Magical Quartz

imageI have been asked over the years to explain the differences in the many different shapes of Quartz crystals. Some Quartz comes out of the ground with certain shapes or markings, while other Quartz specimens have been cut and polished by man into a particular shape. Spheres and Generator crystals are a good example of this. Obviously, Quartz does not grow in a sphere shape. It also doesn’t grow in a perfect six-sided point with six exactly equal faces on the top, all six triangular faces the same. Over my entire lifetime of working with the Stone People, I have never seen a Generator Crystal that was natural, and that’s fine. As I said, Crystal Balls aren’t natural, either, and they are VERY powerful. Let’s look at the types of points that DO occur both naturally, and as cut and polished specimens.

The Dow Crystal: Named after the Crystal pioneer Jane Ann Dow, a Dow Crystal, in my opinion, is one of the most powerful Crystals we can work with. A six-sided Crystal, the faces at the top form a Sacred geometry of three seven-sided faces, and three 3-sided faces which alternate in the famous 3-7-3-7-3-7 pattern. These do occur naturally, as well as being cut and polished into that shape. A Dow Crystal is both a Transmitter Crystal, and a Channeling Crystal, combined. It is a broadcasting Crystal, as well as a receiving Crystal, which makes it ideal for both intention work and meditation.

The Cathedral Crystal: Sometimes called Lightbraries, Cathedral Crystals look like a Quartz lotus, or an artichoke. Point upon point layer on top of each other to come to a common termination at the tip. The points do not spray out away from the body, as they do in a Cluster. Cathedrals are storehouses of information. Very powerful.

The Isis Face Crystal: An Isis Crystal is a Crystal with six sides, where one of the faces has five sides that form it. An Isis Crystal has a strong resonance to the Divine Feminine.

The Transmitter Crystal: A Transmitter Crystal has 2 seven sided faces on either side of a 3 sided Triangular face. These Master Teachers continually transmit one’s intentions out into the Universe. Again, found growing in nature like this or cut and polished.

The Generator Crystal: A Generator is always man-made. It is a six-sided Crystal with 6 exactly equal triangular faces at the top. Nothing in nature grows like that, with the same exactitude of each of the six faces. It has been cut and polished into this shape. Since all clear Quartz is highly programmable, many people use Generators in a grid, or for intention work. I prefer to use a Dow Crystal or a Transmitter Crystal in a grid, they just have more power. Some books represent Generator Crystals as being extremely rare. They aren’t, since they are hand cut and polished. If you look at Quartz Clusters, where numerous points grow out of a common matrix, all different, you will see Transmitters, Dows, Channeling, Isis face,all natural. In my entire life I have never once seen a point with 6 exactly perfect, exactly the SAME triangles at the top. The easiest way to tell if a point has been cut and polished are the edges. Natural Quartz points are quite sharp. You need to be careful moving a Cluster, you can cut yourself easily on those natural points. Points that have been cut are duller. No sharp edges. I wish Crystal books would be more honest, more clear, in writing about these things.

The Channeling Crystal: Channeling Crystals open us up to Guides and Teachers, and our Higher Selves. It has a seven-sided face in the front, with a three-sided triangular face directly behind it.

Quartz Clusters: Quartz Clusters are a number of individual points joined at the base. They teach us about living in community, harmony, and Cooperation. They are self-cleansing, so they never need to be cleared. You can use them to clear other stones, as well. Just sit the stone on the Cluster and leave it there until it regains it’s sparkle.

The Laser Wand: Laser Wands are clear Quartz that has a wider end that tapers down to a point at the end. They tend to be somewhat rough. They conduct energy down to the tip, and are most usually used by healers for psychic surgery. These are Master Healers, and are completely natural. They are not cut or polished. That would greatly diminish their power.

The Record Keepers: Also completely natural, a Crystal with Record Keepers has an etched or raised triangle on the body of it, which contains specific teachings for the individual it chooses. The triangle points up.

The Trigonics Crystal: A Crystal with Trigonics has triangles like the Record Keeper, but they point down. Trigonics are wonderful for transitions of all kinds. They dismantle energy systems we no longer need, either emotionally or physically.

These are just a few of the types of Quartz I get asked about the most frequently. Every Crystal Healer and teacher has their own wisdom and life experiences to draw from. Some may agree with me, some may not. Take what speaks to your heart and discard what doesn’t. Remember that all Stones are sentient beings, powerful in their own right. Whether they are cut and polished into a Sphere, a Point, a Generator, matters not at all to them. They carry great wisdom, grace, and power. May you find the allies that will journey through your life with you, helping you manifest all of the joy, abundance, love, and beauty you deserve. Blessings, Judith

Walking With Power

imageI have taught before about embracing our Power, but it seems like a good time to revisit the topic. From a Shamanic perspective, we all have our own unique types of Power. Magic. There are so many types of Power. The power of empathy. The power of compassion. The power of love. The power of truth. The power of justice. Part of growing spiritually is the path of self-reflection, coming to understand who you are. Embracing who you are, no matter what the culture thinks about it.

I have always known who I am. Being born a Psychic probably helped with that. I have always been comfortable in my own skin, accepting my warrior spirit. My Magic swirls around me and through me like Sacred Smoke. It pulses out from my Aura like an Aurora Borealis, visible to other Shamans and Psychics, and felt by most people as a kind of force field. It makes some people uncomfortable. Afraid. Some read it as anger. It isn’t. I can’t think of a time in this incarnation that I raised my voice at anyone. Or needed to. If the situation warrants it, I release some of my power through either my eyes or my voice, an energetic shift that is understood immediately. Interestingly, neither children or animals are ever afraid of me. They seem fascinated, drawn to an authentic expression of energy.

I have always said that you can’t teach what you don’t know. Embracing personal power is easy for me to teach, because I have always embraced my own. I love empowering people. I love the whole concept of empowerment. Empowerment is our Souls birthright. Accepting and loving who we are is, as well. But western culture is often a critical and shaming culture. Especially for women. And even more so for women of power, women with a wild magic, a capacity to be guardians of truth and justice. The culture likes passive women. So empowered women are a threat.

Look at some of the labels applied to empowered women. Bitch. Tough. Masculine. Wow. It is a choice to live from an empowered place within the self. Refusing to abandon what is authentic inside of you takes enormous courage. Letting go of what other people think of you takes enormous courage, too. Ask yourself why someone else’s opinions about you matter. Who is the expert on who you really are, if not you? What do they know about living an authentic life? Anything?

I have very little patience with people trying to convert me or convince me that their ideology is the right one. The best one for me. I see no evidence that the ones shouting the loudest at all of us about how we should live our lives are in touch with anything real. Anything Magical. Anything Divine. So their voices mean nothing to me.

I walk with Power. I walk with Magic. I embrace the gifts that I was given by Spirit That Moves Through All Things. I have never feared or rejected those gifts, and I teach others to do the same. By accepting all that you are, and loving all that you are, you open the way to love, abundance, and peace. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. Especially yourself.

Blessings, Judith

** Art by Charles Frizzell **

Hey, Soul Sister

I have been more than blessed in this lifetime by amazing women friends, real Soul Sisters. When I first heard that song, Hey, Soul Sister, by Train, I smiled. The women who have journeyed with me over decades are women of great honor and integrity, honesty, and heart. We have mirrored for each other in a Sacred way, held a space for each other to change and grow. We have laughed and cried together, born witness to the changes in life circumstances. I will be forever grateful to one of my sisters that supported me through the experience of chemo for one of my daughters, which lasted for 5 months. Having her there with me numerous times, extending her love, was so powerful. Today my heart is full, as I send gratitude and love to the women in my life who have loved me, been there for me unconditionally, and let me lean on them when I needed to. No matter how strong and fierce we are, there are times we need to lean on each other, draw strength from each other.

To the Soul Sister that needed to move away, to return to her home in another country, know that I will never forget you, I will love you always, for your great heart, your sense of humor, and for you being the incredible healer that you are. I hope you have found peace. And thanks for sending me the Train song to begin with.

To the Soul Sisters in my life, old ones and new ones, I love you all. Thank you doesn’t even come close. You guys rock.

Blessings, Jude