A Time of Transition

According to my Guides, this summer is going to be a time of great change, activity, and transitions. As Lightworkers and Healers, we are called upon during this time of accelerated growth for the Race Mind to be ready for what is coming. I have been informed that the next 3 months are highly unusual. Very high vibe Souls coming in, and many Souls transitioning out. A very powerful time. Almost unlimited opportunities for growth and change, while those who have refused the invitation for that growth will be moved along by their Higher Selves.

Guides were very clear about the intensity of this time. A cleansing. A purge. Let’s work with it, releasing whatever doesn’t serve us: People, places, and things, as they say in recovery. Earth Mother is aware, and awake. A shift is coming. A great increase in Light. As more information is provided to me I will share it here. The energy behind this shift is enormous. I think many of us are feeling it. Stay focused. Blessings, Judith

More New Inventory

I’ve been listing more new inventory all week, 75 new Stones from the last show. Whew. I also wrote my June Teaching of the Month, which will be up on my website this weekend. So, with all of that accomplished, I should be back to my blog very soon. Hope all is well, Judith

New Additions

imageI promised I would start listing that new inventory, so for the past week I’ve been plugging away at it. Here is some of what’s already up, and what you can expect over the next few days.

Clear Quartz Spheres and Generators: I bought some of the most spectacular Quartz Spheres I have seen, one with some Black Tourmaline rods and Golden Healer inclusions, one with sparkling Hematite, which I have never seen before.

Rutilated Smokey Quartz Spheres: These are crazy, the best of the best, loaded with Golden Rutile Needles, breathtaking.

Amphibole Quartz: Amphibole is a group of minerals, usually found in Brazil, although I have found some from Peru, that includes Actinolite, Tremolite, Richterite, Hornblende, Riebecktite, and others. Often called Angel Phantom Quartz, the Amphibole Group grows in fibrous needle-like formations that is often mistaken for Rutile. Amphibole looks more like hair, or fur. It bends and curves, which Rutile doesn’t do. I bought several amazing specimens, some deep red, a Dow Point, some Spheres, crazy beautiful, and so, so rare. From the same 30 year old inventory from Brazil that the Citrines come from. Speaking of which….

Natural Citrines: I bought 29 more small to medium natural Citrine Points, and have started listing them. I must have over 70 here, so if you don’t see something you like, please feel free to call me. 845-340-4463. I do NOT sell heat-treated Amethyst, which, no matter what anybody tells you, is not the same as Natural Citrine. If you heat an Amethyst Geode in a kiln to 878 degrees, it turns that awful orange brown color. Then they either break off points, or sell the whole geode to people who don’t know that Natural Citrine doesn’t grow like that. One of the most common fakes out there. Citrine and Amethyst have many similar mineral inclusions, like Iron. But the Crystal lattice structure of the Iron ( symbol FE ) is very different between the two Stones. Citrine is FE3, where Amethyst is FE2 and FE4. Citrine is one of the few Stones that never needs to be cleared. It balances all 7 Chakras, Amethyst doesn’t. Even if you bake it. Sorry.

Septarian Stone: I was out of Septarian Stone, also called Dragon Stone, a wonderful combination of golden Calcite, chocolate Aragonite, and taupe Limestone. Very grounding. Ancient, over 100 million years old. Cool.

Hematoid Quartz: I love Hematoid Quartz. It’s Quartz with Hematite (Iron) inclusions in either red or gold. If it’s gold, it’s often referred to as Golden Healer. Beautiful.

Star Rose Quartz Spheres: I bought some of the most exquisite Star Rose Quartz Spheres, one is 7″, the size of a bowling ball. All from Madagascar, the home of the most beautiful Rose Quartz in the world.

Blue Chalcedony: Blue Chalcedony is so soft and gentle. Sweet.

So, back to typing and listing. There is lot’s to check out. Much more than I’ve talked about here, but it’s a start. Blessings, Judith