Clearing Up Some Common Misperceptions About Empaths

This seems like a good time to clear up some things people believe about Empaths. It’s true that Empaths feel other people’s emotions. To be able to do that, you have to be psychic. In the hierarchy of psychics, Empaths are ranked as the most powerful. Far more powerful than telepaths, mediums, precognitives…. Empaths are off the charts when it comes to our ability to scan, assess, and read anything with a soul. Somehow, it’s been accepted that Empaths are shy, retiring little flowers, finding it difficult to function in the world due to our ” sensitivity “. I think that’s hysterical. Seriously? Let’s look at that.

First of all, you have to have balls the size of cantaloupes to incarnate as an Empath. Empaths are fearless. We come here from the Fifth Dimension to support the planet, and all living things. We have a mission, one we accepted before arriving here. We are warriors on the front lines of the battle between the darkness and the light. Many of us were attacked by the dark almost as soon as we got here. The intention behind that attack was to stop us, to neutralize us, or outright kill us. As warriors, we found ways to keep going, drawing from reserves within ourselves that are programmed into our DNA.

Empaths are drawn to professions where we can make a difference. We can be healers, teachers, lawyers, activists, writers, I have friends in the financial arena that are Empaths, muscians, actors, advocates, business owners… the list is endless. One of the most common misconceptions about Empaths is that we can’t handle being around large groups of people. Again, I find that laughable. We’re alphas, natural leaders. Put us in a group of people, and we’re going to end up running it. We can’t help it. I find it amusing that people think we feel overwhelmed. By anything. In my last blog, I shared that I was stepping away from social media, ( Facebook), due to getting clarity about the absence of the Sacred there. I am still on Twitter, which I enjoy. You know what I’ve never seen on Twitter? Selfies. People posting what they had for lunch. I left Facebook not because I was overwhelmed, but because I was underwhelmed, as  it became clear to me that it was the wrong medium for me, as a teacher, to attempt to make a difference.

Another common misperception about Empaths is that we are just one thing, magically speaking. We aren’t. Each Empath has different supporting gifts. We all are unique, with different types of magical abilities we can call upon. I’m an Empath, yes, but at the same time one of my primary magical abilities is spiritual protection work. That ability has come in with me from previous incarnations. I have a powerful link to the Void, a vast, limitless sentience that I am always, in every moment, plugged into. Each of us holds a piece of the Void within us. According to Chinese medicine, it is held in the Kidneys. (The Kidneys are also the repository of the supernatural, and the mysterious.) In my work as a counselor, I’ve specialized for forty years in working with survivors of violence of all kinds, sexual abuse, physical abuse, domestic violence, and torture. In my work, I use my Void Magic as effortlessly as breathing. I use it to track the hidden pieces of the soul I’m working with. I’m primarily an alchemist, using my empathy as a tool to read the amount of energy I can move in a session safely, to pace the process to match the person’s capacity to handle old pain, without overwhelming them. Based on most people’s erroneous assumptions about Empaths, this type of intense work should be difficult for me. It isn’t. Not even a little.

Some Empaths are nurturers, some, like me, are protectors. Some are creative, some are extroverts, some are introverts. All Empaths, despite our different magical abilities, have one thing in common. We are fucking fearless when it comes to love. We know how to love, how to laugh, how to be open, and how to hold a space. We can do that standing on our heads.

This is a time when narcissism is a pandemic in the world. Narcissism is defined as an inability to feel empathy. Empaths are the natural antidote to narcissism. We are the antivenin the world needs so desperately right now. We have an inherent immunity to the poison of narcissism. Our inner fire, the Sacred Fire of Divine Love, is what shields and protects us. It burns away anything we absorb that is not coming from love. Narcissism is a soul sickness. It traps a person in the Ego construct, blocking their access to the heart, and to their higher selves. ( At a later time, I will do a teaching about what Native people call ” the Wetiko virus”. You can Google it.). Empaths are the last line of defense against this. We are not weak. We are not overwhelmed. We may be saddened by some of what’s happening in the world, but we know why we’re here. We never lose sight of that.

I am an Empath, yes. But I am also a Fifth Dimensional supernatural being, a hunter, a guardian, a healer, an alchemist. The culture may not understand what we are, but that means nothing to me. It’s enough that I understand. To all of the Empaths out there, this is for you. Know your true worth. Embrace your magic. We used to say, ” The storm is coming”. It’s not coming anymore. It’s here. This is what we volunteered for. We are what was prophesied. We are the army of Light. The dark is nothing but an absence of light. It’s time to be the light of the world, Love. Love is always the answer. Radical love. Fearless love. Limitless love. Empaths, we’ve got this. Trust me.

The artwork  I’m using speaks to my heart. The horse reminds me of my horse, Nardo, a dragon in a horse’s body. ( I miss you, dude.) As a Mystic and demon hunter, the woman reminds me of the part of myself the culture is afraid of. Unless there’s a crisis. I have a deep love and acceptance for this part of myself. May each of you embrace your own gifts, and your own magic in the same way. Empaths rule. Blessings, Judith