Happy Mother’s Day

I am sending love to all of you that nurture, that are compassionate, that know how to love. I’m sending love to the Empaths, the Healers that mother the world. May your day be a day of beauty and joy. Most importantly, take a moment to acknowledge yourself for the love you give to all living things so effortlessly. Caring for the animals, for the planet, for humanity… Whether you are a Dragon mother, or a Kwan Yin mother, a guardian or a nurturer, or both, this is a day to acknowledge your courage and strength.

The photo is of one of my Kwan Yin statues. I love Kwan Yin, as she embodies the cosmic principle of Empathy. She has been revered around the world as the Goddess of mercy and compassion. She represents Divine Love. Kwan Yin is the feminine aspect of the Buddha. Also called the Kannon in Japan, she is known as “ She Who Hears The Cries Of The World”.

May your day bring each of you all the love and joy you deserve. Thank you for all you do.  (And to my amazing daughters, I am proud to be your Mom. I love you.)  Blessings, Judith