Home from the Show

image imageWe’re home from the Gem and Mineral Show, and, wow. What a phenomenal show. We found what we had been looking for, truly spectacular specimens. Don’t laugh, I bought 29 Natural Citrine Points from that 30 year old inventory. It was a private sale, when she opened the back of the truck I almost stroked out. There they were, sparkling in the sun, like golden pieces of frozen sunlight. How could I leave them? So not happening. They are water clear, some have Angel Phantom Quartz inclusions, which is equally rare. They are medium sized. Spectacular.

New for us is Tennessee Calcite, very hard to find. It comes from the Elmwood Mine in Tennessee, where they mine for Sphalerite, which is Zinc. This Calcite comes from that mine. Gorgeous burnt orange, very clear. I bought 5 pieces.

I bought large Spheres, Smokey Quartz with golden Rutile needles, clear Quartz Spheres, Rose Quartz Spheres, Amethyst Spheres, all stunning.

I bought clear Quartz Points, a Vogel type Smokey Quartz wand, Fluorite Freeforms. Bloodstone Spheres… Holy smokes. The Terrain was packed! Now all I have to do is unpack all of it, find space for all of it, have my husband photograph all of it, and then list it on the website.

I’m exhausted, but thrilled. I love to be able to find these healers and bring them home, so they can go to their destiny. Check the New Inventory page on my site in a few days. Off to bed. Blessings to all, Judith

Mountain Medicine

The Medicine of the Mountains is so powerful. Every living thing has it’s own unique energy, or, in Native culture, it’s “Medicine”. Mountains each have their own personalities. I live in the Catskill Mountains, in NY State. Very old, very powerful. The Taoists say that Mountains carry the essence of Dragons. That they are, in fact, Dragons. A Lakota Holy Man once said that if you try to climb certain Mountains without respect, that the Mountain could crush a person. He was being asked about Denali, the great one, in Alaska. When we think of the very dangerous mountains, we think of Everest and Denali. They are Master Teachers.

One of my friends went to Africa, and climbed Kilamenjaro. This Elder had prepared her before hand regarding her attitude on approaching the Mountain. To approach with humility and respect, and to climb only as high as the Mountain allowed her to climb. That she should listen to the Mountain, and stop as soon as the Mountain told her to stop. That to ignore the Mountain would be foolish. She twisted her ankle not far from the summit, and heeded his words, rather than pressing on. She asked the Mountain to aid her in her descent, which it did. She found the entire experience to be life-altering.

If the Mountains are your own personal Medicine, you will know. You will be drawn to photos of them, or dreams of them. The Mountains choose people. It’s not the other way around. If a Mountain has chosen you, it then offers it’s strength, it’s power, it’s capacity to endure, to you. They are one of the most powerful healing forces on the Planet.

Someday I would love to see Denali. I feel Denali in my heart. When I think of it I send it love and light. It is, to me, the fiercest Teacher on the Planet. I believe it knows me. I would love to just sit at the base of it and meditate with it. Connect with it, if it would allow that. I have heard that Denali cloaks itself in fog and mist, when it does not wish to be seen. I respect that.

So, if a Mountain has chosen you, you are blessed. Accept that honor, and join your heart to it’s heart. Let it whisper it’s ancient teachings to you. It will change your life. Blessings, Judith