There comes a time in life, when we feel exhausted by the battle against the darkness, that we need to be reminded of who we are and what we fight for. Many things inspire me, and strengthen my resolve. Books are at the top of that list. With the horrifying news reports pouring in about children being ripped away from their parents, racism being embraced as never before, Intelligence reports from here and around the globe documenting attacks and treasonous actions against us, it’s easy to become desensitized and numb, and want to quit. As warriors of the Light, we cannot stop. No, we must not stop.

One of my favorite writers is Tolkien. In the final book in his Lord Of The Rings series, The Return Of The King, before the battle against Sauron, Aragorn says this:” Sons of Gondor, Of Rohan, my brothers! I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends, and break all bonds of fellowship; but it is not this day! An hour of wolves, and shattered shields, when the Age Of Men comes crashing down; but it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good earth, I bid you stand, Men of the West!”

We must not give in to fear. We must stand. Stand for the children, stand for the planet, stand for humanity, and stand for the light. Do not give in to the whispers of darkness, those insidious voices telling us it is hopeless. It is not. Rally your courage, your strength, your honor, your heart. We will not surrender, not now, and not ever. A day may come when the courage of men fails. Today is not that day!  By all that we hold dear, we stand, and we fight. Blessings, Judith

Holding Your Vision

This week I bought one of the most powerful stones I’ve ever experienced. It had been offered to me three years ago at a show, and again at another show after that. I passed on it for a number of reasons, none of which turned out to be the real reason I didn’t buy it: it was meant to be here, and I wasn’t ready for it. We know that stones are living beings, the oldest souls on the planet. This sphere is 102 pounds, Dumortierite, ( blue Quartz), from Brazil. Dumortierite is fairly rare, and is a Third Eye and Crown Chakra Stone. Dr. Yuen teaches that it brings peace and serenity. Others talk about it giving deeper insights into the self, strengthening psychic abilities, and facilitating downloads of data from other dimensions.

This being came to me in the Dreamtime last week, telling me it was time. I called to see if it was still available. It was. As soon as I committed to buy it, my whole body began to shake. I could feel it bonding with me, moving energy that had been blocked, and it wasn’t even here yet! It arrived on Monday. I have no words for what this is. One of my spiritual sisters was here yesterday, and she sat in front of it. Her experience was life-altering. She was given answers about her soul’s journey that had eluded her her whole life.

The Third Eye Chakra is the Chakra of visions, of psychic perceptions, of shamanic journeying. One needs to have the courage and willingness to see the truth for this Chakra to be activated. Here is where we can create realities we want to manifest. The Throat Chakra is where we “ speak the Word” to create. The Third Eye is even more powerful. Here, we envision what we need, which ALREADY EXISTS in the universe. As we envision it, we attune ourselves to its vibration, drawing it in to our reality. Here, we can envision ourselves as we truly are, eternal souls free of the ego construct, free of judgments that have been placed upon us by the culture or people in our lives. We can see our own divinity.

When we live from a place of empowerment, we choose how we want to see the world. Do we want to succumb to fear, our own or others, or the fear of the Race Mind, or do we choose to live from magic and miracles? Do we want to focus on the negative, or to use our spirituality to change it?

Setting your intention and your vision for your life, and for the planet, takes fierce discipline. First, decide that you have the courage and the willingness to see whatever you need to see about your life or the present moment that may need to be changed. There is never anything to fear. Fear is the absence of faith, and the absence of truth. Trust your own heart and inner guidance. Open your vision to a vision of yourself as perfect, fulfilled, loving, happy, joyful. See all old trauma and blockages removed,  streaming away from you, returning to the nothingness from whence they came. As you see this, FEEL it. Feel the love of the universe filling you. Then, expand that out to include the planet and all beings. See harmony being created. See peace and justice being restored. Feel it. Trust your vision. Hold your vision of a higher truth prevailing over fear and greed.

For us to manifest what we need, learning to hold our vision is essential. Getting sucked into the undertow of fear that exists now serves none. A warrior refuses to enable fear. Fear is a drug. It is addictive. It is used by the dark to manipulate humanity. If you can make people afraid, you can convince them to do terrible things.

The antidote to fear is love. If we can inspire and empower others, we can change outcomes. The Third Eye Chakra is all-seeing. It is all-knowing. It is the Chakra of the mystic, of the visionary, of the Shaman, the Seer. To truly change the world, we need to hold the vision of how we want it to be. Make your vision of the world one of the Garden of Eden. See what could be, both for yourself and others. And make it so. I know this powerful being has come into my guardianship to help facilitate that. A number of us will be working with it. It is a Master Teacher.

May all of our visions of love, peace, and  justice for all come to pass. Vision the world you want, and hold that vision. Blessings, Judith


Art by Kinuko Y. Craft

Fusion: noun. The process or result  of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.

One of the things I have discovered about surviving extreme trauma in childhood, and working with survivors of trauma for over 40 years, is one of the byproducts of that: fusion.

From a metaphysical point of view, we know that the Soul is eternal. From a quantum physics point of view, we know that time is a construct of the mind, the left brain, which understands time as linear, which it isn’t. In reality, there is no past, and no future. All times and all dimensions exist in the Eternal Now. Simultaneously. When we meditate, and quiet the mind, we step into a direct experience of this. This is the Void, or All That Is. It has no limitations. This is where we create miracles and demonstrations. This flows through every fiber of every living thing. This is the Shamans world, the Mystics world.

In Classical Chinese medicine, we see the Ethereal Soul as being held in the Liver, called the Hun. The Ethereal Soul is the repository of all of our Akashic Records, our memories and experiences over all of our incarnations. It’s somewhat like cosmic microfilm, the Record Keeper. When we die, it ascends into the light, where we will then review our choices, actions, and decisions, a process called a “ life review “. We can then choose to reincarnate to further evolve, clearing Karma. This process repeats itself over numerous incarnations.

We have all lived many, many lifetimes, with each one having different experiences and aspects of self. Each adds it’s own gifts and abilities. Each one offers the Soul a chance to grow, to evolve. Or not. A Soul has Free Will, and may choose to remain the same, go forward, or to spiral into old patterns and go backwards. There is no judgment. Each soul has eternity to do its work.

Now, let’s look at trauma, and what it does to someone, on a number of levels. For the purpose of this teaching, I’m talking about severe trauma, beatings, rape, torture, something that was life-threatening. On the physical level, trauma floods the body with adrenaline, and often results in PTSD, ( post traumatic stress disorder.) PTSD is common for survivors of abuse. It shows up on brain scans. There are multiple results from trauma. One of the most unique and powerful is fusion.

One of the things a near-death experience does, is to rip down the veil of illusion between this world, this reality, and the Void. At the moment of death, or near death, we feel our oneness with Source. We surrender into it. We are at peace. For a soul experiencing extreme violence, there comes a moment of choice, to live, or to die. Since the Soul is not bound by the physical body, it can access all aspects of itself, ANYWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE. If it chooses to live, it can punch through space and time to reach for any gifts, strength, and any knowledge held in its Akashic Records. It is essentially reaching for another version of itself, existing in another dimension, another time, another reality. In the moment of “ almost death”, these two aspects of self FUSE. All of the gifts of both are synthesized. Let’s be clear, these are not two different Souls. These are the same Soul, one version being pulled into this incarnation by the other through direst need. There is an immediate bond, somewhat like nuclear fusion, with a complete integration of the energies of both. This generates enormous power, enabling the Soul to survive. It does, however, create a few other issues. Let’s look at those.

The version of the Soul pulled into this reality from somewhere else, ( let’s call that version Soul 2.0 ) is aware of the immediate danger existing for both versions of itself. It immediately responds to that danger, flooding the Self with courage, reassurance, and power. There is a reservoir of energy that exists now, that did not exist before. After the crisis has passed, this fusion forever changes the individual. Soul 2.0 sits in the background of the consciousness, monitoring the environment, scanning it for any danger. This can often be confused with PTSD, which it isn’t. Others can subliminally feel the power of Soul 2.0, and be somewhat uncomfortable with us because of it. We can feel “ other” to them. Different. Not normal. ( Whatever THAT is supposed to be.)

After fusion, we may not be consciously aware that we’ve changed, but may be aware of other people’s reactions to us. This may begin a process of suppression of the authentic self, in a quest for love and acceptance. The process of fusion is a supernatural one, one that Western culture has no understanding of, but one that all Indigenous cultures do understand. A person who has undergone fusion has gone through what Native people call “ Shaman Death”. It is seen as an initiation, which, when survived, is understood to add abilities and gifts to the individual that weren’t there before. The child is mentored by Elders, who understand what this is, and who nurture it and validate it. Western culture has no model for this, in fact, it is quite the opposite. Children are often shamed, and made to feel like freaks, or told that they are not seeing or experiencing what they ARE experiencing. This invalidation of self is, in my opinion, the worst type of betrayal, the worst type of abuse, because it gets internalized by the child, sometimes creating intense self- loathing or conflict. Healing that is the Heroes Journey. It is the journey home.

I was very blessed in my life to have been mentored by Merlin from my earliest childhood. My abuse began at two, and continued until my offender died when I was seven. Sparing you the gruesome details, which are unnecessary, it is enough to say that those near-death experiences resulted in a very powerful fusion that saved my life. The Soul 2.0 that joined with me in that moment is a warrior, fierce and fearless. The synthesis with Soul 1.0, the Empath, makes for a pretty interesting combination. I can move fluidly between the Empath and the Hunter, depending on the situation. I love them both. They have always been completely integrated. This allows me to teach this level of integration to others, a part of my life’s work.

Self-Love, as I see it, is about acceptance of all parts of the soul. It is about releasing the culture’s distorted ideas about reality, and restoring our spiritual birthright. What comes out of fusion is magical, mystical, and supernatural. It happens on a molecular level. A cosmic level. We have braided two different aspects of the Ethereal Soul together, so that they can evolve simultaneously, mutually supporting each other. If Western culture doesn’t understand any of this, well, so what? They are still busy blowing each other up, and wrecking the planet. Fuck. Them. Stop caring, let go of what other people think, and become who you were always meant to be: Magical, mystical, compassionate, empathic, and loving. Embrace all parts of yourself. You survived. You are a miracle. Own that, and own all that you are. Blessings, Judith