutes in the ring looking up into the sky. I’m sure the judge had no idea what to make of that. Equity had a few other unfortunate encounters. One of the barn cats had taken a shine to my friend. It came into the indoor arena looking for her. It spied her on Equity. (Cue ominous music). It gauged the distance from one of the jumps in the ring to Equity’s ass. And launched itself. Poor Equity freaked out completely, bucking like a rodeo horse on steroids, while the cat hung on gamely, sinking it’s claws even further into Equity’s butt. I admit, here and now, in front of witnesses, I am a horrible friend. I was laughing so hard I collapsed. I was howling. Fortunately, my friend didn’t come off, and the cat jumped off. Equity, of course, was traumatized for days, looking for cats and hot-air balloons around every corner.

So all of us who ride HORSES rather than bicycles have been bucked off, bolted with, stepped on, and various other things, which is all part of the territory when you’re sitting on a living thing. That has a mind of it’s own, and is way bigger than you. Bigger than a bear. And definitely bigger than that puny bike you’re peddling around. If you want a real thrill, if you want an adrenaline rush, forget the bike. Get on a horse. And learn what it means to fly. And watch out for snowmen.

Further Teachings on Realgar

imageSince there is very little written about the metaphysical aspects of Realgar anywhere, I think it’s very important to share both my own experiences with it, and the Taoist teachings of Master Yuen about it, given that most people don’t have access to such material.

Let me start by saying that Realgar is not for everyone. There are many Stones that are. Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, to name a few. Realgar was first written about by Taoist Priests in the 6th century as a Stone of Alchemy. Alchemy is the process of transmutation. Changing something from one state to another. From an ethical point of view, I believe I have a spiritual responsibility to prepare people who work with me, or who trust me enough to visit my website to purchase Stones, to have some idea what to expect when working with a Stone. All Stones are living beings, with their own gifts, their own Karma. When we get to the Stones that are Sulfides, however, we are stepping into uncharted territory, as far as written material out there in most books about Crystals.

The Taoists have a Materia Medica of Stones that dates back to the 13th century. Master Yuen is the only resource of this material that I have ever found. His teaching on the Sulfides is invaluable. As a reminder, the Sulfides are a group of Stones that contain Sulphur, usually found where there is volcanic activity. This group includes Cinnabar, a Mercury Sulfide, Realgar, an Arsenic Sulfide, Galena, a Lead Sulfide, Stibnite, an Antimony Sulfide, Pyrite, an Iron Sulfide, Barite, a Barium Sulfate, and others. All of these are Metalloids, and none are safe to ingest as elixirs. All of them are Master Alchemists.

Realgar is fairly rare. It is only found in a few places in the world. China and Peru are 2 of those places. The Realgar I am buying comes from the Palomo Mine, in the Andes in Peru, 16,000 feet above sea level. The Palomo Mine is considered to be the source of the finest Realgar specimens in the world. These specimens are stunningly beautiful, with the Realgar growing on Galena, Pyrite, Sphalerite, Quartz, Tennantites, or Tetrahedrites. Gorgeous to look at, but ENORMOUSLY POWERFUL to work with. This is why I say Realgar is not for everyone. Neither is Alchemy, as a spiritual path. Realgar burns away illusions, denial, the deepest blockages held in the subconscious mind. There is no other Stone that does what it does. None. Many of us want to be free of our old wounds, our old traumas. Who wouldn’t want that? Realgar offers that freedom. But the price is that Realgar is going to strip away the beliefs, illusions, fantasies, that have contributed to our entire perception of the world, our entire perception of ourselves. That’s Alchemy. It restores us to our Divine blueprint. People may believe they want that. But the reality of having this Master Teacher challenge beliefs we have held onto for a lifetime is something else entirely.

I just finished writing my September Teaching of the Month. It’s called “Alchemy: The Way Of The Wizard”. I did not choose Realgar as the Stone of the Month to accompany it. I chose Galena. I never know who is going to see these teachings as I put them out there on the internet. I have no way of knowing what level of consciousness the person who is reading it is at, or their emotional state at that time. With people I am working with directly, we can have a conversation about these Stones, and I can prepare them about what to expect. Realgar is the most powerful alchemical Stone I have ever worked with, bar none. The most liberating. I don’t want anyone to be afraid of it. It represents the fire of Divine Love. But I also feel a responsibility to prepare people for the reality of it. It embodies radical Truth. Many people are not ready to look at the truths about family, friends, beliefs, the world, THE SELF. There are so many Stones to work with, all have their own gifts. Realgar is amazing, yes. And it offers redemption from bondage, yes. I’ve waited my whole life for this Stone. It has done more for me, in 4 weeks, than any other Stone I have ever worked with. But then, I live from radical Truth. It is like oxygen for me. So the Realgar was like coming home for me.

Trust yourself. If you feel drawn to it, if it calls to you, you’re ready for the next level on your own journey of healing. If not, that’s okay, too. Everyone is on their right path. And the Stone people are there to help us. They are Love. Ancient Ones. I am connected in my Heart to them. We are family. None are superior to the others. They all have their purpose. Realgar’s job is to take us home to the Truth of who and what we are. And it walks us through the fire to get us where we need to go. Pretty amazing, actually. Kind of like riding a Dragon. But then, I collect Dragons. And now, Realgar. Blessings, Judith