The Things That Keep Me Humble

imageThere are so many things that keep my Ego in check. That keep me humble. Doors, for instance. I freely admit I have been door-challenged for most of my life. In fact, if we are ever in a public building and the fire alarm goes off, you don’t want me to be the one leading the charge to the exit. Because there’s going to be a door. Now, I’m pretty proficient with a door with an old-fashioned knob. I mean, how hard are those, right? What I have problems with are any other kind of doors. Smooth doors where you have to figure out where, exactly, to push. I always go to the side with the hinges, and push there. My husband says there must be a magnet inside of me for hinges. Years ago, at a class in NYC, a group of us, including my daughter Natalie, were breaking for lunch. Because there was food involved, I was at the head of the line filing up the stairs to head for the door. I got there first. I couldn’t open it. After a couple of minutes I hear my daughters voice saying “What’s the hold up? Who’s in front? Oh, my God, is that Jude? You know she can’t do doors!” Seriously. I can’t. I push when I should pull, pull when I should push, and don’t even get me started on revolving doors. Who in God’s name invented THOSE? The first one I ever saw confounded me. I was with a friend, and he, being a gentlemen, went first. I lunged in after him, and he was so startled that we both ricocheted around in that little wedge of a space, and tumbled out the other side. Those things are dangerous.

One of the other things that keeps me humble is that I have no sense of direction. None. My OnStar advisor knows me by my first name. I can get lost a block from my house. Ironic, that I can navigate the Void with complete mastery, but put me back in my body and I have no idea where I am. So annoying. My husband says that a good rule of thumb for me, when I get to an intersection, is to turn in the opposite direction of whichever way I think I should. That could work.

Cooking is another thing that keeps me humble. I can’t. Unless you count setting things on fire. I can actually DO that.

Over the years people have praised my psychic abilities, the detailed information I can access from unlimited sources. But even there, the Universe keeps my Ego construct in check. One time, I was doing a reading for a new client, who, as I was shuffling the Tarot Cards, was telling me all about what he had heard about me, and what a genius I was. Unfortunately, after laying the cards out, I tried to straighten up. I couldn’t. Something seemed to be holding me down, in that bent-over position. I tried to unobtrusively free myself, but couldn’t. I had to interrupt him in mid-genius statement and ask for help. I told him I couldn’t seem to straighten up. He looked stunned. He then looked down at the floor, and very quietly said “You’ve rolled over your dress”. Uh huh. The look on his face as I wheeled my chair off of my dress was priceless. Genius?

I love these moments, I really do. Because they make me laugh. I love myself, and that gives me the grace and security to laugh at myself, and all of my quirks, idiosyncrasies, and eccentricities. I hope reading this made you laugh. Laughter is healing. Blessings, Judith

Happy Mothers Day

imageTo every woman who nurtures others, whether that be children, pets, friends, relatives, I wish you a very joyful Mothers Day. To me, being a mother is so much more than having a biological child. That is just one manifestation of it. There are those that can conceive, but have no idea how to nurture. Then there are those who cannot conceive, but were born to nurture. I have three amazing daughters, all non-biological. The bond we share spans lifetimes. I have always accepted Reincarnation as a truth, and have a deep sense of Soul recognition with my girls. Why limit ourselves by the minds understanding of life? Of the Universe? Rather, celebrate that Love is eternal, that we find each other over and over again, in magical ways.

For many of us, our pets are our family members, as well. We feel deep love for them, responsibility for their well-being. We nurture them as much as we would a child. If your path has been to not give birth, that doesn’t make you less of a mother. I was asked many years ago if I regretted not being a mother. The arrogance, judgement, and insensitivity of that question stunned me. My response was: “No. I am a mother. I choose to mother the world.” So, for all of us who mother the world, who nurture all living things, who live from a sweet place of giving, caring, sheltering, and shielding all around us, may this Mothers Day be filled with laughter, love, and a moment of recognition for all you give. This post is from my heart to yours. Thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being kind, even when you’re stressed, you’re tired, or you’re cranky. Being a mother is so much more than having a uterus, and using it. Being a mother is about having a heart. And living from THAT. Take a moment to let that sink in. Blessings to mothers everywhere, Judith

Some thoughts on the New Age Movement

imageAs most of you already familiar with me know, I am a Shaman, a professional Astrologer, Wizard, and Mage. None of those things fall under the heading of “New Age”. In fact, they are all so ancient that they could be considered “Stone Aged.” I have never involved myself in the New Age movement, but instead have gone about my business, watching from the sidelines, so to speak. Over the years, I have noticed some confusion about the term itself, and what it represents. I’d like to offer some clarity, if I may. The following things do not belong under the heading of “New Age”, but have been appropriated by it.

1. Yoga. The word Yoga is an ancient Sanskrit word describing a spiritual practice used in a number of world religions. It is not new.

2. Astrology. Astrology has existed for thousands of years. Charting the movements of the Planets and Stars has been used by every culture on Earth. Not new.

3. Chakras. Another ancient Sanskrit term, the Chakra System has been taught for many hundreds of years in Asia. Not remotely new.

4. Shamanism. Shamanism is the oldest form of spirituality known to man. Practiced by Indiginous people all over the world, Shamanism sees the Divine in all living things. Ancient. The farthest thing from new.

5. Meditation. Another Asian tradition cultivating silence, and the stillness of mind, linking to inner wisdom. Not new.

6. Affirmations. Affirmations and Spiritual Mind Treatments were made popular by teachers like Emmet Fox, (1930), Florence Scovel Shinn, (1931), Thomas Troward, (1925), Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Rudolph Steiner, and many others. Nothing remotely new, obviously.

7. Vision Quests and Sweat Lodges. These are Sacred Ceremonies of Native People, including the Lakota People, which are protected from appropriation by whites by Treaty. Even with this protection, these Sacred Ceremonies HAVE been appropriated by some, who charge thousands of dollars for them, something a Native Elder would never do. One famous case resulted in the tragic deaths of 3 people in a Sweat Lodge. A lawsuit has been brought by the Lakota against the State of Arizona, the individual, and the United States government for violating that Treaty. NOT NEW.

8. Channeling. It seems like everybody and their brother is Channeling somebody these days. The practice of bringing through messages or teachings from the other side forms the basis of the Spiritualist Church, which goes all the way back to the 1800’s. There have been a number of very famous Mediums over those years, Edgar Cayce is one of the best known. Annie Bessant, from the Theosophical Society was another. Not new.

9. Crystal Healing. The Chinese have a Materia Medica dating back to the 1300’s using Stones for healing. Shamans have done so for thousands of years. Not new.

The New Age Movement has appropriated and re-branded many of these traditions under the guise of furthering the consciousness of humanity. I think what I have the biggest problem with is the hodge-podge of differing systems and beliefs, all of which have value, swirled together like a strange new ice cream flavor. Any of these individual systems requires extensive training and apprenticeship to master. Yet, everywhere we look we find people claiming to do “Chakra balancing” or “Energy clearing”, or other things, often without any licensing, certification, or the extensive training needed.

Certainly there are many, many Healers and Teachers out there today, myself included, that have decades of training in their chosen fields. Most of us do not consider ourselves to be affiliated with the New Age Movement at all. My purpose in writing this is to protect. Never give your power away to anyone. Check people’s credentials. Remember, there are fakes and frauds and con artists in every field. There are good doctors and bad doctors. Good lawyers and bad ones. The less certification or licensing required in any field, the greater the possibility of encountering someone untrained. Zeal and enthusiasm are no substitutes for solid training and study.

So, just a few things to keep in mind. The Race Mind is expanding all the time. It is an amazing time to be alive. People are more open-minded than ever. A great time to explore, question, and study. Learn. Stay safe while doing that. Blessings, Judith