Demon Nation

Watching the news has become a harrowing experience for me. I was debating on whether or not to comment on what I’m seeing, and what it means. I decided to do a further teaching about possession, from a Taoist viewpoint, to offer some insights into what we are dealing with in America right now, and some possible protections for ourselves and our loved ones. Not talking about it doesn’t serve anyone.

Over the past 21 years of my studies of Classical Chinese medicine with a Taoist Master, the subject of possession, ghosts, and entities, as well as ancient protocols for energy clearing, exorcism, and extractions have been reviewed. It’s important to understand the difference between Classical Chinese medicine versus Traditional Chinese medicine. Classical Chinese medicine is rooted in Taoism. It is entirely spiritual, treating the trinity of body, mind, and spirit. It is the heart and soul of Chinese medicine. I had the incredible honor to study with Dr. Jeffrey Yuen, 88 generations of unbroken lineage of Taoist priests. These teachings are ancient and sacred. Traditional Chinese medicine on the other hand, is post-communist, where the communist regime attempted to strip all of the Taoist teachings away, and to completely westernize Chinese medicine. We know that this is what communists do, in any country they take over. Look at Tibet, if you need another example. Traditional Chinese medicine, while helpful, is nowhere near as powerful as Classical Chinese medicine.

Classical Chinese medicine teaches about entities. When we look at entities, we have different types. We have ghosts, earthbound spirits that either refuse to pass over, or are stuck here, which the Chinese call ” Gui”. These are often divided into three categories, Hungry ghosts, Wandering ghosts, or Lustful ghosts. Ghosts can attempt to attach themselves to the energy body of someone. Demons fall into a different category. They are not humans that have died, like a ghost. They are something else entirely. In Chinese mythology, a famous demon hunter was named Zhong Kui. There are actually tv shows in China about him. The protocols for dealing with each type are different.

***A word here about supernatural protection work, karma, and non-infringement. Non-infringement is a Taoist philosophy that teaches that one may not interfere with the free will of any soul, nor may one step into someone’s process uninvited, for any reason. To ignore this principle invites serious karmic consequences. If one has been asked by an individual under psychic attack by someone hosting an entity to render assistance, one may protect the person asking, without incurring Karma. One may not attempt an exorcism or extraction upon any individual hosting an entity ( possessed) without their invitation to do that. This would incur karma, and is dangerous for the person hosting the entity. Depending on the level of possession, and the level of energetic enmeshment between the host body and entity, the individual could die if the entity is ripped out of them forcefully. ( In reality, this invitation never happens when one is possessed, since no demon wants to get forced out of its host. They tend to avoid hunters whenever possible). The training in doing this type of work is extensive, and can span lifetimes. Usually, hunters incarnate knowing exactly what they are, with these ancient protocols imprinted onto  them, a part of their soul memory. There has never been a time in my life that I didn’t know exactly what I was, or a time I didn’t know how to do what I do. I have always been able to see ghosts, entities, and the dead. It’s part of my job description.

That brings us to now, to current events. We are witnessing an attack on humanity by a very dangerous force. For the first time in our country’s history, a possessed person is in the White House. We’ve seen this happen in other countries, with Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, with genocide, purges, concentration camps, religious persecution. I think most Americans believed we were somehow immune to this happening here. This has nothing to do with politics, unfortunately. It has to do with evil. Demons feed off of pain and suffering. They lie. They are cunning. They know how to offer people what they want to hear. They have no conscience, because they have no heart. No capacity for empathy. They present as sociopaths. There is no controlling them. They sow seeds of chaos everywhere they go. We are seeing the dismantling of our government, and the attempted dismantling of our freedoms right in front of our eyes. People have wondered how millions of Germans were taken in by Adolf Hitler. Well, Americans can stop wondering. It’s happening now, it’s happening here. We are seeing the lowest vibration of the Race Mind attuning itself to the Demon-In-Chief. White supremacists openly marching in the streets, screaming and brandishing torches. Open racism. Hatred. So… what to do?

First, refuse to give in to fear. Second, realize that the Light is always more powerful than the dark. Keep your vibration high. Remember that you and Spirit are the co-creators of your reality. Understand that the country has its own Karma, and that souls that embrace racism, misogyny, fear, religious fanaticism and white supremacy have a long way to go, in terms of evolution. Avoid them. Do not engage with them on social media. Surround yourself with people with heart, compassion, and the capacity for empathy. Send Light to Earth Mother, these entities are attacking her. Embrace your inner strength and fierceness. Many of us survived attacks in our childhoods by those hosting an entity. We became the thunder, the lightning, the storm. We are the Elements, the Fire that purifies, the Water that cleanses, the Wind that heralds change, and the Earth that stands strong. These entities haven’t ever encountered anything like us. They have no idea what they are facing. We are fucking fearless. Remember who and what you are. A friend was saying the other day that it feels like we are living in a Tolkien movie, surrounded by Orcs. I agree. And we all know what happened to them. We are an army of Fairies, Elves, Witches, Magicians, connected to guides, teachers, and Spirit. Archangels and Angels are with us. Those that choose the dark have done so before. They have tried for us before. All they were able to do was to motivate us. So, basically, the dark can fuck off. We’ve got this. Blessings, Judith