The upcoming Show

imageWe’re headed to another Mineral Show this weekend, and I’m very excited about it. I’m picking up three huge Crystals, all over 100 lbs. Two are Smokey Quartz, one is a natural Citrine. All from Brazil, from 30 year old inventory. At the last show a few weeks ago I bought 4 huge natural Citrines, and I do mean huge. Three were 60 lbs, the largest was 101 lbs. That one lives with me now. I feel deeply honored to have been chosen to be it’s guardian. The heart connection between us was immediate, as was the recognition. So here it will stay. It’s hard to wait until Saturday to meet these new ones. The largest Smokey Quartz Point is 120 lbs, the other is 110 lbs, and an Elestial. The mines in Brazil that these came from are long since closed. I have often written about natural Citrine, and how powerful it is, but being in the presence of this Master Teacher is amazing. When this inventory runs out, that’s it, it’s gone. I currently have about 60 polished natural Citrine Points here, only ( only?) about 18 listed. Probably the largest inventory of natural Citrine in the U.S. I believe it is a part of my Spiritual calling to be a channel for them, to get them, and all of the Stone People, to their destiny. So, we’ll see who wants to come home with us, besides the huge ones. I will keep everyone posted.

October 11 Gem and Mineral Show

We just returned from another amazing Gem and Mineral Show. I had some special items people were looking for, and am happy to say I found them. Along with those, I came home with another packed to the gills truck full of goodies. Over the next week I will be listing Ametrine Points from Brazil, ( we love Ametrine!), beautiful Lithium Phantom Quartz, Uruguayan Amethyst Druse Hearts, ( very dark purple), more natural Citrines, new Baltic Amber Pendants in Fine Sterling Silver, Rhodonite Pendants, a Baltic Amber and Sterling Cuff bracelet, new Star Rose Quartz Spheres, so, so much more. A large Quartz Point filled with rods of green Epidote. Wow. I bought more purple Stichtite from S. Africa, we all love that. So keep checking the New Arrivals pages. Time for some much needed rest. Good night, all.