Sympathy For The Devil

One of the hardest lessons for most good people to learn, is that not all humans are kind. This is especially tough for Empaths, because Empaths can see the potential in anyone. Of course, this does not factor in Free Will, nor does it factor in foreign energies or influences on someone. People who are inherently loving and compassionate cannot project qualities onto others they themselves do not have. They can therefore be taken advantage of, lied to, and manipulated by someone who is personality disordered, a narcissist, or who is an active addict or active alcoholic. People like that play the victim so well that many are taken in by it, getting sucked dry emotionally, financially, or both.

From a spiritual point of view, what is the invitation to change that encountering someone like this represents for us? For Empaths, it may be that it is about having strong psychic boundaries, an ability to accept the unpleasant truth about what we are being shown by someone’s actions. With certain types of people, say, pathological narcissists, for example, denial is not your friend. I can guarantee you that by refusing to see the reality of who a narcissist is, you will get your ass handed to you. Repeatedly. My counseling practice over forty years has had many wonderful people who ended up emotional roadkill because of this resistance to seeing the truth about someone. Where does that originate? Let’s look at that.

There are a number of possible reasons why it’s difficult to see something. One major possibility is that we may have incarnated into a family with a parent or other family member with serious issues. For the child in those circumstances, the emotional survival demands that the child believe that they are loved, no matter the severity of the neglect, abuse, or cruelty. This is a Root Chakra survival imperative. It cannot be overridden by the intellect. Once this energy pattern is established, healing it in adulthood takes determined spiritual work, and a type of ruthless honesty to be willing to hold the original offender accountable, on a soul level. ( This does NOT mean confronting them, or having a dialogue with them. That is an exercise in futility, as souls like that never assume responsibility for the harm they have caused others. ) If that basic internal healing work is not done, we can continue to manifest ” surrogates ” that are similar in certain ways to the family member. Manipulative, emotionally unavailable, outwardly charming so that no one else sees the abuse… We can repeat this pattern over and over, until we heal the original injury. We are not doing anything ” wrong”, when we manifest negative people. We are being given an opportunity to heal, on a deep level, something we weren’t ready to heal before.

Seeing what is takes courage. We live in a culture of illusion and distractions. The culture itself gaslights us, telling us not to trust our own eyes, or our own instincts. The culture is so codependent that it excuses the inexcusable. We are actively discouraged from looking at racism, misogyny, bullying, or sexual abuse, and told we are being ” negative ” if we name any of those things for what they are. Add that on top of the survival imperative screaming at us to not look at something, and it’s a recipe for disaster, from a healing point of view.

The good news is that it is always safe to look at anything, and every moment grants us the opportunity for a new beginning. The only hindrance to healing is fear. And here’s another piece of good news: fear is an illusion that lives in the mind. It isn’t real, so it can’t possibly stop us from our healing. Fear is a liar. It’s the ultimate con artist. We can’t afford to have patience or sympathy for it, that’s why I chose the title for this post, ” Sympathy For the Devil”, a song by The Rolling Stones. Some of the lyrics are: ” Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste. I’ve been around for a long, long year. Stole many a man’s soul and faith. Pleased to meet you, Hope you guess my name. But what’s puzzling you is the nature of my game”.

The nature of fear is illusion. It stops forward movement. It is paralyzing. That’s it’s purpose. It is the opposite of love. Love illuminates. It shines the light of truth on anything it touches. The  healing journey is a journey of love, of learning to love the self unconditionally. Radical love, radical acceptance. With this radical acceptance comes the capacity to accept the reality of others, and to not give in to the temptation to make excuses for their hurtful actions. Making excuses for people helps no one. The karma they incur through their Free Will is theirs, and none of our concern. Don’t look at it, keep your eyes focused on your own path, your own growth, your own freedom.

Fear in any form is error consciousness, and we should have no sympathy for it. Not in ourselves, and not in anyone else. Since we cannot change the karma of any soul but our own, trying to figure anyone else’s journey out is a waste of life force. Stay in the present moment, in your own process, focused with laser intensity on your dreams, your vision for yourself. Begin to see yourself through the eyes of Spirit, which is unconditional love. Eliminate anyone in your life who doesn’t know how to love, if they don’t know how to love, accept that you can’t teach them. It was never your job in the first place, not back then, and not now. Maybe part of the lesson is firing ourselves from the job of attempting to teach the unteachable, or attempting to reach the unreachable. Rather, choose joy. Choose laughter. Choose freedom. Choose love. For Empaths, this is the invitation… Loving ourselves as much as we love others. Choose you, and everything else takes care of itself. Blessings, Judith


The Importance Of Creating Sacred Space

In this increasingly chaotic world, it’s more important than ever to surround yourself with things that nourish your spirit. For me, those things are things that include art, nature, living beings like stones, plants, and animals, and uplifting vibrational fragrances like essential oils and Sage. Our home is our sanctuary, and should reflect our inner landscape. We can create an environment that inspires and uplifts all who enter it, but most importantly, it reminds us of the truth of who we are, magical miraculous beings on a cosmic journey. Every room in my house reflects that, and always has.

I have always been reclusive, living in the woods. I live in the Catskills, a very old group of mountains in upstate NY, just four miles from Woodstock. I feel at home here, these mountains speak to my heart. I live in a very magical house, with the upstairs being a geodesic dome, and the downstairs being subterranean, that is, underground. (Built into the side of a hill, with 35 tons of Calcite boulders creating the ceiling. A true Crystal Cave.) We’ve been here for 11 years. The energy of being underground, inside of Earth Mother is incredible on its own, add in 35 tons of rocks and you have something that is indescribable. ( So, of course being the hopeless rock slut that I am, I had to bring in MORE ROCKS. Because you can never have too many.)

As many of you know, I am a clairvoyant Empath. Empaths are psychics that feel other people’s emotions and feelings. That’s a really powerful gift. At the same time, there is no off switch for it, so it can be draining. Surrounding ourselves with living things that replenish us is essential. Our environment needs to feel psychically safe, never negative or disruptive. Since I work out of my home and see clients here, my office is designed to support the powerful alchemical work I do, while at the same time, clear and remove the fear, grief, or trauma that gets shed into it. Here are a few of the tools I use to do that.

1. Stones. Stones are the oldest living beings on the planet. All indigenous cultures use stones for healing. Different stones do different things. For clearing and protection, I use a number of them. For removing energies I absorb into myself from clients during the day, I use Smokey Quartz. Smokey Quartz is the Empath of the Stone kingdom. It becomes smokey by absorbing radiation into itself from the Earth, over millions of years. It continues to do this in our environment. It pulls into itself emotions being shed into a space. It is a powerful ally for any Empath, a must have, in my opinion. I surround myself with it for this reason. Next is Obsidian. A lot has been written about Obsidian, but I prefer the material given to me by my own guides, and by the stones themselves. Obsidian is formed by volcanic activity. It is a powerful deflector. I have large spheres of Obsidian in the four directions in my office. It seals the space, and protects against uninvited guests. It also can dismantle foreign energy constructs and attachments, and return them to the Void. Natural Citrine ( not heat-treated Amethyst) is a powerful addition to our Sacred Space. It is one of the few stones that balances all 7 Chakras, and never needs to be cleared. From a Feng Shui point of view, it is a manifesting stone. It helps us turn our dreams into reality. Charoite is another powerful alchemist. From Russia, it purges, purifies, and protects. I have several pieces of Charoite in my office, including a 20 lb Sphere of it.  For spiritual inspiration and alleviating fear, Amethyst is my go-to stone. My desk has a 30 lb Bolivian Amethyst cluster, as well as spheres and points of Amethyst. It vibrates to the Violet Flame, the Crown Chakra, and wisdom. For healing the heart, Rose Quartz is the supreme nurturer. Clear Quartz is the energy amplifier, increasing our intention work and affirmations. Spheres, Generators and Quartz clusters sparkle and throw light into any room we put them in. Whichever stones speak to your heart are the stones that will best support you. They are all magical beings.

2. Sage, essential oils, and incense. Sage is powerful for energy clearing. It is sacred to native people. It removes energy debris, and uplifts the spirit. I use white broadleaf Sage. Incense is also powerful. I use Temple incense from India, along with Copal from South America. Essential oils are wonderful. They are one of the few things molecularly tiny enough to cross the blood-brain barrier, so can be very effective with uplifting. When dealing with shock from processing trauma, I diffuse Rose essential oil, sometimes with Vetiver or Myrrh.

3. Sound. I always have music playing in the background when I’m working. Usually, it is a group called Coyote Oldman, their Compassion CD or Rainbird. I have every album, they are all soothing and uplifting. The other regular is Migration, by Peter Kater and Carlos Nakai. Stunning and magical. I will also use the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, drums, rattles, or tuning forks, depending on what I’m doing.

4. Art. Art is so powerful in creating Sacred Space. It inspires and uplifts, I have bronze statues, carved wooden statues, prints and paintings that transport me into other realms. Dragons, Kwan Yins, Buddhas, goddesses, power animals, the Elements, nature, magic is everywhere I look. A close friend has gifted me with prints from the renowned fantasy artist Kinuko Y. Craft. The print in the photo is by Kinuko. It’s in my room. One of my favorites.

5. Books. I have a vast metaphysical library, bookcases on three levels, that I have carted with me over 45 years. They feed my soul.

Each of us has our own system, our own treasures, things that are precious to us. I have a set of rosary beads from 54 years ago, from my time in the convent. They are draped over a Quartz Crystal cluster, representing the beginning of my journey on my spiritual path, at 12. Creating Sacred Space is deeply personal, and should reflect who you are. It should refresh and restore you. It can be simple, or it can be as complex as your soul is. Most importantly, it should feel like a living expression of you, powerful, awake, and pulsing with magic. After all, it’s a magical universe, and our Sacred Space should remind us of that, and the truth of what we are: Magical, eternal, and infinite. It’s about having a space that is authentic, in a world where many people are not. It’s the one place guaranteed to be safe, where everything that you are is welcomed. It’s about self-acceptance and self-love. No masks. The place where you can be you, whether anybody else gets you. Or not. We all need that place. It’s our birthright. Our spiritual legacy. In a culture full of Muggles, being authentic out in the world takes a lot of courage. It’s relatively easy for me, because, A., I’ve always been a freak, and B., I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks of me. I never have. ” Fuck off” are two of my favorite words in my vocabulary. But until you get there, creating a space that honors who and what you are is a great start. Blessings, Judith

** The stones you see in the photo on my Altar table in my bedroom include: Large Quartz Points, the largest in the back is 26″, a black Morion Smokey Elestial from Brazil, about 25 lbs, a Tibetan Quartz Point with carbon inclusions, a  deep red Realgar cluster from Peru, under the Mountain Lion bronze is a 30 lb natural Citrine from Brazil. The Quartz cluster has sparkling red Lepidocrocite. Partially out of range of this photo are more, a 100 lb natural Citrine Point, another big Smokey Elestial, a 20 lb Pyrite cluster from Peru, a 6″ Quartz Sphere, and a 7″ Super 7 Sphere, and a 5″ Citrine Sphere. The bronze is about 3′ long, and 30″ tall. Mountain Lion is one of my power animals. This bronze is from China. The dark burgundy Sphere in front of the Kwan Yin is Star Almandine Garnet from Pune, India. 4″.



Shedding And Alchemy: The Magic Of Snake Medicine

Snake drum in my office

Snake drum in my office

One of the many powerful aspects of Snake as a teacher is its ability to shed its skin as it grows. Shedding what no longer serves us is vital for our own growth and development. Some of the things we’ve experienced that have been traumatic or painful, become limiting, binding, and restrictive if they remain attached to our emotional and energy body. Shedding and releasing them is liberating and freeing.

Snake Medicine represents the Fire Element, which is the element of purification, alchemy, and transmutation. Alchemy has been described by Taoist Master Yuen as ” the redemption of Spirit from Matter.” People with Snake as a Totem animal naturally gravitate towards an internal alchemy as a way of life, seeking to step directly into the fire of the heart to burn away all that is not a part of the authentic self. They make incredible healers, supporting others fearlessly, since they embody the alchemical principle.

The ability to shed is a part of life. Most living things shed in some way as they grow, humans included. Conscious shedding can be done using intention work, affirmations, visualization, working with stones, herbs, or essential oils. ( My favorite stones to use to connect to Snake Medicine are Fire Agate and Charoite. The herbs would be Sage, Prunella, Mugwort, and Wormwood. The essential oils would be Helichrysum and Vetiver. )

Snake has been represented in many different cultures, dating back to the Egyptians. Depictions of the ourobouros, the snake swallowing its own tail, were found in the tomb of Tutenkhamen. It represents infinity, the endless cycles of life, and regeneration. The Caduceus is another example of snakes representing healing, two snakes intertwined upon a staff. The Nagas are sacred deities in Hinduism and Buddhism, said to be able to transform from human to snake at will, seen as guardians and protectors of humanity. The Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet has the body of a woman and the head of a lioness, with a cobra at her Third Eye Chakra. She represents the power of the Sacred Fire to cleanse, purify, or destroy. In Toltec mythology, the Eagle and the Snake are seen as different aspects of each other, which is also the case in Taoism. Snake is seen as residing in the Root Chakra in Hinduism, the Kundalini, or ” Sleeping Serpent” that spiritual cultivation activates, ascending up the spine through all of the other Chakras, reaching the Crown Chakra, awakening and enlightening us.

Healers with Snake Medicine often specialize in dealing with the aftermath of abuse, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Bearing witness to the atrocities some people have suffered, and bringing the light of the Sacred Fire to bear on those atrocities is not for everyone. In addition, Snake Medicine people are often Empaths. They contain within themselves a natural immunity to evil, an inborn antivenom, which binds the traumatic residues to itself, neutralizing and releasing them, forcing the trauma out and returning it to the Void. This alchemical process of binding is combined with shedding, which is extremely important for Empaths. Holding on to other people’s trauma and suffering is toxic for an Empath. Shedding needs to become a part of life, natural, reflexive, and automatic.

Anyone can call upon the wisdom of snake as a teacher, especially when navigating through difficult circumstances. Snakes are supple and flexible. They can teach us many things. Snakes are patient hunters, they can teach us how to be patient, and flexible. A good affirmation for this energy might be: ” I am always, in every moment, bathed in the Sacred Fire of Divine Love, which resides within me. All energies which are not an emanation of love and compassion, and that are foreign to me, are now neutralized and removed, sent back into the nothingness from whence they came. ”

I hope this brief teaching on Snake as an ally is helpful. I send my love and gratitude to the Nagas who guide me, and to the Rattlesnake who lives within my heart. I am alive today because of you. Thank you for saving me. We are one heart. Blessings, Judith