Guilt, Shame, And The New Age Movement

Art by Charles Frizzell

Art by Charles Frizzell

I’ve said before that I have never been a part of the New Age Movement. That is true for many reasons, but mainly it is because I’m a Shaman, a Wizard, a Sorceress, a Mystic, a Mage. I was born this way, have been this for many incarnations. I am one with the Elements, the Void, the Stars. New Age beliefs have a polarity to them that Classical Shamanism does not have. The most basic difference is the belief that the Shadows existing in each of us are dark, or bad, existing separate from the Light, that the Shadow Self is flawed in some way, that it should be rejected, reformed, restrained. Converted. There is no such belief in any Indiginous Culture. We see the Shadow Self as a Sacred Ally, meant to be fully integrated with love and compassion. We have tools to achieve this integration, the Journey is one of them. What we do not have, however, is judgement.

It was brought to my attention recently by a client that she felt that my presentation of material during a session wasn’t coming from “Light” because I was addressing a core wound. That I wasn’t practicing New Age values by addressing said wound. That I had “scolded” her during her session. I always want to be open to growth and change, so I took some time to reflect on her viewpoints. I was actually pretty clear about the scolding comment. I had done strong boundary work with her by refusing to “scan” an adult family member living away from home. Some people really dislike being told no, and refuse to accept it. She tried three times to override my refusal to “read ” an adult without their full consent and permission. Many in New Age believe it is okay to do this. I have never understood that. Given that the Creator has endowed each of us with Free Will, an invasion of someone’s privacy is akin to psychic rape, a trespass against them. The Karmic consequences of such an action would be severe. Her interpretation of my refusal, and my explanation for it, was that I was scolding her. The entitlement issues with this individual were stunning. Which brings me to my next point about New Age people. If you language things to yourself as being for someone’s “highest good”, you can pretty much legalize your attempts to control them, change them, save them, convert them. Wow. That is no different from the beliefs of fundamentalist cults. No Native Elder that I have ever met would consider doing such a thing. They have too much respect for the Soul.

Oriah Mountain Dreamer, who I greatly respect, recently talked about the fundamentalist thinking that often attaches itself to New Age beliefs. I couldn’t agree more. The same radical judgements, the guilt, the shaming. A kind of cult-like thinking pervades much of it. The entitlement. The moral superiority. I have no patience with any of it. It is incredibly narcissistic.

Each of us comes to the Planet with Soul patterns that need to be transformed. Transformation and Transmutation lie at the heart of Shamanism. Classical Shamanism is about Alchemy. Magic. Bringing the wounds within, old traumas, up to full consciousness and awareness, so that we can be free of them. (This is very different from Neoshamanism, a New Age construct. ) These Root Chakra issues are the very issues many New Agers seek to avoid. They spend hours in meditation, blissing out, only to return to the body and the old pain with no transformation. These people deny the value of 12-Step Recovery work, and other forms of healing that don’t conform to their belief system. And they don’t heal, but feel free to judge the paths of others. No different than fundamentalist Christians, in my experience.

Telling me that I am not living according to New Age values is probably the greatest compliment anyone could pay me. And just for the record, I will never use my Psychic gifts to scan, spy on, snoop, or read any adult without their express permission. I never have and never will, even though I have been approached numerous times by “concerned” family members to do so. If by New Age values you mean having no boundaries, a sense of narcissistic entitlement cloaked as love, then no, I guess I don’t have any.

Finally, real Shamans do not see a wound or Shadow part of the self as “dark”, something to be judged or to avoid addressing. We welcome the opportunity to heal it. By looking at it. By becoming one with it, including ┬áthe circumstances through which it came into being. We live from inclusiveness, not polarity. Polarity is the seat of judgement and self-rejection. It can have no place in a Healers world. In my world. For some, evidently, this path is frightening. I personally don’t understand that, other than to say that for some, the Truth is frightening. And I accept that. I prefer that those Souls find their good elsewhere. The Path of the Shaman and the Mystic is not for them.
Blessings, Judith

The Crystal Cave

imageI had some new people here today, seeing this place for the first time. Walking into a subterranean home is one thing, but one with 35 tons of rocks embedded in the ceiling is quite something else.They seemed stunned. The sheer power of the Stones is remarkable. Some Native traditions use a Kiva, or cave, for spiritual retreats. The entire main level has huge boulders overhead. 35 tons of Calcite, in fact.

I have begun to wonder if the house has it’s own agenda, it’s own direction that it is including me in. When we bought this place 8 years ago, I had never considered being in the Crystal business. Yes, I have always loved them and used them in my work. And, yes, I had a huge personal collection of Stones for my own Spiritual journey. But selling them? Never occurred to me. Until this place. It was love at first sight for me when we walked in with our realtor. Even though it needed a lot of work, I didn’t care. I knew I was home. And I think that the Stones recognized me as part of the Crystal family. My life began to change from the time we moved in.

I have always been a hermit. A recluse. I love humanity, and have an international practice, but at the end of the day, I need the peace and serenity of my home in the woods. Living surrounded by Earth Mother works for me. There are times I don’t leave the house for days on end. Usually my husband will drag me out, and that’s fun. But walking back in is the best. I love it.

So somehow, I’m not really sure how it happened, this house began whispering to me that people need rocks. That we should bring the magic of the Stone People out into the world. That it’s time. And somehow, the most amazing Stone people were throwing themselves at me. The most unusual, the most beautiful, and certainly the most powerful. And out of all of that, my website was born. Wow.

Today there were people here filming my space, my office, the Stones, to present to a production company for a new kind of spiritual reality show, hosted by a well known actress who is a very highly evolved Soul. Who knows where it will go. All I know is that the house was smiling, as the photographers were setting up the lighting, and filming the Stones everywhere.

This place is alive. I am the Guardian. I’m curious to see where it wants to take all of us. Hey, it’s been right so far. So, let’s enjoy the ride and see where we end up. I’ll keep you posted. Blessings, Judith

A Time of Transition

According to my Guides, this summer is going to be a time of great change, activity, and transitions. As Lightworkers and Healers, we are called upon during this time of accelerated growth for the Race Mind to be ready for what is coming. I have been informed that the next 3 months are highly unusual. Very high vibe Souls coming in, and many Souls transitioning out. A very powerful time. Almost unlimited opportunities for growth and change, while those who have refused the invitation for that growth will be moved along by their Higher Selves.

Guides were very clear about the intensity of this time. A cleansing. A purge. Let’s work with it, releasing whatever doesn’t serve us: People, places, and things, as they say in recovery. Earth Mother is aware, and awake. A shift is coming. A great increase in Light. As more information is provided to me I will share it here. The energy behind this shift is enormous. I think many of us are feeling it. Stay focused. Blessings, Judith