Nihil Desperandum: Never Fear

Sometimes studying three years of Latin in the Convent and then high school sneaks into my thought process. That should tell you something about me, right there. I’ve never thought of Latin as a “ dead language “, as it’s called. It’s a base for so many other languages. Certain phrases seem to have more gravitas when thought of or spoken in Latin. Like the title of this blog. Nihil Desperandum. Never fear.

Fear paralyzes, fear inhibits. All fear is based on things that haven’t unfolded yet. Therefore, they exist only in our minds as possibilities. When you stop and think about it, being afraid of a possibility is pretty silly. It’s like being afraid of a bad dream. It isn’t real. But that’s what we do, we scare the shit out of ourselves over a non-reality. Interesting choice.

Whenever we are afraid, we are accessing an old wound, an old negative belief that needs to be healed. Good. Root it out, and rip it out of your consciousness like a weed. Fear thoughts are like weeds. Left to grow in the sacred garden of your soul, they multiply, taking over the holy ground within us, choking the new growth of positive experiences. Tend the garden of your soul, planting only those thoughts that will bear fruit, and replenish you.

Fear is a liar. It attempts to weaken us. We must not feed it, or give in to it. Flood yourself with truth, with certainty, with love. Feel the love of Spirit surrounding you, filling you. Step into the light, out of the shadows that fear creates. Nihil Desperandum. Never fear. Choose faith, choose trust; in both yourself and the Universe. It’s a magical universe, filled with limitless possibilities. Live from that. Blessings, Judith


There comes a time in life, when we feel exhausted by the battle against the darkness, that we need to be reminded of who we are and what we fight for. Many things inspire me, and strengthen my resolve. Books are at the top of that list. With the horrifying news reports pouring in about children being ripped away from their parents, racism being embraced as never before, Intelligence reports from here and around the globe documenting attacks and treasonous actions against us, it’s easy to become desensitized and numb, and want to quit. As warriors of the Light, we cannot stop. No, we must not stop.

One of my favorite writers is Tolkien. In the final book in his Lord Of The Rings series, The Return Of The King, before the battle against Sauron, Aragorn says this:” Sons of Gondor, Of Rohan, my brothers! I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends, and break all bonds of fellowship; but it is not this day! An hour of wolves, and shattered shields, when the Age Of Men comes crashing down; but it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good earth, I bid you stand, Men of the West!”

We must not give in to fear. We must stand. Stand for the children, stand for the planet, stand for humanity, and stand for the light. Do not give in to the whispers of darkness, those insidious voices telling us it is hopeless. It is not. Rally your courage, your strength, your honor, your heart. We will not surrender, not now, and not ever. A day may come when the courage of men fails. Today is not that day!  By all that we hold dear, we stand, and we fight. Blessings, Judith

The Monthly Forecast For July

Photo by Laura Parker

The key words for the sign Cancer are “ I Feel”. Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign. The symbol is the Crab, the ruling planet is the Moon. This month, there are some lovely aspects that we can all look forward to. Tuesday, 7/3 is a winner, with the Moon in Pisces making five beautiful aspects, forming a Grand Trine in the Water Element, where it Trines both the Sun in Cancer and Jupiter in Scorpio. This brings strength, optimism, and Sacred Law. At the same time, the Moon conjuncts to Neptune in Pisces, a very spiritual aspect. This is a wonderful day to receive, to meditate, and to visualize what you need.

7/7 is also good, as long as you slow down. The Moon in Aries trines Venus.  This adds creativity and beauty to everything. It then moves into Taurus, where it conjuncts Uranus, the planet of innovation, liberation, and change. Move forward on your dreams. 7/8 is very good, with the Sun in Cancer Trine to Neptune in Pisces, and the Moon in Taurus also sextile Neptune and the Sun. Magical and mystical.

The New Moon on 7/12 is a powerhouse. This is the first of two Eclipses this month. The Sun and Moon are conjunct in a New Moon, which offers opportunities for new beginnings. With this one, we have a Solar Eclipse, with both the Sun and Moon opposing Pluto. Wow. Pluto rules the Void, alchemy, transmutation, death and rebirth, endings and beginnings. It also rules the supernatural, organized crime, and intelligence agencies. This is fairly explosive. Watch the news. Since Jupiter, the Moon, and Neptune form a Grand Trine in Water at the same time, have faith ( Neptune) in Sacred Law ( Jupiter) prevailing. What are we ready to let go of? What old habit, pattern, or attitude needs to end? What are we ready to begin?

The 15th and 16th are both good. The Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd, another good day. Mercury goes retrograde again ( I know) on the 26th, but otherwise it’s a good day.

The second Eclipse of the month will be on 7/27. Hold onto your hats for this one. It’s a Full Moon, from Leo to Aquarius, with the Sun in fiery Leo opposing both the Moon AND Mars in Aquarius. Mars in an opposition can make people feel the fight or flight reflex. All of this is taking place in two Fixed signs. ( Stubborn). Slow down. Breathe. Decide not to engage unless absolutely necessary. If someone oversteps their boundaries, then by all means, stand up for yourself.

The month ends with two lovely days, the 30th and 31st, giving us all a chance to recover from that intense Full Moon. July will be eventful. Cancer is a nurturing sign. Take care of yourself. Rest. Play. Laugh. Love. I hope you have a wonderful month. Blessings, Judith