The Monthly Forecast For January

Happy New Year, all. January starts out with a lot of energy, that can be used any way you want. The Moon in Scorpio on New Year’s Day is perfect for intention work, as it conjuncts Venus, the planet of creativity and love, while making a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. This is an aspect of insight into the subconscious, and radical honesty. January 2nd follows that up with the Moon moving into Sagittarius, forming a trine to Mars in Aries, both in Fire signs. Lots of momentum here. The Sun in Capricorn conjuncts to Saturn in Capricorn, adding patience, focus, consolidation, and a willingness to wait for the exact right moment to reach for what you need. 1/3 with the Moon in Sagittarius, conjunct to Jupiter in Sagittarius, is a day of faith, hope, and opportunities. Dream big.

January 4th and 5th are both powerful, with a lot going on. Uranus, the planet of awakening and change, liberation and new beginnings, factors in prominently on both days. On 1/4, both Mercury and the Moon form a trine to Uranus. Expect the unexpected. There may be new revelations that set the tone for the coming months. With the Moon squaring Mars, the planet of confrontation and aggression, not everyone is going to be happy about these new revelations. Things develop quickly, as the New Moon in Capricorn is also a Solar Eclipse. This New Moon has a very high vibe, and is stabilized by the conjunction to Saturn.

1/10 and 1/11 are harmonious, with the Moon in Pisces making some nice aspects. Sunday, 1/13, looks like a day to lay low, with a lot of mixed messages flying around. There’s a power struggle going on here on a number of levels, with four planets forming square aspects that ends in a temporary stalemate, so don’t engage. Things feel temporarily stuck. There’s lying, promises made with an intention to manipulate, and a lot of backing up. By the 15th, that gets resolved, and things start to move forward again. My guess is that as the new Congress is in session, things get real pretty quickly. Given the polarized views and opinions people have, it’s best to avoid engaging whenever possible, because a lot of people are going to be shocked, confused, and afraid, as more details of corruption are made public. Then things get interesting.

That brings us to the 20th and 21st. I apologize in advance for my profanity, but, holy shit. Strap in for both days, each one is a cosmic clusterfuck. (At least the 20th is on a Sunday.) The Sun enters Aquarius on Sunday, preparing for the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon and Super Moon on Monday. The Moon opposes Pluto. And Mercury. And squares Uranus. Oh, lovely. So, everybody’s deepest issues and fears are potentially triggered by this configuration. ( 12-Step Recovery calls this an F.G.O. A fucking growth opportunity.) The Moon opposition Pluto is good for letting go. It reminds me of that Zen quote, “ Let go, or be dragged”. Yep. If the Moon represents the feelings, and Pluto represents the subconscious mind, and the desire to control everything, wow. Adding in Uranus, liberation, but in a square aspect with the Moon, it’s rebellion. Revolution. A breaking away from the intolerable. This is a very black and white aspect, with no shades of grey. Please think things through, and try to stay in your heart. Make sure the decisions you make on these two days are decisions you can live with. This is not only letting go, it’s bolting for the nearest exit. I’m all for burning bridges, if that’s what you need to do. This could be a time of exiting abusive relationships. Or, it could be a time when things organically come to an end.

The Supermoon on Monday is actually better than Sunday. The Moon trines loving Venus, And adventuresome Mars. This is a good day for self care and a renewed commitment to your path. The 22nd is also fabulous, as the Moon moves into Virgo. It brings new opportunities, hope, and optimism.

The 28th, 29th, 30th, and 31st are all really good. Fabulous for creating what you want.

January is really interesting. It starts out with change and excitement, levels off, has volcanic activity three weeks in, then gets all warm and fuzzy at the end. It’s almost a schizophrenic month, where you have no fucking idea what’s next. What’s cool about that, is that it’s times like this that we grow, and shed old patterns and old situations that no longer serve us. I have a sign in my office that says “ Change is inevitable. Struggle is an option.” January is a month of change. So, change. Let go, or be dragged. Try not to trip over the 20th. That one’s a doozy.

Have a great month. Happy New Year. Blessings, Judith


December Monthly Forecast

I’m back, after a short break from posting. Here’s my December forecast, it looks to be an interesting month. The Sun is currently in Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is transiting Sagittarius for a while, which is fortunate for all of us. Jupiter rules Sacred law, and human law, as well as offering protection, and bringing prosperity and abundance, when one knows how to work with it. Jupiter is referred to as the “ Greater Benefic” by astrologers, with Venus being the “ Lesser Benefic”. When they make positive aspects to other planets, or to planets in our own horoscopes, good things happen for us, because we feel uplifted. So..

The key words for Sagittarius are “ I perceive”. This is powerful, because our perception of reality creates our experiences. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, the tone is one of gratitude, faith, and hope. At the same time, remember that Sagittarius is a Fire sign. The Fire signs have zeal and enthusiasm, and a wonderful capacity for joy… but don’t piss them off, or you’re going to get burned. On 12/2, the Sun in Sagittarius squares Mars, the planet of fire and assertiveness, in Pisces. This is a good time to slow down and rest. It’s a Sunday, which helps. At the same time, accentuating that, the Moon in Libra squares alchemical Pluto in Capricorn. What I expect from this, emotionally speaking, is the subconscious desire to nuke anyone who pisses you off. It’s a trigger aspect around old family of origin wounds. Pluto tolerates zero bullshit from anybody. The Moon represents the emotions and subconscious mind. Put that together with Mars squaring the Sun, and it’s an interesting recipe. Let’s just say that if you like hot and spicy food, this is the astrological equivalent of Habanero Chilies. Relax, rest, and even though the holidays are approaching, today is not the day to go to the mall, and get swarmed. Or to be in traffic. Flipping people off is probably not the best idea, given that everyone is feeling this.

12/4 is lovely, with the Moon in Scorpio making a trine to both Mars and Neptune in Pisces. This is perfect for meditation, and any mystical, spiritual, or magical intention work you want to do. Mercury finally goes direct again on 12/6. It’s about time. Damn, that’s annoying when it goes retrograde. The New Moon on 12/7 is wonderful for new beginnings, with both the Sun and the Moon in Sagittarius.

12/9 is intense, with the Moon in Capricorn conjunct to both Saturn and Pluto. That brings wisdom, patience, and a penetrating insight. At the same time, the Moon sextiles Mars and Neptune in Pisces. Imagination and creativity are off the charts here, so dream big. 12/14 has the Moon in Pisces, making some lovely aspects.

12/18 has the Moon in Taurus, conjunct to Uranus, the planet of liberation, freedom, awakening, and sudden unexpected changes. Cool. It trines Saturn at the same time, adding practicality and common sense. Anything is possible.

The Winter Solstice on 12/21 is powerful. The Sun enters Capricorn, and the Moon makes several aspects, leading up to the Capricorn and Cancer Full Moon on 12/22. Both days feel very high vibe, to me. They’re great days for a renewed commitment to yourself, and your spiritual path, whatever that is. Open your heart to the magic all around you.

Christmas Day looks beautiful, with the Moon in fiery Leo trining both Mercury and Jupiter in Sagittarius. Let yourself be hopeful, with high expectations of the Universe to bring you all of the love, laughter, and joy you deserve. Focus on receiving, knowing that every need is not only met, it’s anticipated by Spirit. There is no disappointment when we are connected to the Divine, because the Cosmic Principal is unconditional Love. People may disappoint us, but the only thing that matters is remaining anchored to Spirit, which is unfailing. It resides within each of us, ever accessible, ever available, flowing like a river of light.

12/31, New Years Eve, closes out the month with a prayer, with a whisper, with a sigh. The Moon in Scorpio trines Neptune again, while forming two sextiles to the Sun and Saturn in Capricorn. This is mystical, gentle, and solid. A beautiful way to end the year.

I wish you all a beautiful holiday season. Be kind to yourselves, dream in beauty, and may all of those dreams come true. I’m sending love and light to you all. Blessings, Rev Judith Star-Medicine.

The Monthly Forecast For August

It’s hard to believe it’s August already. The Sun is in Leo for most of the month. Leo is a Fixed sign of the zodiac, Fixed Fire. The Fixed signs grant fixity of purpose and tenacity. Some might say stubbornness, but I like tenacity, myself. It is ruled by the Sun. The key words for Leo are “ I will”. The symbol is the lion, representing nobility and courage. The stone is Ruby, the colors are scarlet and gold. Let’s take a look at some of the important planetary aspects this month.

The Moon in Aries on 8/2 makes a Trine to the Sun, Fire sign to Fire sign. This brings zeal and enthusiasm, and a desire to have fun. At the same time, the Moon squares Pluto, the alchemist. This can bring up old issues that need to be released. The Moon moves into Taurus on 8/3, where it conjuncts to Uranus and Trines Saturn. This is powerful. Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected changes, freedom, and new beginnings. Saturn is the planet of wisdom and patience. This combination encourages movement forward along with the patience required to sustain growth in the new direction. Excellent.

August 11th brings the New Moon, which is a Solar Eclipse. The Sun and Moon are conjunct in Leo, at about 6 AM Eastern time. This is a good time for intention work.

Mercury finally goes direct on 8/19. Whee! We have a repeat of that wonderful combination of the Moon aspecting Uranus and Saturn on 8/21, this time it Trines Uranus and conjuncts Saturn. Lovely.

The Sun moves into Virgo on 8/23, an Earth sign. 8/25 is very good, with a Grand Trine in the Earth signs, the Sun in Virgo forming a Trine to Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn. This is fabulous. It’s a combination of ambition, motivation, liberation, and wisdom. Reach for the stars today.

The Full Moon on 8/26 is actually a good one. It carries over some of the beautiful energy of the previous day, except that the Moon has moved into visionary Pisces. Dream big. The 27th is also good. The month ends on 8/31 with more wonderful aspects. We have another Grand Trine in Earth, with the Sun in Virgo, the Moon in Taurus again, conjuncting Uranus and Trining Saturn, as we had earlier. What a beautiful way to say goodbye to August.

Let this month light your fire. Give yourself permission to laugh, love, play, and grow. In Chinese medicine, the Fire Element inspires us. Fire spreads. This month invites us to be the light the world so desperately needs right now. Let your light shine. Have a beautiful month. Blessings, Judith