The Smokeys





We all know that I am absolutely in love with Smokey Quartz. Yes, I love clear Quartz, too, but for very different reasons. Clear Quartz is the most powerful amplifier of intention and energy that there is. It is the solid embodiment of the Light. All of my major demonstrations in my life have come from working with my big Dow Quartz Point. It shoots a column of white light straight up into the ethers into the Causal Plane. It’s been with me for 20 years, a true soul mate Crystal.

Smokey Quartz is very different. It doesn’t amplify light, it diffuses and refracts it. Scientists have studied it, and have come to the conclusion that it is the radiation it has absorbed from the earth over millions of years, that causes this phenomenon. Merlin has called Smokey Quartz the Empath of the mineral kingdom. As Empaths, we are the human embodiment of Smokey Quartz. We feel what other living things feel, within our own bodies. We then allow those feelings to flow through us and out. Or we should. Sometimes we hold onto them, out of compassion . Uh oh. Not good. Smokey Quartz teaches us how to release energy, how to refract and diffuse it. It has no peer in this regard. It gently supports us as it does that. It also has a high Lithium content, which is calming and soothing.

I have been working on listing the new arrivals. Here are a few of the bigger ones. They are all gorgeous. Some of the larger ones are Dow Crystals, the same goes for the larger clear Quartz Points I listed last week. Some have inclusions of creamy Lithium, some have Hematite inclusions, some have inclusions of dark green Chlorite. ( Chlorite is said to be the best healer for reversing mutating cell growth.) All of these are now up on my website. I know, finally. More to come.  Enjoy the photos. Blessings, Judith

Ready To Roll

Okay, all of the new inventory has been weighed and priced, including the biggest ones. Ow. I thought I had them all done. Nope. Whew! I am ready to start listing them, this week’s workload was heavier than I expected, sorry for the delay. There are 53 specimens, all glorious. Sparkling Quartz, mysterious Smokeys, Smokeys with Citrine inside, Citrines, wow. I’m ready to roll. I will be chained to the computer for the next several days. Oh, boy.

Spectacular New Arrivals

They’re here! On Sunday, a dealer delivered 3 large barrels and 2 big boxes of some of the finest mineral specimens I’ve seen. Some are huge, the Quartz Point in the center of the photo is 84 lbs, making the others look small. They aren’t. There are clear Quartz points, Smokey Quartz points, that amazing black Morion Smokey Quartz with golden Citrine inside, all sizes, something for everyone. I have spent the last two days unpacking and pricing everything, now to begin listing it all. I have my work cut out for me. These come from Brazil. Wow. It feels like Christmas. Watch my website for these amazing beings. Judith