The Monthly Forecast For October

October is the time of harvest, reaping the rewards of our efforts. Fall is the Metal Element in Chinese medicine 5 Element theory, justice, fairness, and the truth. This month starts out with some lovely aspects, and quickly accelerates into some very powerful planetary positions. Let’s look at them.

On 10/3 the Moon in mystical Pisces conjuncts Neptune, the planet of Divine Love. This enhances intuition, and opens the heart. At the same time, the Moon is sextiling Pluto, the alchemist, forming a bridge between the levels of the subconscious and super conscious minds. This is powerful for transmutation. Venus lends support, forming a Trine to Pluto at the same time, reminding us that love is always the answer.

The Full Moon on 10/5 is called the Harvest Moon. The Sun in Libra opposes the Moon in passionate Aries, posing the question: What are we passionate about in our lives, and how do we find balance? 10/6 reminds us not to overdo, to practice self care, with the Moon in Aries Trine to Saturn in Sagittarius, while conjuncting Uranus in Aries. Saturn is about wisdom, patience, and discipline, and Uranus is about freedom, liberation, and new beginnings. This is a great combination of these planets in Fire signs. ( Sagittarius and Aries). It speaks of elevation of consciousness, with the patience and trust needed for new endeavors.

10/10 is powerful. The Moon in Gemini Trines the Libra Sun/Mercury conjunction, strengthening communications. Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, moves into intense Scorpio in the evening, while the Moon moves into Cancer, about 11:30 PM Eastern time, and Trines it. Perfect for intention work. The Moon makes 7 different aspects on the 10th, so it is sure to be an interesting day.

The New Moon on the 19th is a powerful one, with both the Sun and Moon conjunct in Libra, both in opposition to Uranus in Aries. For me, this represents an internal conflict between maintaining control ( The Metal Element/Libra), and attempting to break free into something new, ( Fire Element/ Uranus in Aries). The Fire Element is always about spontaneity, while the Metal Element is about structure and control. Integrating these two should prove interesting. My suggestion? Always follow your heart. ( Fire).

The Moon in Scorpio on the 20th is lovely, conjunct to Jupiter and Mercury, and trining Neptune. Faith and optimism are the order of the day. The Sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd, ushering in the energy of the Eagle and the Snake, alchemy through ascending. The 25th underscores that, with lovely aspects to the Sun, Jupiter, and Neptune. The 30th is fabulous, with the Moon in Pisces conjunct to Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, trining both the Sun and Jupiter. This is the energy of the Water Element in Chinese medicine, infinite possibilities, faith, and trust. This reminds us that is a magical universe, and that anything is possible.

May this month bring you all of the joy and beauty your heart can hold. Blessings, Judith