Boobs To The Rescue

That’s an odd title, I know. We have a 2 1/2 year old toddler living with us, Miss Vivian, and sometimes when she’s not feeling well, she gets fussy. Being a clairvoyant Empath really helps during times like that, because I can FEEL her emotions washing through me, the irritability, the discomfort, the anxiety and distress. I can feel it from anywhere in the house. It feels completely different from a tantrum. When that happens, all I need to do is pick her up, and she melts into me, her head on my breasts. She closes her eyes, and just breathes with me. I rock her a little, hum to her, and she calms right down. Her dad and Opa, ( her grandfather, my husband ) try, they love her. But sometimes, it’s the boobs. They work every time. Let’s hear it for the boobs.


There are many things in life I try to avoid. Like spiders. I really try to avoid spiders whenever possible. I try to avoid poison ivy, vegetables, exercise, housework, and Candy Crush Saga game requests. So, I get avoidance. To a point. Here’s what I don’t get: people who avoid facts. How is it, in this age of readily available scientific information, that people still question climate change? Or that racism still exists? Or that misogyny is real? How is that possible? I’ve noticed that this extreme tendency of radical avoidance tends to be pronounced in certain groups of people. People who tend to be male, and white, and Christian. Let’s call this group Republicans. I’ve never encountered a group of people more allergic to facts than they are. It’s actually fairly impressive. You have to wonder if they train for this. If there are classes in reality avoidance, truth avoidance, or facts avoidance.

In any case, I have added Republicans to my list of things to avoid. They are way up there, at this point. Probably second after spiders, and just ahead of kale and rice cakes. And after seeing today’s video of that doctor getting dragged off of a United Airlines flight because he refused to ” volunteer ” to relinquish his paid seat because United had overbooked the flight, and they wanted to put four employees in the paid ticket holder seats, I’m avoiding United. It’s gotten so bad lately, I’m wondering if there’s an outbreak of asshole-itis going around.

I see that the New York Times has won three Pulitzer Prizes for their reporting. Huh. The body that awards Pulitzers must not be aware of the whole ” fake news” thing that the current ( temporarily) occupant of the White House rages about. Oh, well. That’s to be expected, given that sometimes the Times uses words of more than two syllables in their articles. Sad.

I wish facts weren’t so scary to some people. Maybe if we dressed them up, or camouflaged them as bibles or fetuses, ┬áit would help. Or not. Not holding my breath on that one.



A Few New Things

I have a few new things from Fridays Gem and Mineral show. I was so happy that the dealer from Brazil was back again, that had the black Morion Smokey Quartz points with golden Citrine in the center. He had a gorgeous 10 lb one, which I bought. It is stunning. Smokey Quartz is so healing for Empaths, it is a must have for us. I also bought a 6 lb natural Citrine point, full of rainbows, a 4″ Smokey Quartz Sphere that is Water clear, and 2 clear Quartz Spheres, one is 3.5″, the other is 4″. Wow. I will begin listing them over the next few days. Check my website for new arrivals.