Walking With Power

imageI have taught before about embracing our Power, but it seems like a good time to revisit the topic. From a Shamanic perspective, we all have our own unique types of Power. Magic. There are so many types of Power. The power of empathy. The power of compassion. The power of love. The power of truth. The power of justice. Part of growing spiritually is the path of self-reflection, coming to understand who you are. Embracing who you are, no matter what the culture thinks about it.

I have always known who I am. Being born a Psychic probably helped with that. I have always been comfortable in my own skin, accepting my warrior spirit. My Magic swirls around me and through me like Sacred Smoke. It pulses out from my Aura like an Aurora Borealis, visible to other Shamans and Psychics, and felt by most people as a kind of force field. It makes some people uncomfortable. Afraid. Some read it as anger. It isn’t. I can’t think of a time in this incarnation that I raised my voice at anyone. Or needed to. If the situation warrants it, I release some of my power through either my eyes or my voice, an energetic shift that is understood immediately. Interestingly, neither children or animals are ever afraid of me. They seem fascinated, drawn to an authentic expression of energy.

I have always said that you can’t teach what you don’t know. Embracing personal power is easy for me to teach, because I have always embraced my own. I love empowering people. I love the whole concept of empowerment. Empowerment is our Souls birthright. Accepting and loving who we are is, as well. But western culture is often a critical and shaming culture. Especially for women. And even more so for women of power, women with a wild magic, a capacity to be guardians of truth and justice. The culture likes passive women. So empowered women are a threat.

Look at some of the labels applied to empowered women. Bitch. Tough. Masculine. Wow. It is a choice to live from an empowered place within the self. Refusing to abandon what is authentic inside of you takes enormous courage. Letting go of what other people think of you takes enormous courage, too. Ask yourself why someone else’s opinions about you matter. Who is the expert on who you really are, if not you? What do they know about living an authentic life? Anything?

I have very little patience with people trying to convert me or convince me that their ideology is the right one. The best one for me. I see no evidence that the ones shouting the loudest at all of us about how we should live our lives are in touch with anything real. Anything Magical. Anything Divine. So their voices mean nothing to me.

I walk with Power. I walk with Magic. I embrace the gifts that I was given by Spirit That Moves Through All Things. I have never feared or rejected those gifts, and I teach others to do the same. By accepting all that you are, and loving all that you are, you open the way to love, abundance, and peace. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. Especially yourself.

Blessings, Judith

** Art by Charles Frizzell **

Hey, Soul Sister

I have been more than blessed in this lifetime by amazing women friends, real Soul Sisters. When I first heard that song, Hey, Soul Sister, by Train, I smiled. The women who have journeyed with me over decades are women of great honor and integrity, honesty, and heart. We have mirrored for each other in a Sacred way, held a space for each other to change and grow. We have laughed and cried together, born witness to the changes in life circumstances. I will be forever grateful to one of my sisters that supported me through the experience of chemo for one of my daughters, which lasted for 5 months. Having her there with me numerous times, extending her love, was so powerful. Today my heart is full, as I send gratitude and love to the women in my life who have loved me, been there for me unconditionally, and let me lean on them when I needed to. No matter how strong and fierce we are, there are times we need to lean on each other, draw strength from each other.

To the Soul Sister that needed to move away, to return to her home in another country, know that I will never forget you, I will love you always, for your great heart, your sense of humor, and for you being the incredible healer that you are. I hope you have found peace. And thanks for sending me the Train song to begin with.

To the Soul Sisters in my life, old ones and new ones, I love you all. Thank you doesn’t even come close. You guys rock.

Blessings, Jude

Under the Weather

Sorry I have been absent for a few weeks, between working and picking up an upper respiratory bug at a family wedding last week, I have been down for the count. I did manage to write my April Teaching of the Month, which will be up on the 1st of the month, as usual. I’ll be back soon. Blessings to all, Judith