Spectacular New Arrivals

l am still listing the amazing new arrivals from a few weeks ago. I’m blown away by the raspberry Amethyst, Amethyst with raspberry Druze growing on top of the Amethyst, which looks like it’s covered in crushed pomegranates and berries. It’s stunning. The big Heart is over 20 lbs. The big clear Quartz Clusters are fabulous, with crazy rainbows.

The Fluorite Sphere is as intense of a green as it gets, completely translucent. Wow. The Tibetan Quartz Point is over 8” long, also with beautiful rainbows.

The Rhodonite Sphere is the best quality Rhodonite I have seen, glossy and beautiful. In Chinese medicine, Rhodonite connects the Kidneys and the Heart, a Master Healer.

There are so many more phenomenal stones to list, but these are up. Finally. Yay!


Obsidian Dreams


Obsidian has always been one of my favorite stones, for a number of reasons. It is formed from volcanic activity, literally forged in fire. It is one of the most alchemical and shamanic stones that there is, providing a living link to the Void, as well as powerful psychic protection. Obsidian vibrates to the planet Pluto, the ultimate alchemist. In Chinese medicine, Obsidian is said to strengthen the Kidneys, the home of the Will, the Void, the supernatural, and the mystical. It rules the Root Chakra, the Chakra that has to do with survival issues, faith, trust, and feeling safe. Obsidian supports all of that.

I bought my first Obsidian pendant 30 years ago. I’ve had a love affair with Obsidian for most of my life. I place it in the four directions in my office, as well as having it at the head of my bed and on the altar table in my room.  One of my guides teaches that it is the only stone that can dismantle negative alien energetic patterns, and return them to the Void. Powerful.

I just received a shipment of seven 2 1/2” silver sheen Obsidian Spheres, ( I was completely sold out of that size, having only the 5” and 6” Spheres left.) I also received seven more Rainbow Obsidian pendants set in Sterling Silver,( the last one that I had sold today, so, perfect timing. ) I still have Obsidian bracelets in stock, I bought ten of those last month. They just fly out of here. I also have Obsidian Heart sculptures available.

I buy all of my Obsidian from a dealer in Mexico, the home of the best Obsidian in the world. I was able to reach him at the Tucson show, right before it closed. So, my shipment arrived last week, and I will be listing it over the next few days. I’m so happy to have more of this magical stone person available. Sometimes I see it in my dreams. ( Those are magical dreams.) I love Obsidian. There’s nothing like it. You can never have too much magic, in my opinion. Blessings, Judith

New Arrivals

Citrine Sentinels

Quartz Sphere


Smokey Quartz/Citrine Elestial

This week I received over 120 stones from a private collector, who has decided to liquidate his collection. A few of these are on consignment, which means I will be selling them for him. ( The large ones). These are the Citrine Sentinels, and the huge Smokey Quartz/Citrine Elestial. The Citrine Sentinels are from Brazil, and are spectacular. All of the stones were purchased from me, going back over a decade. These huge ones are so rare, almost impossible to find anymore. The largest Citrine is 94 lbs, the center one in the photo of the three on the parsons table. Incredible golden color and light. The one on the left is about 50 lbs, the one on the right, about 60 lbs. The huge Smokey Quartz Elestial is half Smokey Quartz and half Citrine, a type of Elestial called a Hopper formation, with deep triangles carved into it by Earth Mother. That one is about 100 lbs. Phenomenal. Anyone interested in these can call me about prices, and how to pay the individual who owns them. They can be seen in person here, or I would be happy to send more photos.

I will be listing the others on my website over the next few weeks. They are not on consignment, so can be purchased from me. There is so much to list, large Obsidian Spheres, Quartz Spheres, Rutilated Quartz, Fluorite, more Citrine Points, Pyrite, Petrified Wood, Amethyst, so, so much. Again, these specimens are the best of the best. These beings are eager to move on to their destiny, and to support and help with our healing. They are truly amazing. I have my work cut out for me. Keep checking my website for them under New Arrivals. Blessings, Judith