My January Teaching Of The Month

My January Teaching of the Month is up on my website. I chose to re-post the December 2012 teaching on life after death, called “Traveling Eternity Road”, due to my Dad’s transition a week ago. I hope everyone who has lost a loved one, whether they be a 2-legged or a 4-legged, will find comfort and peace from it. Blessings, Judith

Holiday Decorations

For some reason, I flashed back to my first Christmas with my ex-husband in our first new home. I wanted to decorate everything in sight. In my enthusiasm, I stopped at a roadside stand selling wreaths of all sizes. I found the perfect one for our front door. It was huge, about 6′ X 3′. I figured it would make a very Christmasy statement. It covered the entire door. Amazing. When my husband got home from work, he gazed thoughtfully at the door, and then asked me….. “Why is there a grave blanket hanging on our door?” See, I don’t think many people get asked questions like that in life. I left it up.

Living From Magic

imageTo live from magic means to be aware of the sentience of all of the life forms around you. It is a magical, miraculous Universe. Everything pulses with energy, sparkles, colors, vibrations, POWER. Every plant, every animal, rock, tree, bird, and person. The water, the mountains, the very air we breathe is alive with it. The part of us that can experience this is not the intellect, however. Mind has it’s uses, but feeling the life force or energy body of any living thing is not one of them. No, the part of us that can connect with another living thing is a very sacred wisdom that resides within the heart. It is a reservoir of compassion, a gentle strength, just waiting to be tapped into. The more we trust it, the more we lean upon it, the more we learn about the world around us. The more we learn about ourselves.

To live from magic means that we can tap into this vast sentience at will. We can feel it breathing, swirling through us and around us. We are made of it. It penetrates every cell of every organism. To know this is the beginning of a kind of joyful freedom mind can never understand. Each of us in every moment is capable of transcending mind. As we do that, we become fully alive. Accessing the heart is simple. Seriously. It is. Anyone who tries to complicate it, while teaching about it, has never done it. It is the absolute truth of what we are. Not who we are. WHAT we are. “Who” implies Ego. Individuation. WHAT implies something else. If we can experience ourselves, however briefly, as a “what”, an energy form dancing through space and time, we can experience ourselves more accurately without the distortion of the ego construct, which is temporary. Very temporary, when what we are is eternal.

Living from magic means accepting that any miracle is not only possible, it is available, RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW. No waiting. Some people believe that healing from trauma takes time. Why? Time is a construct. It has power over us only if we believe that it does. If we drink the Kool-aid of the Race Mind. Don’t. What does the Race Mind know? Not very much.

We can walk through life, touching the essence of every living thing, and being touched. We can learn from everything, and we can teach, as well. We can offer healing, and we can be healed. We can offer comfort, and be comforted. The wisdom of the Stars is at our fingertips. What limits us? Anything? Shedding the constraints of mind is easy. We do it every night, as we fall asleep. Which is the dream, the world we walk through when we’re awake, or the one we enter when we meditate or sleep?

I choose to live from magic. To live from heart. It’s the only way, for me. Anyone can do it. I promise. Blessings, Judith