Another Fabulous Gem and Mineral Show





We just came home from another fabulous Gem and Mineral show. We came home loaded with spectacular finds. Let me say I wanted some really big pieces, and, wow, I found them. We bought an 81 pound natural Citrine Point from Brazil, it’s a beautiful butterscotch color, fairly opaque still. These big sentinels are really powerful, and very hard to find. Also, a huge Amethyst that is 17″X16″, about 85 pounds, dark, dark purple. Gorgeous.

I bought two huge Pyrite Clusters, about 25 pounds each, with perfect cubes and terminations, from Peru. Also from Peru are big Spheres of Chrysocolla, hand cut and polished, crazy beautiful.

We bought sparkling clear Quartz Spheres from Brazil, one with Rutile. God knows where I’m going to put it all. Jewelry, more Labradorite, Quartz Vogel Wands, it’s all a blur. At least the big ones are situated.

In a week or two, the pieces I bought from the Denver show should start to arrive. Breathtaking and huge. I’m toast. Stopping for the night, I have a full day of readings tomorrow. I’ll start listing the new inventory as soon as I can. Blessings, Judith

Home From the Show

Wow, another amazing Gem and Mineral show. Just when you think it can’t get any better, the universe throws something magical your way. I went to this show with a shopping list of a number of things I needed, and found them all. What was unexpected were the Master Teachers that presented themselves. First, a 111 lb Smokey Quartz Point, partially polished, with the back and one side natural, an Elestial. My heart stopped for a second. These beings are Ascended Masters, in stone form. I had to buy it. Whether it stays here and helps, or whether it goes, is totally up to it, not me. I couldn’t leave it. Next, a 30 lb natural Citrine Point, water clear, crazy rainbows. Two Bolivian Amethyst clusters from the Anahai Mine, which is now closed, in deep, delicious purple. Wow. I bought 7 Chrysocolla spheres, hand cut and polished, from Peru. 7 more large Obsidian spheres, and more Obsidian pendants.

I found large Star Rose Quartz spheres, 5″, from Madagascar, the home of the best Rose Quartz in the world. A 4.5″ Rutilated Quartz Sphere, with some green Tourmaline. I bought some gorgeous palm-sized hearts, Smokey Quartz, 6 Amazonite, clear Quartz, and more Labradorite with great flash.

I bought a huge Quartz Elestial Cathedral, seen in the photo lying down. It’s amazing. I bought 5 Shungite spheres, 4″, more Shungite bracelets, and Ruby in Fuschite Shiva Lingams. I also found 8 beautiful Smokey Elestials, two are ” Hopper formations, ” my favorites.

The only things I had no luck finding were Hematite spheres and large Rhodonite spheres.

There is so much more, but too much to list. It’s all out of the boxes, priced, and displayed. Now to list it all. Oh. My. God.

Another Gem and Mineral Show Ahead

We’re headed to Massachusetts on Friday to a huge Gem and Mineral show. I go to this show every August, it’s the largest on the East coast, with dealers from all over the world. Last year I found some of the most spectacular specimens ever. Let’s see what this year brings. I’m excited.

** 110 lb Elestial Smokey Quartz in my office, part of my support system. A Master Teacher.