Spectacular New Arrivals

l am still listing the amazing new arrivals from a few weeks ago. I’m blown away by the raspberry Amethyst, Amethyst with raspberry Druze growing on top of the Amethyst, which looks like it’s covered in crushed pomegranates and berries. It’s stunning. The big Heart is over 20 lbs. The big clear Quartz Clusters are fabulous, with crazy rainbows.

The Fluorite Sphere is as intense of a green as it gets, completely translucent. Wow. The Tibetan Quartz Point is over 8” long, also with beautiful rainbows.

The Rhodonite Sphere is the best quality Rhodonite I have seen, glossy and beautiful. In Chinese medicine, Rhodonite connects the Kidneys and the Heart, a Master Healer.

There are so many more phenomenal stones to list, but these are up. Finally. Yay!