Wherever You Stand


One of my favorite Rumi quotes is “Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.” Now, more than ever, that’s true. Being kind is simple. Being compassionate is effortless. Being love is always the right choice. This does not mean we allow ourselves to be taken advantage of, or to be abused. Having self-respect and boundaries is an aspect of self-love. That’s essential. Yet, in every moment we can pause. We can maintain our dignity while doing whatever boundary work is necessary, even while walking away from people, places, and things that are harmful or destructive.

We never have to be cruel. We never have to diminish another as we go about our own evolution here. Any relationships I have found it necessary to terminate, I have terminated with an explanation, including my divorce from my ex. Being battered physically and emotionally was excruciating, yet I still found a way to be kind in my goodbye. I understood his mental illness. I understood I would likely die if I stayed.

Even with narcissism at an all-time high, there are still heroes everywhere. Even with the nightmare stories of sexual abuse flooding the news, I know for a fact that there are loving, caring men out there that would never do such things. I’m married to one of them. So it’s up to us, the kind people, the loving people, the empathic people, to be the soul of whatever place we find ourselves in. To choose to believe in good over evil, and that goodness will always prevail.

Be the light the world so desperately needs right now. Be kind to a child, an animal, a stranger, a friend, whenever possible. If someone makes it impossible, fine, walk away and don’t look back. Don’t be hurt by it, it has nothing to do with you. Keep being love. Because that’s what’s authentic in each of us. It’s that simple. Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place. Somebody has to, right? It may as well be you. Because you know how to do it. Me, too. We rock. Blessings, Judith


This has been a rough week. We lost our beloved German Shepherd, Elvis, on Monday to degenerative spinal myelopathy, something that shepherds are prone to. In fact, this is the fourth dog we’ve lost to this. It’s a terrible way to die. We are grieving. For many of us, our animals are family members that we deeply love. I’ve always said that animals love us the way we always deserved to be loved… unconditionally. This was a shock for us, as it happened very suddenly. We have not recovered yet.

I have been blessed to journey with some of the most incredible souls you could imagine. Their heart, consciousness, honor, and empathy has supported me through good times and bad. My horse, my dogs, my cats, all of them amazing beings. Every loss leaves a hole, even though we know we will outlive them, it’s still so painful when they go. We can take some small comfort in knowing how happy they were with us, how much we loved them, and the quality of life they had with us.

I thank my family and friends for their love and support, as well as the many clients who knew and loved Elvis. He was in a class by himself. We miss you, dude. Thanks for choosing us. You were the best. We love you. Your family.

Monthly Forcast For November

Photo by Jamie Mclaren

Up here in the mountains, the heavy rains and winds took down the last of the leaves over the weekend.  November always feels like the last bit of Fall, before the snows come. The Sun has moved into Scorpio, one of my favorite signs of the zodiac. I love it’s intensity, it’s fearlessness, it’s ruthless honesty. Let’s look at some of this month’s aspects, and what we can expect.

The Moon in Aries on 11/2 conjuncts Uranus, the planet that rules sudden unexpected change. At the same time, it trines Saturn, the planet of patience and discipline. This is a good time to begin things, what unfolds under these aspects will last. 11/4 is the Full Moon, a powerful one, with the Sun in Scorpio opposing the Moon in Taurus. The Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn, an aspect of strength and alchemy, while forming a sextile to Neptune, the mystical planet. Anything is possible now.

11/11 is very good, with the Moon in Leo forming a Grand Trine in the Fire signs, with Saturn and Uranus. This is wonderful, with Fire being about zeal, enthusiasm, love, laughter, and joy. Saturn also trines Uranus that day, adding more energy to the Grand Trine. Lovely.

11/17 is very good, with the Moon in Scorpio making several beautiful aspects, including a trine to Neptune in Pisces. Meditate, do intention work, connect to your Higher Self. 11/18 is the New Moon in Scorpio, a time for new beginnings. 11/20 is good, with the Moon in Sagittarius making four positive aspects, again, more fire.

The Sun moves into Sagittarius on 11/21. 11/25 is fabulous, with Mercury, the planet of communication and ideas Trine to Uranus, the planet of genius, originality, and freedom. Think outside of the box. Better yet, smash the box of limitations and fear. The Moon in Aquarius sextiles Uranus, Mercury, and Saturn, supporting that.

November is a month of wonderful possibilities. Take advantage of all of the magical aspects it offers. I hope your Autumn is wonderful, with friends, family, laughter, and pie. Somehow, November always makes me want pie. Even if it’s gluten free.  Blessings, Judith