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In Classical Chinese medicine, we see the Ethereal Soul as the Hun, held in the Liver, and the Corporeal Soul, the Po, held in the Lungs. The Ethereal Soul holds our Akashic records, our Karma, and our life experiences, which are stored in the blood. It is Yang in nature, ascending, connected to the astral plane. The Corporeal Soul is Yin in nature, descending, and is connected to the body, and to the earthly experiences, including pain. This is important to understand, when it comes to healing the trinity of body, mind, and spirit, and important when it comes to healing, and manifesting anything. Here’s why.

One of the things western culture tends to avoid like the plague is pain. Feelings of any kind tend to be frowned upon, unless they are about rainbows and Skittles. But, pain? No. Don’t feel it, don’t look at it, and whatever you do, don’t TALK about it. ( Which explains the current pandemic of religious fanaticism, addictions and alcoholism). When we refuse to be present to our pain, to acknowledge it and to clear it by feeling it, free from fear of it, we are no longer fully embodied. Let me repeat that. WE ARE NO LONGER FULLY EMBODIED. We may embrace spiritual paths that invite us to bliss out, to move up into the astral plane as we meditate, or to deny the existence of pain. Or, religions that promise to ” save us” from feeling it, or that see the earthly as impure. Those beliefs  never resolve it. Some of those paths see the Earth plane as something to be transcended. Something inferior to other planes. One of the things I love the most about indigenous cultures is their deep love and reverence for the Earth as a soul, as a living being. Native people walk with an empathic connection to all living things, the trees, the animals, the stones, and to the Earth herself. We feel the heartbeat of Earth Mother. This earthly experience is seen as sacred, the air we breathe, the water we drink, sacred. Being incarnated into any physical form is seen as a beautiful thing. The Corporeal Soul is as important as the Ethereal Soul. It is not ” less than”. It is part of the beautiful marriage of Yin and Yang.

Pretty much everyone has experienced pain in their lifetime, in one form or another. When we have difficult life experiences in childhood, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, the only way we survive those things is to either compartmentalize them, or for the subconscious mind to protect us from them, through either amnesia or denial. These coping strategies, while saving us early on in life, impede our healing later on. Healing modalities that encourage somatic release of trauma through FEELING it and releasing it work very well. These can include acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese herbs, craniosacral therapy, EMDR, and stones. Talking about trauma does not clear trauma. The mind cannot heal trapped energy. We need something alchemical to do that. We need Soul healing. We need to approach both the Ethereal and the Corporeal Soul with great empathy and love. We want to bridge them, so that we feel completely safe wherever we find ourselves in the Cosmos, including here.

I love music, it inspires me. I was listening to the song ” Believer”, by Imagine Dragons. It’s about pain, and acknowledging how mastering it and clearing it transforms us. Some of the lyrics are: ” First things first, I’mma say all the words inside my head. I’m fired up and tired of the way that things have been, oh ooh.  Second things second, Don’t you tell me what you think that I could be. I’m the one at the sail, I’m the master of my sea, oh ooh. I’m the master of my sea. Oh ooh.    I was broken from a young age, singing from heartache from the pain, taking my message from the veins, Speaking my lesson from the brain. Seeing the beauty through the….. Pain!   You made me a, you made me a believer, believer.   Pain! You break me down, you build me up, believer, believer. ”  There’s such a powerful message in the rest of the lyrics. It’s one of my favorite anthems about surviving pain, and becoming who we were always meant to be. Some of the most powerful stories, books, movies, and music, are about surviving and moving through pain.

Uniting the Ethereal Soul with the Corporeal Soul is the journey home. Committing to be fully alive, and fully present to every moment takes courage, I know. Taking our power back from disturbed humans is a must. Allowing wounded people to keep us from our birthright is unacceptable. To manifest love, joy, health, and abundance, which are Earth plane realities, we must embrace the Earth plane, and the Corporeal Soul. Living being only partially alive because of old pain is unnecessary, because pain is not scary, even though we think it must be. The truth is, it’s just pain. Live as a warrior of the heart. FEEL. There’s a saying in 12-Step recovery, “You have to feel it to heal it”. Yes, we do. And in feeling it, we release it, and its power to limit us, and we find our freedom. Embracing the Corporeal Soul is our Soul retrieval. We deserve to be here, all the way. The universe celebrates with us, when we are, and we then manifest our dreams. Come home to Earth Mother and your body. Live. Strong, free, and unafraid. Take your power back. Become Believers. Blessings, Judith

(Note:  For further, more in-depth teachings on the Hun and the Po in Taoism and Classical Chinese medicine, Dr Jeffrey Yuen gave a lecture in 2000 called ” Three Spirits, Seven Souls”, transcripts of which may still be available for purchase. There may be DVD’s of his lectures available also. )

Sympathy For The Devil

One of the hardest lessons for most good people to learn, is that not all humans are kind. This is especially tough for Empaths, because Empaths can see the potential in anyone. Of course, this does not factor in Free Will, nor does it factor in foreign energies or influences on someone. People who are inherently loving and compassionate cannot project qualities onto others they themselves do not have. They can therefore be taken advantage of, lied to, and manipulated by someone who is personality disordered, a narcissist, or who is an active addict or active alcoholic. People like that play the victim so well that many are taken in by it, getting sucked dry emotionally, financially, or both.

From a spiritual point of view, what is the invitation to change that encountering someone like this represents for us? For Empaths, it may be that it is about having strong psychic boundaries, an ability to accept the unpleasant truth about what we are being shown by someone’s actions. With certain types of people, say, pathological narcissists, for example, denial is not your friend. I can guarantee you that by refusing to see the reality of who a narcissist is, you will get your ass handed to you. Repeatedly. My counseling practice over forty years has had many wonderful people who ended up emotional roadkill because of this resistance to seeing the truth about someone. Where does that originate? Let’s look at that.

There are a number of possible reasons why it’s difficult to see something. One major possibility is that we may have incarnated into a family with a parent or other family member with serious issues. For the child in those circumstances, the emotional survival demands that the child believe that they are loved, no matter the severity of the neglect, abuse, or cruelty. This is a Root Chakra survival imperative. It cannot be overridden by the intellect. Once this energy pattern is established, healing it in adulthood takes determined spiritual work, and a type of ruthless honesty to be willing to hold the original offender accountable, on a soul level. ( This does NOT mean confronting them, or having a dialogue with them. That is an exercise in futility, as souls like that never assume responsibility for the harm they have caused others. ) If that basic internal healing work is not done, we can continue to manifest ” surrogates ” that are similar in certain ways to the family member. Manipulative, emotionally unavailable, outwardly charming so that no one else sees the abuse… We can repeat this pattern over and over, until we heal the original injury. We are not doing anything ” wrong”, when we manifest negative people. We are being given an opportunity to heal, on a deep level, something we weren’t ready to heal before.

Seeing what is takes courage. We live in a culture of illusion and distractions. The culture itself gaslights us, telling us not to trust our own eyes, or our own instincts. The culture is so codependent that it excuses the inexcusable. We are actively discouraged from looking at racism, misogyny, bullying, or sexual abuse, and told we are being ” negative ” if we name any of those things for what they are. Add that on top of the survival imperative screaming at us to not look at something, and it’s a recipe for disaster, from a healing point of view.

The good news is that it is always safe to look at anything, and every moment grants us the opportunity for a new beginning. The only hindrance to healing is fear. And here’s another piece of good news: fear is an illusion that lives in the mind. It isn’t real, so it can’t possibly stop us from our healing. Fear is a liar. It’s the ultimate con artist. We can’t afford to have patience or sympathy for it, that’s why I chose the title for this post, ” Sympathy For the Devil”, a song by The Rolling Stones. Some of the lyrics are: ” Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste. I’ve been around for a long, long year. Stole many a man’s soul and faith. Pleased to meet you, Hope you guess my name. But what’s puzzling you is the nature of my game”.

The nature of fear is illusion. It stops forward movement. It is paralyzing. That’s it’s purpose. It is the opposite of love. Love illuminates. It shines the light of truth on anything it touches. The  healing journey is a journey of love, of learning to love the self unconditionally. Radical love, radical acceptance. With this radical acceptance comes the capacity to accept the reality of others, and to not give in to the temptation to make excuses for their hurtful actions. Making excuses for people helps no one. The karma they incur through their Free Will is theirs, and none of our concern. Don’t look at it, keep your eyes focused on your own path, your own growth, your own freedom.

Fear in any form is error consciousness, and we should have no sympathy for it. Not in ourselves, and not in anyone else. Since we cannot change the karma of any soul but our own, trying to figure anyone else’s journey out is a waste of life force. Stay in the present moment, in your own process, focused with laser intensity on your dreams, your vision for yourself. Begin to see yourself through the eyes of Spirit, which is unconditional love. Eliminate anyone in your life who doesn’t know how to love, if they don’t know how to love, accept that you can’t teach them. It was never your job in the first place, not back then, and not now. Maybe part of the lesson is firing ourselves from the job of attempting to teach the unteachable, or attempting to reach the unreachable. Rather, choose joy. Choose laughter. Choose freedom. Choose love. For Empaths, this is the invitation… Loving ourselves as much as we love others. Choose you, and everything else takes care of itself. Blessings, Judith


Clearing Up Some Common Misperceptions About Empaths

This seems like a good time to clear up some things people believe about Empaths. It’s true that Empaths feel other people’s emotions. To be able to do that, you have to be psychic. In the hierarchy of psychics, Empaths are ranked as the most powerful. Far more powerful than telepaths, mediums, precognitives…. Empaths are off the charts when it comes to our ability to scan, assess, and read anything with a soul. Somehow, it’s been accepted that Empaths are shy, retiring little flowers, finding it difficult to function in the world due to our ” sensitivity “. I think that’s hysterical. Seriously? Let’s look at that.

First of all, you have to have balls the size of cantaloupes to incarnate as an Empath. Empaths are fearless. We come here from the Fifth Dimension to support the planet, and all living things. We have a mission, one we accepted before arriving here. We are warriors on the front lines of the battle between the darkness and the light. Many of us were attacked by the dark almost as soon as we got here. The intention behind that attack was to stop us, to neutralize us, or outright kill us. As warriors, we found ways to keep going, drawing from reserves within ourselves that are programmed into our DNA.

Empaths are drawn to professions where we can make a difference. We can be healers, teachers, lawyers, activists, writers, I have friends in the financial arena that are Empaths, muscians, actors, advocates, business owners… the list is endless. One of the most common misconceptions about Empaths is that we can’t handle being around large groups of people. Again, I find that laughable. We’re alphas, natural leaders. Put us in a group of people, and we’re going to end up running it. We can’t help it. I find it amusing that people think we feel overwhelmed. By anything. In my last blog, I shared that I was stepping away from social media, ( Facebook), due to getting clarity about the absence of the Sacred there. I am still on Twitter, which I enjoy. You know what I’ve never seen on Twitter? Selfies. People posting what they had for lunch. I left Facebook not because I was overwhelmed, but because I was underwhelmed, as  it became clear to me that it was the wrong medium for me, as a teacher, to attempt to make a difference.

Another common misperception about Empaths is that we are just one thing, magically speaking. We aren’t. Each Empath has different supporting gifts. We all are unique, with different types of magical abilities we can call upon. I’m an Empath, yes, but at the same time one of my primary magical abilities is spiritual protection work. That ability has come in with me from previous incarnations. I have a powerful link to the Void, a vast, limitless sentience that I am always, in every moment, plugged into. Each of us holds a piece of the Void within us. According to Chinese medicine, it is held in the Kidneys. (The Kidneys are also the repository of the supernatural, and the mysterious.) In my work as a counselor, I’ve specialized for forty years in working with survivors of violence of all kinds, sexual abuse, physical abuse, domestic violence, and torture. In my work, I use my Void Magic as effortlessly as breathing. I use it to track the hidden pieces of the soul I’m working with. I’m primarily an alchemist, using my empathy as a tool to read the amount of energy I can move in a session safely, to pace the process to match the person’s capacity to handle old pain, without overwhelming them. Based on most people’s erroneous assumptions about Empaths, this type of intense work should be difficult for me. It isn’t. Not even a little.

Some Empaths are nurturers, some, like me, are protectors. Some are creative, some are extroverts, some are introverts. All Empaths, despite our different magical abilities, have one thing in common. We are fucking fearless when it comes to love. We know how to love, how to laugh, how to be open, and how to hold a space. We can do that standing on our heads.

This is a time when narcissism is a pandemic in the world. Narcissism is defined as an inability to feel empathy. Empaths are the natural antidote to narcissism. We are the antivenin the world needs so desperately right now. We have an inherent immunity to the poison of narcissism. Our inner fire, the Sacred Fire of Divine Love, is what shields and protects us. It burns away anything we absorb that is not coming from love. Narcissism is a soul sickness. It traps a person in the Ego construct, blocking their access to the heart, and to their higher selves. ( At a later time, I will do a teaching about what Native people call ” the Wetiko virus”. You can Google it.). Empaths are the last line of defense against this. We are not weak. We are not overwhelmed. We may be saddened by some of what’s happening in the world, but we know why we’re here. We never lose sight of that.

I am an Empath, yes. But I am also a Fifth Dimensional supernatural being, a hunter, a guardian, a healer, an alchemist. The culture may not understand what we are, but that means nothing to me. It’s enough that I understand. To all of the Empaths out there, this is for you. Know your true worth. Embrace your magic. We used to say, ” The storm is coming”. It’s not coming anymore. It’s here. This is what we volunteered for. We are what was prophesied. We are the army of Light. The dark is nothing but an absence of light. It’s time to be the light of the world, Love. Love is always the answer. Radical love. Fearless love. Limitless love. Empaths, we’ve got this. Trust me.

The artwork  I’m using speaks to my heart. The horse reminds me of my horse, Nardo, a dragon in a horse’s body. ( I miss you, dude.) As a Mystic and demon hunter, the woman reminds me of the part of myself the culture is afraid of. Unless there’s a crisis. I have a deep love and acceptance for this part of myself. May each of you embrace your own gifts, and your own magic in the same way. Empaths rule. Blessings, Judith