July Monthly Forecast

July starts off with some lovely aspects. The Moon in Scorpio on 7/3 forms a Grand Trine aspect, trining the Sun in nurturing Cancer and Neptune in sensitive Pisces. This is wonderful for setting intentions, as well as for dreaming big. The next powerful day is the Full Moon on 7/9. Hold on to your hats… This is another intense Full Moon. We have the Sun at 17 degrees of Cancer opposing the Moon AND Pluto at 17 degrees of Capricorn. Alchemy squared. Adding to that is radical Uranus in Aries squaring all of them, later in the day. There is a desire here for freedom at any cost, purging, transition, and change. July could bring big decisions for people, both personally and as part of a group.

A week later, on 7/16, we have another intense day, with the Moon in fiery Aries, this time conjunct to Uranus, which inclines to sudden unexpected developments, and more of a willingness to move forward. The Moon trines Saturn, the planet of wisdom, patience, and discipline. Good. We’ll need it. Because it squares the Sun, Mars, and Pluto at the same time. It’s as if what gets started on 7/9 gains further momentum on 7/16. Wow. Breathe. Slow down. No matter what the world is doing, we can find serenity within ourselves. Don’t engage. Observe.

7/18 is peaceful and beautiful, with Neptune, Pluto, the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter all making positive aspects, bringing a feeling of faith, hope, optimism, and love to uplift us.

The New Moon in Leo on the 23rd is also hopeful and optimistic.

July looks like a month of choices and decisions. It’s apt that July symbolizes summer, fireworks, picnics, independence, and freedom. It appears that fireworks will be the theme of the month. Watch for bombshell revelations in the news. We as a country are good at getting rid of dictators, and freeing ourselves from persecution and oppression. That’s more true than ever now.

This is a month of shedding things that don’t grow our souls, people, places, and things, as they say in AA. Embrace the changes. I have a sign that says ” Change is inevitable. Struggle is an option”. Cancer is a Water sign. In Chinese medicine 5 Element theory, the Water Element is about faith and trust. The limitless opportunities of the Void. Be Water. Go with the flow. Have a beautiful month.

The Monthly Forecast for June

June starts out with some beautiful aspects, on 6/3 we have the Sun in Gemini forming a trine to benevolent Jupiter in Libra, and also simultaneously trining the Moon, which is also in Libra. This creates feelings of optimism, faith, and hope. At the same time, Venus will conjunct Uranus in fiery Aries, passion and an adventurous spirit can inspire a new beginning. On 6/6, the Moon in Scorpio forms a powerful Trine to Neptune in Pisces, a time for meditation and self reflection, while making a sextile aspect to alchemical Pluto. Wow. Self-reflection combined with transmutation. It doesn’t get any better than that.

The Full Moon on 6/9, from Gemini to Sagittarius is also positive. The Moon conjunct to Saturn that day can give patience and discipline, or worry and fear. Choose to be patient, and to trust yourself now. 6/13 is a mixed bag, with several aspects that are positive, and another Neptune challenge. Let’s look at that one. Mercury in Gemini ( which it rules) will square Neptune in Pisces ( which Neptune rules). Mercury rules communication and thoughts. A square like this one leads me to believe that information may be put out intentionally that is a lie. Forgive the sarcasm, but with a sociopath and pathological liar in the White House, more lies would not be a surprise. In this case, lies will be exposed almost immediately. That’s due to Mercury and the Moon both trining mighty Jupiter in Libra. Libra represents justice, honor, and Sacred Law. We may begin to see the sword of justice being applied to cut out the malignancy impacting our country, and the planet. A powerful few days.

6/18 is another intense day, with a number of aspects. The Moon in Aries squares Mars in Cancer. Slow down, and stay cool, emotionally and physically. Mars is the god of war, so the tendency is to ” shoot first and ask questions later”, as the saying goes. People tend to be more volatile during a time like this, so… avoid engaging wherever possible. The Moon opposes Jupiter, which inclines to over doing or over giving. And if that’s not enough fun, the Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn. Oh, perfect. This gives a readiness to cut ties, to walk away from something. Put these all together, and you have a day that can be unpredictable.

6/19 is fabulous, with the Moon moving into steady Taurus. Whew. After the thrill ride of the 18th, this is a relief. The Moon makes four positive, reinforcing aspects on the 19th. All good. The 20th is another exceptional day, soft, loving, nurturing, and creative. Do something kind for yourself.

The New Moon on the 23rd is an excellent time for new beginnings, as it sextiles Uranus, the planet of liberation and freedom. The 24th is complicated, with a number of aspects. The Moon conjunct to both Mercury and Mars is very expressive, maybe a little too much so, as they all square Jupiter in Libra. Don’t over share, or get caught up in the heat of the moment. The Moon trines Neptune, adding empathy, sensitivity, and compassion, which is needed.

6/29 closes out the month with some excellent aspects. This is a day of strength, resolve, and courage. It’s a good day to make plans to change some things.

June looks to be a wonderful time, energetically speaking. We are in the cycle of the Fire Element, summertime, in Chinese medicine. Get outside, go for a walk, pick some flowers, have some fun. It’s a time of picnics, food on the grill, hiking, laughter, and friends.  Enjoy each moment. Each moment is infinite and eternal. Be love.  Create beauty.  Blessings, Judith



The Monthly Forecast For May

We have some really wonderful planetary aspects this month. May starts out on a positive note with Mercury going direct on 5/3, with the Moon in Leo trining it. Finally! Also on 5/3, we have the Moon forming a Trine to Uranus, the planet of genius, originality, freedom, and change. This is a good day to initiate something, as Jupiter, the planet of faith and optimism, sextiles both of them. The Sun sextiles Neptune, the visionary planet, increasing intuition and compassion.

5/5 is interesting, with a Grand Trine in Earth, the Sun in Taurus, the Moon in detail oriented Virgo, trining powerful Pluto in Capricorn. This indicates things going on behind the scenes, and with the Moon opposing Neptune, people still lying trying to obscure the truth. Since the Moon moves so quickly, the lies are going to go up in a puff of smoke. Sad!

The Full Moon on 5/10 is fabulous. Mercury conjunct Uranus brings a shift in consciousness and increased awareness. New thoughts, new ideas, and new information inspires new directions. The Moon in intense and ruthless Scorpio takes no prisoners, as it sextiles Pluto, the ruler of the subconscious mind, but also the ruler of organized crime and the underworld. Look for bombshell political revelations about racketeering, corruption, and money laundering. The Moon trines Neptune, unraveling deception, and shining a light on the truth. On a personal level, this is a day of penetrating insights into the subconscious mind regarding old family of origin issues. Where were we controlled or manipulated? Blackmailed emotionally, or inhibited from being who we came to the planet to be? This Full Moon is liberating.

5/13 is very positive, with the Moon in Sagittarius conjunct to Saturn, the planet of patience, wisdom, and structure. At the same time, the Moon trines Uranus and Mercury, both planets of Mind and communication. This is a wonderful day for intention work and right thought.

The New Moon in Gemini on 5/25 is good, followed up by aspects on 5/26 that add momentum. 5/31 is fabulous, with a number of positive aspects. Expect May to be a busy, interesting month, with a lot of planetary support. Enjoy.