July Monthly Forecast

July starts off with some lovely aspects. The Moon in Scorpio on 7/3 forms a Grand Trine aspect, trining the Sun in nurturing Cancer and Neptune in sensitive Pisces. This is wonderful for setting intentions, as well as for dreaming big. The next powerful day is the Full Moon on 7/9. Hold on to your hats… This is another intense Full Moon. We have the Sun at 17 degrees of Cancer opposing the Moon AND Pluto at 17 degrees of Capricorn. Alchemy squared. Adding to that is radical Uranus in Aries squaring all of them, later in the day. There is a desire here for freedom at any cost, purging, transition, and change. July could bring big decisions for people, both personally and as part of a group.

A week later, on 7/16, we have another intense day, with the Moon in fiery Aries, this time conjunct to Uranus, which inclines to sudden unexpected developments, and more of a willingness to move forward. The Moon trines Saturn, the planet of wisdom, patience, and discipline. Good. We’ll need it. Because it squares the Sun, Mars, and Pluto at the same time. It’s as if what gets started on 7/9 gains further momentum on 7/16. Wow. Breathe. Slow down. No matter what the world is doing, we can find serenity within ourselves. Don’t engage. Observe.

7/18 is peaceful and beautiful, with Neptune, Pluto, the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter all making positive aspects, bringing a feeling of faith, hope, optimism, and love to uplift us.

The New Moon in Leo on the 23rd is also hopeful and optimistic.

July looks like a month of choices and decisions. It’s apt that July symbolizes summer, fireworks, picnics, independence, and freedom. It appears that fireworks will be the theme of the month. Watch for bombshell revelations in the news. We as a country are good at getting rid of dictators, and freeing ourselves from persecution and oppression. That’s more true than ever now.

This is a month of shedding things that don’t grow our souls, people, places, and things, as they say in AA. Embrace the changes. I have a sign that says ” Change is inevitable. Struggle is an option”. Cancer is a Water sign. In Chinese medicine 5 Element theory, the Water Element is about faith and trust. The limitless opportunities of the Void. Be Water. Go with the flow. Have a beautiful month.

Carry On

I have always been deeply inspired and moved by music. Music is like oxygen for my soul. Lately, I’ve reached for songs that are reminders of spiritual truths for me, that no matter what has happened to us, we’re still here, still kind, still compassionate. Still love. Nothing that has ever been done to us has diminished our light, our beauty, our soul. I was listening to my iPod yesterday, and one of my favorite songs came on, Carry On, by Fun. It’s really the perfect anthem for where we find ourselves right now, especially for those of us who are not from here, who are Empaths, emissaries of light from the 5th dimension. Some of the lyrics are: ” If you’re lost and alone, or you’re sinking like a stone, carry on.   May your past be the sound of your feet upon the ground, carry on.   Carry on, carry on.   ‘Cause here we are, We are shining stars, We are invincible, We are who we are. On our darkest day, when we’re miles away, the Sun will come. We will find our way home.  If you’re lost and alone, or you’re sinking like a stone, Carry on. May your past be the sound of your feet upon the ground, Carry on.  No one’s ever, no one’s ever gonna stop, no one’s ever gonna stop us now. Carry on, carry on.”

When I think about the things many of us have survived, I am flooded with love for all of us. We are amazing. We are the warriors of the light. I love that part of the song, ” May your past be the sound of your feet upon the ground, carry on.” We kept going. We never quit. What does that tell you about who you are? About who you have always been? We ARE shining stars. We ARE invincible. Even when we get tired, we’re still invincible. Remember that.

Don’t get bogged down with  the negativity of others. That’s their journey, their Karma, their lessons, not ours. We’re on this journey together, an army of light workers, millions strong, joined by love. Stay strong. Do whatever it takes to remind yourself of the truth of who you are. If music uplifts you, go to YouTube and find this song. Turn it up. Blast it. Sing along with it. And CARRY ON! Sending love, Judith

The Smokeys





We all know that I am absolutely in love with Smokey Quartz. Yes, I love clear Quartz, too, but for very different reasons. Clear Quartz is the most powerful amplifier of intention and energy that there is. It is the solid embodiment of the Light. All of my major demonstrations in my life have come from working with my big Dow Quartz Point. It shoots a column of white light straight up into the ethers into the Causal Plane. It’s been with me for 20 years, a true soul mate Crystal.

Smokey Quartz is very different. It doesn’t amplify light, it diffuses and refracts it. Scientists have studied it, and have come to the conclusion that it is the radiation it has absorbed from the earth over millions of years, that causes this phenomenon. Merlin has called Smokey Quartz the Empath of the mineral kingdom. As Empaths, we are the human embodiment of Smokey Quartz. We feel what other living things feel, within our own bodies. We then allow those feelings to flow through us and out. Or we should. Sometimes we hold onto them, out of compassion . Uh oh. Not good. Smokey Quartz teaches us how to release energy, how to refract and diffuse it. It has no peer in this regard. It gently supports us as it does that. It also has a high Lithium content, which is calming and soothing.

I have been working on listing the new arrivals. Here are a few of the bigger ones. They are all gorgeous. Some of the larger ones are Dow Crystals, the same goes for the larger clear Quartz Points I listed last week. Some have inclusions of creamy Lithium, some have Hematite inclusions, some have inclusions of dark green Chlorite. ( Chlorite is said to be the best healer for reversing mutating cell growth.) All of these are now up on my website. I know, finally. More to come.  Enjoy the photos. Blessings, Judith