For many of us, there’s a strange phenomenon in our lives, where the majority of the people around us can’t see us. What I mean by that, is that they can’t see us as we really are. Their eyes seem to slide right past us at social gatherings, or in restaurants, classes, or work environments. Clearly, there’s something about us that makes people uncomfortable, without them having any idea of what that is. Let’s look at that.

I’ve always loved the Nikola Tesla quote, that says “ Everything in the universe is energy, frequency, and vibration “. When you understand that, it goes a long way towards helping you to understand why certain people can’t see you. If our frequency or vibration is “ different “, or “ other” than what most people are comfortable with, the mind’s defense mechanisms kick in. Sometimes this is referred to as “ cognitive dissonance “. This is a mental coping strategy whereby the mind closes itself off from a perceived threat to its perception of reality. The mind constantly tries to reinforce its sense of order, its comfortabilty in understanding what’s real or what’s true. That’s unfortunate, because it’s a vast, magical, limitless universe, that cannot be even remotely grasped or understood by the left brain. For the left brain to feel safe, it needs constant reassurance about its perceptions being real. That reassurance that it looks for comes in the form of facts. And when I say facts, I mean earth plane facts. Again, unfortunate, because of the whole “ magical universe “ thing. Let’s face it, no one has every demonstrated a miracle by embracing earth plane facts. Miracles are created by transcending those facts. Any healer, Mage, Wizard, or Priestess is going to tell you that.

Which brings me back to invisibility. I see the world as divided into two types of people. People who live from magic, who are aware on some level of the life force and energy of all livings things…. and people who live from mind. From intellect. I think of people like that as head blind. They’re so absorbed in the constant bombardment of earth plane facts and data, that it insulates them from the streamers of energy flowing all around them. They avidly embrace the details of the earthly world, reassuring themselves of their control, and then wonder why they can’t manifest the things that they need and want.

I try to teach, wherever I can, that it is a quantum universe. That there are limitless possibilities, limitless dimensions, available to us at all times. That in every moment, the miraculous is within our reach. I’m always living a multidimensional life, existing on a number of planes simultaneously. That’s actually pretty easy for me. Trying to explain that to someone who is not living from magic is next to impossible. I understand that better now, than I ever have before. I’ve loved people in my life who lived from mind, from the seen, from the known, from the earthly facts. And every time, it’s been painful. Sooner or later, there’s been a rejection of the essence of what I am. A rejection of my core definition of self, and my accumulated experiences of the supernatural, of the mystical, of the divine. Demands are made for earth plane facts, or earth plane truths, earth plane proofs, so that I can make that person comfortable. What was languaged as acceptance and love, proves to be a poor imitation. In reality, I was invisible to that person all along. I don’t take that personally. It hurts, yes, but I understand that we each have our own vibration and frequency. I can’t lower my vibration, and they can’t raise theirs. For all intents and purposes, we may as well be two different species.

The people in my life are a blessing, my friends, my daughters, my husband, my clients, my spiritual sisters. I’m never invisible to them. We laugh about ourselves, we know where we come from, and why we’ve come here. We know we don’t fit in, and that we’re not supposed to. My message to all of you reading this, is to not take it personally when people can’t see you. All it means is that it’s not you they can’t see, it’s magic. Their need to be in control of everything around them forces them to avoid anyone like us.

Be who you came here to be. Live from magic. I have a coffee mug that says “ Don’t let the Muggles get you down.” That pretty much sums it up for me. We’re always going to be invisible to those people. Guess what? I think it might be a good thing, because they’re really not safe people. Not for me, anyway. Attract into your life people who can see you, and who understand that it is a quantum universe, and who love you for who you are. You don’t have to become a Muggle to be loved. Blessings, Judith

The Monthly Forecast For January

Happy New Year, all. January starts out with a lot of energy, that can be used any way you want. The Moon in Scorpio on New Year’s Day is perfect for intention work, as it conjuncts Venus, the planet of creativity and love, while making a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. This is an aspect of insight into the subconscious, and radical honesty. January 2nd follows that up with the Moon moving into Sagittarius, forming a trine to Mars in Aries, both in Fire signs. Lots of momentum here. The Sun in Capricorn conjuncts to Saturn in Capricorn, adding patience, focus, consolidation, and a willingness to wait for the exact right moment to reach for what you need. 1/3 with the Moon in Sagittarius, conjunct to Jupiter in Sagittarius, is a day of faith, hope, and opportunities. Dream big.

January 4th and 5th are both powerful, with a lot going on. Uranus, the planet of awakening and change, liberation and new beginnings, factors in prominently on both days. On 1/4, both Mercury and the Moon form a trine to Uranus. Expect the unexpected. There may be new revelations that set the tone for the coming months. With the Moon squaring Mars, the planet of confrontation and aggression, not everyone is going to be happy about these new revelations. Things develop quickly, as the New Moon in Capricorn is also a Solar Eclipse. This New Moon has a very high vibe, and is stabilized by the conjunction to Saturn.

1/10 and 1/11 are harmonious, with the Moon in Pisces making some nice aspects. Sunday, 1/13, looks like a day to lay low, with a lot of mixed messages flying around. There’s a power struggle going on here on a number of levels, with four planets forming square aspects that ends in a temporary stalemate, so don’t engage. Things feel temporarily stuck. There’s lying, promises made with an intention to manipulate, and a lot of backing up. By the 15th, that gets resolved, and things start to move forward again. My guess is that as the new Congress is in session, things get real pretty quickly. Given the polarized views and opinions people have, it’s best to avoid engaging whenever possible, because a lot of people are going to be shocked, confused, and afraid, as more details of corruption are made public. Then things get interesting.

That brings us to the 20th and 21st. I apologize in advance for my profanity, but, holy shit. Strap in for both days, each one is a cosmic clusterfuck. (At least the 20th is on a Sunday.) The Sun enters Aquarius on Sunday, preparing for the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon and Super Moon on Monday. The Moon opposes Pluto. And Mercury. And squares Uranus. Oh, lovely. So, everybody’s deepest issues and fears are potentially triggered by this configuration. ( 12-Step Recovery calls this an F.G.O. A fucking growth opportunity.) The Moon opposition Pluto is good for letting go. It reminds me of that Zen quote, “ Let go, or be dragged”. Yep. If the Moon represents the feelings, and Pluto represents the subconscious mind, and the desire to control everything, wow. Adding in Uranus, liberation, but in a square aspect with the Moon, it’s rebellion. Revolution. A breaking away from the intolerable. This is a very black and white aspect, with no shades of grey. Please think things through, and try to stay in your heart. Make sure the decisions you make on these two days are decisions you can live with. This is not only letting go, it’s bolting for the nearest exit. I’m all for burning bridges, if that’s what you need to do. This could be a time of exiting abusive relationships. Or, it could be a time when things organically come to an end.

The Supermoon on Monday is actually better than Sunday. The Moon trines loving Venus, And adventuresome Mars. This is a good day for self care and a renewed commitment to your path. The 22nd is also fabulous, as the Moon moves into Virgo. It brings new opportunities, hope, and optimism.

The 28th, 29th, 30th, and 31st are all really good. Fabulous for creating what you want.

January is really interesting. It starts out with change and excitement, levels off, has volcanic activity three weeks in, then gets all warm and fuzzy at the end. It’s almost a schizophrenic month, where you have no fucking idea what’s next. What’s cool about that, is that it’s times like this that we grow, and shed old patterns and old situations that no longer serve us. I have a sign in my office that says “ Change is inevitable. Struggle is an option.” January is a month of change. So, change. Let go, or be dragged. Try not to trip over the 20th. That one’s a doozy.

Have a great month. Happy New Year. Blessings, Judith


On Trusting Yourself

We live in a culture that seems determined to create self-doubt in so many insidious ways. We are bombarded by messages that have one purpose: to get us to question our inner compass, our wisdom, our magic, and our truth. Why? Because if we doubt ourselves, we become more easily managed. We begin to edit ourselves, trying to fit in, trying to get others to accept us. The truth is, the only one who needs to accept us is ourselves.

It can be a lonely path sometimes, living from radical self-acceptance, being authentic is something a lot of people know nothing about. If our sense of inner peace is dependent upon others understanding us, we’re not going to have a lot of inner peace. Especially if you’re different.

I’ve always been different. I’m some kind of a mutant hybrid cross, with no real niche that I fit into as a healer. I’m niche-less, lol. I’m not New Age, I’m not a western trained clinician, my magic doesn’t really have a label that is easily described. I used to have a wistfulness about that. Not so much, anymore. I’m comfortable in my own skin now, trusting the downloads of metaphysical material that I’m given. I’m comfortable with being a walker between the worlds, at home with my connection to the supernatural. Truth be told, I’m often more comfortable there, than here. Except for chocolate. This is the only dimension that has chocolate. ( I often wonder if my higher self dangled it in front of me, like bait. It worked.)

It’s not always easy to walk through a world that seems inherently hostile to magic and the miraculous. One might assume that people would welcome those things. One would be wrong. When you live outside of the box, it threatens people, and moves them out of their comfort zone. The moment that happens, people tend to fear you, and what people are afraid of, they try to invalidate, diminish, or control. What’s tragic about that, is that the comfort zone people are living in is often slowly killing them. For them to remain comfortable, they need to maintain their denial, and  their beliefs that support that unconsciousness. When they encounter one of us, one of two things happen. They can become intrigued, or they can run, screaming.

My intention as a mystic, an alchemist, as a healer, is to uplift, inspire, and to liberate people from their pain and suffering. I’m not interested in dragging anyone into a healing process who isn’t engaged in their own spiritual work. The methods and tools I use are certainly unconventional. Classical Chinese medicine, including herbs, essential oils, stones, 5 Element theory, Taoism, plus a number of indigenous culture perspectives are all woven into my approach. The most fundamental part of my work, however, is my psychic ability. I’m a hereditary psychic. I’ve been a Clairvoyant Empath from childhood, from as soon as I could talk. I began doing medical intuitive readings in my teens, accompanied by hands on healing. Seeing energy patterns was always easy for me. Those abilities were both valued and distrusted by my evangelical family, depending on what they needed.

I find this to be the case for all of us that are different. Sometimes we’re valued, and sometimes we’re too odd, too weird, too sensitive, too out there…. depending on what is needed from us. That gets old fast.

One of the only criteria I have for relationships in my life, is respect. One of my favorite quotes is “ Respect is love in action “. Spending time with Native elders when I was younger was so healing for me. One of the messages they repeated over and over again was about respect. Respect for Earth Mother, and respect for all living things. One of the things that troubles me the most about western culture, is the lack of respect and empathy shown to everything. There’s a disconnect that I don’t understand. The fastest way to end a relationship with me is to disrespect me. I’ve had enough of that in my lifetime. I choose to live from heart, and to respect all living things, and I expect the same in return. Respect is love in action.

I’m sad for all of us that live from magic, who have dedicated our lives to walking a path of service and love, that this is the way the Race Mind is. I’m sad that the lack of respect that we and Earth Mother receive is just a fact of life in this culture.  At the same time, I celebrate that we keep going, no matter what. I’ve seen Taoist Master Dr Yuen be disrespected, I’ve seen Native elders be disrespected, so this is not unique to any of us. Many of us have been put to death in previous incarnations, just for being Healers, and using our magic. My point here is that it doesn’t matter. People are going to do what they’re going to do. The only thing that matters is being true to yourself, true to your gifts, and living up to the highest and best that’s in you. If that scares people, oh, well.

I love Erin Van Vuren. I love the quote I used for this post. Keep the gold dust and magic in your blood. Never diminish yourself to make others more comfortable. It doesn’t work, anyway. Trust yourself. Trust your magic. Trust your gifts, they are lifetimes old. The culture is never going to understand what we are. How can it? We came here to teach, to heal, and to be a beacon of light in the darkness. We didn’t come to be understood, we were understood where we were. We came to illuminate. What illuminates is the heart. Shine the light of Divine love out of yourself. That’s the only thing that can change the world. Be royal as fuck. You rock. I love you all. Blessings, Rev Judith Star-Medicine