In Chinese Medicine, Essence is called Jing Qi, held in the Kidneys. This essence is described as an ocean, a sea of Spirit within each of us. It is the truth of what we are. We are not the body. We HAVE a body. We know we are eternal souls, on a journey of evolution, a journey of learning. The Kidneys are a part of the Water Element, they represent self-awareness, responsibility, empowerment of the self through a willingness to reflect. The Kidneys house the Void within each of us, the limitless opportunities of the mystical and the miraculous. Honoring this part of ourselves is a powerful part of our spiritual cultivation.

I love this Rumi quote “ Outer passes, Essence abides. Why kneel before some jug of clay? Let it be, start seeking water. Take the pearl, and leave the shell behind.” Our bodies are the “ jug of clay”. What we are is formless, divine. We are star seeds, we are a manifestation of All That Is. Let us not limit ourselves by our human senses, or by the mind.

We are Essence, we abide. Nothing can touch what we are. May your spiritual path remind you of this Cosmic truth. Start seeking water. Take the pearl and leave the shell behind. Blessings, Judith

*** Photo and quote from The Illuminated Rumi 2018 calendar, by Michael Green. ( I bought mine on Amazon. It’s beautiful. )