And The Truth Shall Set You Free: Breaking The Spell of Lies: Part 1

imageThe truth is such an interesting thing. Some people seek it, while others avoid it whenever possible. I’ve never understood that. Incarnating as a psychic, I could never understand when I was little, why people lied to me about anything. It was extremely puzzling, until I was old enough to figure out that not everybody could see what I could see. What was even more difficult for me to understand was my bone deep visceral reaction to lies. Everything that makes me what I am, a Mage, a Mystic, a Sorceress, activates. My body vibrates with readiness. I come to full alert, waiting. My Power Animals, especially my snake, dragon, and dog medicine are activated. All of the magical energy within me makes itself available, putting me into a state of high situational awareness. Why? Let’s look at what a lie is, and what it does.

Nikola Tesla famously said that ” everything is energy, frequency, and vibration.” From a metaphysical perspective this is true. The energy around truth is always positive and life affirming. The energy around lies is always negative and destructive. To lie is to steal. A lie is a manipulative strategy to get what one wants, at any cost. A lie steals Free Will away from the person being lied to, because your choice is made while believing what is being told to you. Lies steal time, Qi, vital life-force spent investing in people or situations we would never have invested our energy in had the person lying to us been honest with us. It is the worst kind of violation, that betrayal of trust, the betrayal of our own capacity to trust OURSELVES, going forward. As a healer, I hear this all the time, people doubting themselves after realizing they had been lied to. Questions like “How could I have been so blind? How could I have missed what was happening? ” “How can I trust myself to make the right decisions going forward”? ┬áStealing a person’s Sacred right to trust is against every spiritual law that there is. Manipulating energy to get what one wants is a form of black magic. It overlays a bubble of illusion around the Aura of the person being lied to, until they can recognize the lie and get free. This bubble saps and weakens the energy body, eventually weakening the physical body, as well. It can harm the emotions, over time, creating depression, grief, and sadness. It is paralyzing and numbing.

There are all kinds of lies. Racism is a lie. Misogyny is a lie. Radical ideologies are lies. Cults are based on lies. Even more subtle are the lies some parents tell their children, things like “you are too sensitive”, or “lazy”, or “selfish”, or any host of other beliefs about that soul, and how it should be different than how it is, undermining the authentic self. We are all bombarded by lies, from day one. Healing from that is the invitation. Breaking free from the brainwashing, the spell, is our goal.

It has been said that everybody lies. I think that is only true if you factor in denial. Denial is a protective mechanism created by the subconscious mind to protect the self from a reality too painful to be dealt with at that moment in time. It is more of an avoidance of the truth than a lie. The kind of lies that I catagorize as black magic are conscious lies. Lies used to protect the self from consequences, or lies used to achieve a specific agenda. Denial is not black magic. While avoiding reality has negative results in the end, with soul lessons that need to be learned around self-abandonment, it does not have the same level of Karma that black magic, the intentional manipulation of another soul, has. Lies are a binding, a type of containment system. The person telling the lie has an INTENTION. That intention is to manage the person or persons being lied to, TO BIND THEM, to control them. That intention is to manipulate the outcome to conform with the liars own interests. That is what a spell is, using words, with intention, to manipulate reality. A spell can be positive, where it is rooted in love and a desire to heal, or it can be negative, where it is rooted in fear, greed, or a desire to control. When a person lies to achieve their desired outcome by deception, that is black magic.

I consider the Throat Chakra to be one of the most powerful of all of the seven Chakras. The power to create reality through the spoken or written word is staggering. Achieving mastery over the Throat Chakra, using language that is loving and life-affirming is always the goal on a spiritual path. Rejecting the temptation to use words that are hurtful or shaming, including speaking words that are true, that the other person has not asked for, and is not ready to hear, is also part of spirituality. Using the truth as a weapon is not honorable. People can unwittingly create more negative Karma with the misuse of the Throat Chakra than any other Chakra.

Now, how do we break free of the energetic fallout of lies? How do we shatter the spell? We shatter the spell by invoking spiritual truth. One of our greatest Master teachers taught: “And the Truth shall set you free.” No lie, no spell, no matter how often repeated, can stand against the truth, because spiritual truth is a vibration of light and love. Love is the ultimate healing principle. Lies are born out of fear, and fear only has the power we choose to give it. A powerful affirmation for healing would be: ” I am always, in every moment, surrounded by the light of Divine Truth. That Truth is that I am one with the Creator, I am one with Divine Love. All illusions or beliefs to the contrary are now destroyed, returning to the nothingness from whence they came. All negative influences, seen or unseen, known or unknown, are now removed from me and I go free to receive the love, the abundance, the joy, the blessings that the Universe has held in store for me. I walk in beauty and have perfect faith that this is so. I am restored, I am made whole, under grace, in my true state of Divine Perfection now.”

Part of my journey of healing has been about acceptance of a soul’s right to remain cloaked in illusion, to willingly embrace the lies told to them by others because they desperately need to believe them. As an Empath, I have struggled with stepping forward on my own path, when that act of stepping forward seems like an abandonment of the soul choosing to remain in pain. Merlin has reminded me that the Earth Plane is a classroom, a dream, and in every moment each soul remains a child of God, loved and safe. He reminds me that believing what my human eyes are showing me about someone’s experience is THE LIE THAT I HAVE TO OVERCOME, to break free of. I see that now with greater clarity than I ever have before, and it brings me peace. I feel free of the urge to push truths upon others, truths made clear through psychic insights or visions, that could be helpful if they had been invited or welcomed, but instead create nothing but resentments because they have not been.

Merlin’s description of me as a Mage is as a War Mage. His description of himself is as a scientist, a scholar. Our relationship spans lifetimes. He has described a War Mage as a Mage walking the Path of the Sword, the Sword being the Sword of Truth. It has always looked to be made of light, when I see it in a vision. In my work with clients, I use it to cut through the illusions projected onto them by others, mirroring for them the light and beauty within them, that is what they truly are.

I have always embraced my fierceness, my fearlessness as a champion for the innocent, a voice for the voiceless. I love what I do. I am honored and humbled by the trust given to me by those who work with me. My invitation, spiritually, is to accept. To accept that some souls lie. Some souls choose no growth in this incarnation, and choose to repeat destructive patterns over and over. Being a War Mage means I know how to fight for a soul. What it has also meant, until now, is that I don’t know how NOT to fight. How to let go. How to walk away. Perhaps it is time for me to learn that, and to teach it to others like myself. Warriors on the front lines of an ageless battle between the Light and the Dark. May this teaching bless all who read it, especially the unidentified War Mages who have been fighting for their loved ones over the course of their entire lives. I send you my gratitude and my love. You are all precious to me. Today, let’s learn together. Let’s learn to accept. Let’s learn to let go. It’s okay to do that. I have it on very good authority that the world is in good hands. Blessings, Judith

The January New Moon 1/9/2016

The New Moon this month will be extremely powerful. The Sun and Moon will be Conjunct at 19 degrees of Capricorn, with both of them also Conjunct to Pluto at 15 degrees of Capricorn. Pluto is seen as the higher octave of the Moon, which rules the subconscious mind, the intuition, and the emotions. Having the Moon and Pluto in the same sign, at almost the same degree, is enormously transformative. The Sun Conjunct to Pluto is empowering. The Sun rules self-worth, vitality, and the Solar Plexus Chakra. Pluto rules alchemy, magic, and the Void. These three together on the 9th will usher in a true new beginning for those who are ready to release the old, and embrace the limitless possibilities of the Void. Anything is possible.

At the same time, all three planets are forming a fabulous Trine aspect to benevolent Jupiter, the planet of faith, abundance, and Sacred Law. This trine brings opportunities. Increased optimism, a willingness to trust the self and the Universe makes this a perfect time to do ceremony, affirmations, and intention work.

Speaking of Sacred Law, the Conjunction of the Sun, Moon, and Pluto are all making a challenging Square aspect to Uranus. Uranus is the freedom planet. The rebel. Pluto rules governments and large institutions. We have seen these two giants go head to head several times over the past few years. Each time, on a global level we see people acting in extreme ways. Religious radicals trying to control everyone around them… The news is full of reports of those who want to break the laws of the land to get what they want. A group of 150 armed men have seized a Federal building in Oregon, and have threatened to kill anyone who attempts to remove them. This is actually an act of sedition, where two or more people seize Federal property. I expect tensions to mount as we draw closer to this New Moon.

This week, Mercury, the planet that rules travel and communications goes retrograde for the first time this year. It goes retrograde on 1/6, until 1/26, when it turns direct. Mercury retrograde is an excellent time for meditation and self-reflection, an inward, rather than outward journey. Try to avoid signing contracts or traveling during this period.

In a recent session with Merlin, he described 2016 as the year of the Crow and the Raven. He said it will be a breakthrough year for Lightworkers, a time of manifesting dreams and visions. This New Moon can push us forward, if we have the courage to ride the energy of it. It invites us to trust, to take that leap of faith into the Void, into the unknown. And that’s where the miracles live. This is an incredible opportunity. May we all ride this powerful energy into our dreams. Blessings, Judith



Systems Of Divination

imageI get asked a lot about the types of readings I do. There are so many systems of divination, or methods of doing readings. These systems span centuries and cultures. Each person has their own types of magic, their own specialties that they have cultivated, often over lifetimes. Let’s look at some of them.

1. Astrology. Astrology and astronomy were, at one time, the same science. Astrology is a map of the heavens based on a person’s date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth. Most cultures use some form of astrology. There is Chinese astrology, Ayurvedic astrology, Western astrology, all using the calculations of the planetary movements to create an individual horoscope. Within Western astrology, you have specialities, such as Natal astrology, Horary astrology, Mundane astrology, ( world events), weather forecasting, ( the almanacs ), Medical astrology, and more. I tend to combine Natal astrology and Medical astrology, using my background in Chinese medicine in combination with the planets, the aspects they form, and which Essential Oils, Stones, Herbs, affirmations, and intention work will best support the souls journey at any given time.

2. The Tarot. The Tarot is another very ancient system of divination. There are so many different Tarot decks available, too many to count. I love the symbolism of the cards, the Major arcana and the Minor arcana. I use only the Major arcana in a reading, primarily because I am using two different decks of cards in a reading, the traditional Tarot, combined with the Native American Medicine Cards ( by Jamie Sams and David Carson). This gives me a very comprehensive look at what is happening in someone’s life, and why. Each reader has their own methods, and works with the cards in their own way.

3. Palmistry. Palmistry is another ancient method of divination that is global. A person’s horoscope is depicted on the palm of their hand, if you know how to see it. I love palmistry, especially if I find myself out in a social setting, where people tend to work their way over to me for a mini-reading, ( say, at a wedding or family gathering. I can’t begin to count how many times that’s happened. The line forms to the right. ) People seem fascinated with psychics, even the most skeptical. With palmistry, all I need is their hand. Their horoscope is right there.

4. Scrying. Scrying is the ability to use a mirror, or a Crystal Ball to gaze into, to alter one’s consciousness to see events, past, present, or future. I use a Quartz Crystal Sphere for that, one of Merlins earliest teachings. ( I have six. ) Some use Obsidian Spheres. Those are wonderful, also.

5. Mediumship. A Medium is someone who can enter a trance at will, in order to speak with non-corporeal spirits. The dead, guides and teachers, beings from other realms or dimensions.( Also called Necromancy.) I prefer that term, myself. ( In fact, I have a coffe mug that says ” It’s okay, Necromancers have mortgages too.” My favorite mug. )

6. Runes. I love the Runes. Again, an ancient system. Norse. Wonderful.

7. The I Ching. The I Ching is thousands of years old. Chinese, and very powerful.

These are just a few of the forms of divination out there. As a Claivoyant Empath, a psychic from birth, I don’t need to rely on a particular system to see soul patterns in any living thing. They are right in front of me. For forecasting, I use both the Tarot and astrology, depending on the clients request.

** A word here about giving one’s power away to any reader. A psychic is only as good as their level of consciousness allows them to be. Spiritual cultivation, heart, empathy, and the shedding of one’s ego construct during a session determines the accuracy of a reader. ┬áSince many of these forms of divination require no licenses or credentials, anybody can call themselves anything they want. Frauds, fakes, and opportunists abound in this field. Unscrupulous people seek to take advantage of those who have lost loved ones, or who have health issues, or are seeking reassurance. A reading that is empowering is a reading which directs the individual within, to the Master Teacher, one’s own heart. Any reader that tells you what to do, or gives you advice, is not spiritual or accurate. Run, don’t walk, to the nearest exit.

The more evolved someone becomes, the broader their psychic abilities become, because the heart is the portal or gateway to other dimensions. Some people believe that it is necessary to open the Third Eye to achieve visions, or to connect to other realms. I’ve never found that to be the case. A side benefit of cultivating the Heart Chakra is the ability to access the Ascended Master within the self. Everyone has psychic ability. My path of service to humanity is to awaken people to their own gifts, not to create dependence on me for mine. This is what brings me joy, helping someone discover, uncover, and recover their own personal magic. Setting them free from cultural conditioning that blinds them to the truth: We are all made of stardust and magic. We are all journeying through space and time, here to learn and grow in joy, free from fear. Everything is possible. Every miracle, every blessing, the Universe is available in it’s entirety in every moment. A reading of any kind should remind us of this. Magic is everywhere, and the purest magic of all is love. Any reading should flow from love. May this teaching bless all who read it.