New arrivals

With only two weeks to go until Christmas, I’ve been listing new Stones as they arrive. Yesterday I received two shipments, and spent the day in my office unpacking, pricing, and getting them listed on my website. Well, some of them, anyway. We got some spectacular Amethyst and Smokey Quartz pieces from Madagascar. I just love those. There’s something about that combination of colors, violet and chocolate, that flips my switch. Some are polished Elestials, some are polished Points. By law, all Stones in Madagascar are polished. I think it is to protect their economy, so other countries can’t come in, grab the raw materials, and export it to their facilities for their workers to cut and polish. So, I am really excited by what just walked through the door. Something for everyone’s budget. I also got a shipment of Jaspers, both Picture Jasper and Scenic Jasper. Palm sized stones and Spheres. Those are not up yet. Some Snowflake Obsidian Spheres and Eggs. Pretty. Remember, Crystals make great gifts, because they are living things, and are Master Healers and Teachers. They are the gift that just keeps on giving.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope your day is wonderful. Up here in the mountains we plan on having a quiet and restful day, which includes me not cooking. We have a family-owned restaurant across the road that prepares everything from scratch, including the desserts, my husband will go over and pick it all up. So, an extra day off for me, plus the joy of NOT cooking, which I really am not good at. Unless you count my alchemical skills of turning food into charcoal. Or the way I can twirl a fire extinguisher. I seem to have been born without a cooking gene. Or a cleaning gene, for that matter. But I came equipped with several extra take-out genes, so it’s okay. I hope everyone arrives safely at their destination, avoids all discussions of religion and politics if possible, and has a joyful day. Let there be peace. And stuffing. And maybe pie. Blessings, Rev Judith Star-Medicine

The Hunters Moon

The November Full Moon between the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus is also called The Hunters Moon. It is full today, 11/17. It is a powerful and intense Full Moon. Be kind to yourself. It’s a soft, dreamy day up here in the Catskills. Raining. You can feel winter coming. A good day for ceremony. Candles, Sage, or Incense. Set a positive intention for yourself and the world, which sorely needs it. Be the Rainbow somebody needs to see right now. May this Full Moon bring you Blessings. Rev Judith Star-Medicine