Welcome to our showcase of Natural Citrine
Natural Citrine is very rare. It is a pale golden color, and balances all seven Chakras. It does not absorb negative energy, so it never needs to be cleared. That is not the case with almost any other stone. ( For those that are curious, Amethyst has Iron ( Fe ) in it’s Crystal lattice structure, as Fe2 and Fe4. Citrine has Iron, as well, as Fe3. You can heat Amethyst all you want, and turn it orange, but you still don’t have Fe3. ) .

Natural Citrine vibrates to the Sun. In my opinion, this is the premier stone of our time to strengthen the Solar Plexus Chakra. Natural Citrine’s beautiful golden light warms the entire being, infusing us with energy, light, confidence and joy. It helps heal old family of origin wounds, shame, lack of confidence, and self-judgement. Natural Citrine never needs to be cleansed, one of the few stones that doesn’t. It’s like having a solid piece of sunlight in your home, radiating its golden glow out to all who enter your space. Fabulous. Avoid being taken in by the Heat-Treated Amethyst on the market sold as Citrine. See my FAQs to determine the difference. has the largest collection of Natural Citrines out there. Currently, we have 60 pieces in our inventory, although not all are listed here. These Crystals are from a 1992 privately held collection from Brazilian mines that have been closed for many years.  I have been told that we are coming close to the end of that collection, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. This is the real thing, not that awful heat-treated Amethyst that gets passed off as Citrine to unsuspecting buyers

Again, these mines are closed. And remember, the prices for these museum quality specimens are from 1992.