Mountain Medicine

The Medicine of the Mountains is so powerful. Every living thing has it’s own unique energy, or, in Native culture, it’s “Medicine”. Mountains each have their own personalities. I live in the Catskill Mountains, in NY State. Very old, very powerful. The Taoists say that Mountains carry the essence of Dragons. That they are, in fact, Dragons. A Lakota Holy Man once said that if you try to climb certain Mountains without respect, that the Mountain could crush a person. He was being asked about Denali, the great one, in Alaska. When we think of the very dangerous mountains, we think of Everest and Denali. They are Master Teachers.

One of my friends went to Africa, and climbed Kilamenjaro. This Elder had prepared her before hand regarding her attitude on approaching the Mountain. To approach with humility and respect, and to climb only as high as the Mountain allowed her to climb. That she should listen to the Mountain, and stop as soon as the Mountain told her to stop. That to ignore the Mountain would be foolish. She twisted her ankle not far from the summit, and heeded his words, rather than pressing on. She asked the Mountain to aid her in her descent, which it did. She found the entire experience to be life-altering.

If the Mountains are your own personal Medicine, you will know. You will be drawn to photos of them, or dreams of them. The Mountains choose people. It’s not the other way around. If a Mountain has chosen you, it then offers it’s strength, it’s power, it’s capacity to endure, to you. They are one of the most powerful healing forces on the Planet.

Someday I would love to see Denali. I feel Denali in my heart. When I think of it I send it love and light. It is, to me, the fiercest Teacher on the Planet. I believe it knows me. I would love to just sit at the base of it and meditate with it. Connect with it, if it would allow that. I have heard that Denali cloaks itself in fog and mist, when it does not wish to be seen. I respect that.

So, if a Mountain has chosen you, you are blessed. Accept that honor, and join your heart to it’s heart. Let it whisper it’s ancient teachings to you. It will change your life. Blessings, Judith

Going Shopping

We’re going on Friday to our first Gem and Mineral show of the year. Woo Hoo! I have it on good authority that there will be more Natural Citrines from Brazil waiting for me. I am also planning on getting more clear Quartz Spheres, I can never have too many of those. I will try and list the new inventory as soon as I can. I am such a hopeless Rock Slut.

Magical Quartz

imageI have been asked over the years to explain the differences in the many different shapes of Quartz crystals. Some Quartz comes out of the ground with certain shapes or markings, while other Quartz specimens have been cut and polished by man into a particular shape. Spheres and Generator crystals are a good example of this. Obviously, Quartz does not grow in a sphere shape. It also doesn’t grow in a perfect six-sided point with six exactly equal faces on the top, all six triangular faces the same. Over my entire lifetime of working with the Stone People, I have never seen a Generator Crystal that was natural, and that’s fine. As I said, Crystal Balls aren’t natural, either, and they are VERY powerful. Let’s look at the types of points that DO occur both naturally, and as cut and polished specimens.

The Dow Crystal: Named after the Crystal pioneer Jane Ann Dow, a Dow Crystal, in my opinion, is one of the most powerful Crystals we can work with. A six-sided Crystal, the faces at the top form a Sacred geometry of three seven-sided faces, and three 3-sided faces which alternate in the famous 3-7-3-7-3-7 pattern. These do occur naturally, as well as being cut and polished into that shape. A Dow Crystal is both a Transmitter Crystal, and a Channeling Crystal, combined. It is a broadcasting Crystal, as well as a receiving Crystal, which makes it ideal for both intention work and meditation.

The Cathedral Crystal: Sometimes called Lightbraries, Cathedral Crystals look like a Quartz lotus, or an artichoke. Point upon point layer on top of each other to come to a common termination at the tip. The points do not spray out away from the body, as they do in a Cluster. Cathedrals are storehouses of information. Very powerful.

The Isis Face Crystal: An Isis Crystal is a Crystal with six sides, where one of the faces has five sides that form it. An Isis Crystal has a strong resonance to the Divine Feminine.

The Transmitter Crystal: A Transmitter Crystal has 2 seven sided faces on either side of a 3 sided Triangular face. These Master Teachers continually transmit one’s intentions out into the Universe. Again, found growing in nature like this or cut and polished.

The Generator Crystal: A Generator is always man-made. It is a six-sided Crystal with 6 exactly equal triangular faces at the top. Nothing in nature grows like that, with the same exactitude of each of the six faces. It has been cut and polished into this shape. Since all clear Quartz is highly programmable, many people use Generators in a grid, or for intention work. I prefer to use a Dow Crystal or a Transmitter Crystal in a grid, they just have more power. Some books represent Generator Crystals as being extremely rare. They aren’t, since they are hand cut and polished. If you look at Quartz Clusters, where numerous points grow out of a common matrix, all different, you will see Transmitters, Dows, Channeling, Isis face,all natural. In my entire life I have never once seen a point with 6 exactly perfect, exactly the SAME triangles at the top. The easiest way to tell if a point has been cut and polished are the edges. Natural Quartz points are quite sharp. You need to be careful moving a Cluster, you can cut yourself easily on those natural points. Points that have been cut are duller. No sharp edges. I wish Crystal books would be more honest, more clear, in writing about these things.

The Channeling Crystal: Channeling Crystals open us up to Guides and Teachers, and our Higher Selves. It has a seven-sided face in the front, with a three-sided triangular face directly behind it.

Quartz Clusters: Quartz Clusters are a number of individual points joined at the base. They teach us about living in community, harmony, and Cooperation. They are self-cleansing, so they never need to be cleared. You can use them to clear other stones, as well. Just sit the stone on the Cluster and leave it there until it regains it’s sparkle.

The Laser Wand: Laser Wands are clear Quartz that has a wider end that tapers down to a point at the end. They tend to be somewhat rough. They conduct energy down to the tip, and are most usually used by healers for psychic surgery. These are Master Healers, and are completely natural. They are not cut or polished. That would greatly diminish their power.

The Record Keepers: Also completely natural, a Crystal with Record Keepers has an etched or raised triangle on the body of it, which contains specific teachings for the individual it chooses. The triangle points up.

The Trigonics Crystal: A Crystal with Trigonics has triangles like the Record Keeper, but they point down. Trigonics are wonderful for transitions of all kinds. They dismantle energy systems we no longer need, either emotionally or physically.

These are just a few of the types of Quartz I get asked about the most frequently. Every Crystal Healer and teacher has their own wisdom and life experiences to draw from. Some may agree with me, some may not. Take what speaks to your heart and discard what doesn’t. Remember that all Stones are sentient beings, powerful in their own right. Whether they are cut and polished into a Sphere, a Point, a Generator, matters not at all to them. They carry great wisdom, grace, and power. May you find the allies that will journey through your life with you, helping you manifest all of the joy, abundance, love, and beauty you deserve. Blessings, Judith