March Teaching of the Month

My March Teaching of the Month is up on my website. The topic I chose for this month is Self Love, something I think we all could use help with. It’s written from the perspective of Chinese Medicine Five Element Theory. I hope everyone enjoys it. The Stone I chose to accompany it is Clear Quartz.
Blessings, Judith

Living From Magic

We are a part of a magical Universe, flowing through each of us like a river. I live my life consciously connected to it. It is alive, sentient in ways the mind cannot appreciate or fathom. It glows like sunlight, in every cell of our bodies, and every living thing. Always available, always accessible. Waiting. Listening. Offering. Offering love, joy, beauty, answers.

Part of my path as a Shaman is to help people to become aware and connected to their own wisdom, their own inner guidance. Teaching people how to do affirmations and intention work has always been a part of that. One of the tools I use is crafting an invocation to suit the individual. Something that speaks to them on a Soul level. It occurred to me that I could share some of them here, so people could get an idea of how to connect in this way. I generally call upon the Elementals, and Earth Mother. That helps me to feel my connection to All That Is. I’ll begin with this one.

“I summon the powers of Air and Fire,
To heal me now and take me higher.
I summon the powers of Earth and Water,
Who love and heal me as their daughter.
No longer alone, no longer apart, the Universe now fills my Heart.
Peace of mind and peace of Soul,
Joy and Love are now my goal.
By the Power of the Moon and the power of the Sea
From pain and sorrow I am set free.
By the power of the Stars and the power of the Sun,
With this prayer this work is done.”

May this prayer bring healing and peace to all. We are never alone. The Universe resides within each of us. Eternal. Divine. Waiting. Remember who you are. Blessings, Judith Star-Medicine

Shelter From the Storm

imageI have a friend going through a tough time right now. Her husband is an alcoholic, and she’s pretty worn down. She’s in a lot of pain, and apologizing to her friends for sharing that pain. Here’s what I said, and it occurred to me that someone else might need to be reminded of it. In each of our lives there are storms. Pain. Sadness. Loss. It’s a part of life. As I was thinking about what words of comfort I could offer my friend, Bob Dylan’s song “Shelter From the Storm” came to me. We can’t protect each other from life. Each of us has our own road, our own lessons. People we love will pass over. Beloved pets, as well. Life offers us both the bitter and the sweet. What matters the most to me is compassion. Being a safe haven for the people I love, in that dark moment, just as others have been that safe haven for me.

The lyrics to the song are so beautiful, as Dylan’s lyrics often are. “Come in, she said. I’ll give you shelter from the storm.” May we each find shelter when we need it most. And may we be generous in our hearts whenever we see that shelter is needed by someone else. Sometimes, all it takes is being a good listener, a Sacred Witness to someone’s process. Shelter doesn’t mean we “fix it” for someone. We can’t.

Shelter is always found in the Heart. The Heart is the Fire Element in Chinese Medicine. Compassion. Inspiration. Love. What better Element to offer someone coming in from the cold and dark, than a warm place to rest for a bit?

My path of Heart is to be a living Lighthouse for all who need one. We can all be that beacon of light. Of kindness. Compassion. And offer shelter from the storm. I give thanks to those that have been that for me.

Blessings, Judith Star-Medicine