The Restaurant Business And Civility

Some of you may know that I used to be a restaurant owner. My ex and I owned two high-end successful restaurants, one French, one Italian. Given the firestorm on social media about Sarah Sanders being asked to leave a restaurant, I’d like to dispel some erroneous preconceptions about owners asking customers to leave. This happens more frequently than one might think. None of those reasons are uncivil.

1. If a person is intoxicated, and becomes disruptive, they may be asked to leave. This is not uncivil or discriminatory. 2. A person is rude or abusive to the wait staff. They will be asked to leave. 3. A couple arguing loudly at their table, where one throws a drink in the face of their partner, will be asked to leave. 4. Unruly children running around the room unchecked by their parents, creating a disturbance for other diners, the parents will be asked to leave. 5. Diners approaching celebrities and bothering them will be asked to leave. 6. People making racist or bigoted comments to their servers or other customers will be asked to leave.

None of this is uncivil or unfair. The owner has a responsibility to provide a harmonious and safe environment for their staff and customers. Having a customer walk in who has a public history of persecution of LGBT people, and hides behind her religion or her profession, and feels entitled to shame others, should not expect those individuals to feel comfortable serving her. If my servers expressed discomfort with a customer, I would ask that customer to leave, which is what happened here. In my experience, any responsible owner would shield their staff from someone persecuting them, whether in person or in a public forum. Period. Narcissists need to understand that there are consequences for their behaviors. Being asked to leave is one of them. Hope this helps. Blessings, Judith