Shelter From the Storm

imageI have a friend going through a tough time right now. Her husband is an alcoholic, and she’s pretty worn down. She’s in a lot of pain, and apologizing to her friends for sharing that pain. Here’s what I said, and it occurred to me that someone else might need to be reminded of it. In each of our lives there are storms. Pain. Sadness. Loss. It’s a part of life. As I was thinking about what words of comfort I could offer my friend, Bob Dylan’s song “Shelter From the Storm” came to me. We can’t protect each other from life. Each of us has our own road, our own lessons. People we love will pass over. Beloved pets, as well. Life offers us both the bitter and the sweet. What matters the most to me is compassion. Being a safe haven for the people I love, in that dark moment, just as others have been that safe haven for me.

The lyrics to the song are so beautiful, as Dylan’s lyrics often are. “Come in, she said. I’ll give you shelter from the storm.” May we each find shelter when we need it most. And may we be generous in our hearts whenever we see that shelter is needed by someone else. Sometimes, all it takes is being a good listener, a Sacred Witness to someone’s process. Shelter doesn’t mean we “fix it” for someone. We can’t.

Shelter is always found in the Heart. The Heart is the Fire Element in Chinese Medicine. Compassion. Inspiration. Love. What better Element to offer someone coming in from the cold and dark, than a warm place to rest for a bit?

My path of Heart is to be a living Lighthouse for all who need one. We can all be that beacon of light. Of kindness. Compassion. And offer shelter from the storm. I give thanks to those that have been that for me.

Blessings, Judith Star-Medicine

Shattering Denial In a Culture That Embraces It

The past week has brought us a trifecta of taboo topics in the news.Sexual abuse. Domestic violence. Death from addiction. These three topics rank up at the top of the list of things most people never want to talk about or look at. Unfortunately, literally millions of lives are affected by them. My February Teaching of the Month was about domestic violence. It was inspired by the lyrics of a song performed at the Grammy awards directly referencing Tina Turners horrific abuse at the hands of her husband Ike Turner. I will not put those disrespectful lyrics anywhere, I have too much respect for any survivor of domestic violence to do that. Over 1.3 million women A YEAR are victims of domestic violence. How is this still possible?

Alcoholism and addiction continues to claim the lives of so many. The death of Philip Seymour Hoffman was a great tragedy. Many people still see addiction as a choice, rather than the terrible disease that it is. With over 23 years of sobriety, this wonderful man still relapsed, and died of a heroin overdose. It’s time to understand what it means for someone who has a disease to be viewed as less than human because they are powerless over their use of a substance, and their lives have become unmanageable. The founding principle of A.A.

And then we have the third topic in our taboo trifecta: sexual abuse. This week, Dylan Farrow came forward in an open letter published in the NY Times stating that Woody Allen molested her when she was 7 years old. The public firestorm resulting from this has been fascinating. The desire that many people have to somehow blame or attack the victim of sexual abuse is exactly why so many survivors of sexual abuse remain silent. I have worked with many survivors of sexual abuse, both men and women. Mostly adults, but a few children, also. Let me let you in on something. Not one of the offenders admitted it. Not even when they were caught. Not one. Let me repeat that, so we’re clear. Not. One. I always believe a client relating their experience of sexual abuse. The shock, the trauma, the shame radiates out of their energy body. My job, as a Shaman, is to first stabilize the person, re-establish their core structural integrity, and then remind them of a Spiritual truth: That no matter what a predator does to our bodies, they cannot touch our Soul. Our Light and beauty can never be diminished. Not by anyone. I believe Dylan Farrow, for many reasons. And, of course, I am a Psychic. Seeing the truth in a person is easy for me. As is spotting an offender.

This is a time of great opportunity for humanity. A time to come together and look at these uncomfortable issues that still plague us, along with racism, and homophobia, and religious extremism. Only by having the courage to face the pain and suffering of others, can we create a better world. The Totem Animal I call upon for this work is the Owl. Owl sees through darkness. Through deception of all kinds. Whether that be our own self-deceptions, or the calculated lies and deceptions of others, Owl Medicine sees the truth. Reveals the truth. And as a great Master Teacher once said, the truth shall set us free. On our own personal journeys, let us embrace those around us that are struggling to heal from domestic violence, addictions, alcoholism, and sexual abuse. Not in a codependent way, but by being willing to look at them. My prayer for them is that they no longer live in the shadows, invisible. Ashamed. Judged. May we live, with the courage that it takes, with empathy. Compassion. Denial serves no one. I will always stand for them. And for the Truth. Blessings, Judith Star-Medicine

A World Of Dreams

As a Shaman, I have always had unusual dreams. We all travel astrally in the Dreamtime, it is essential for us to do so. When we sleep, our left brain is suspended, and our right brain rules. The right brain is the seat of our intuition. Our psychic ability. A Shaman walks through life with a foot in both realms. Switching back and forth as needed from one hemisphere of the brain to the other. This skill is developed through years of meditation, journeying, and spiritual cultivation, all for one purpose: to assist with compassion the Souls we are working with.

I sometimes take for granted aspects of a Shamanic practice that defy the understanding of the mind. The left brain. But then something happens that reminds me that those things that all Shamans do as a matter of course are seen as unusual by most people. A week ago I got a phone call from a client. She wanted to share with me what had just happened with her 3 year old granddaughter. My client had been listening to a tape of a reading with me, her granddaughter playing on the floor nearby. After a few minutes, her granddaughter said, “Oh. That’s Judith.” My client was surprised. She said, “What did you say?” Again, the child replied “That’s Judith.” Intrigued now, she asked her granddaughter “How do you know Judith?” She replied, “When I have the scary dreams, and the bad monsters come, Judith comes and chases them away, so I am safe”. My client was dumbfounded. This child has never met me. Has never heard my voice IN THE PHYSICAL REALM. However, when her mother was pregnant with her, early in the pregnancy tests showed some possible problems, and there were concerns. The parents decided to have a medical intuitive reading with me. During the reading I connected directly with the Soul of the child, who was very strong in Spirit. We talked at length, and she was very clear about who she is, and what she wanted. And she said she was fine. Healthy. And there would be no difficulties with the pregnancy. I related all that she said. And everything unfolded beautifully. I had forgotten all about our conversation. But she hadn’t. So, as soon as she heard my voice on the tape, she recognized me immediately. I was deeply moved, as was her family.

It is an incredible honor to work with Souls the way I do. The Souls of humans, animals, stones, all living things. We are all connected in a magical Universe that the mind can’t even remotely begin to grasp. There have been more experiences like this one, over the course of my lifetime than I could possibly even count. I am sharing it to remind everyone that each of us is far more than we realize we are. It is truly a world of dreams, where anything is possible. Don’t let the limited perceptions of the mind stop you. You are more than your mind. You are a being of magic, capable of any dream you can dream. Dream bigger. Dream in beauty. Blessings, Judith