Judith Star-MedicineReverend Judith Star-Medicine is a practioner of Classical Chinese medicine, writer, teacher, Mystic, spiritual counselor, Clairvoyant Empath, and professional Astrologer, specializing in spiritual alchemy. A hereditary Psychic, as a child Judith was mentored through dreams and visions in the way of ancient traditions around the world. Recognizing the spiritual path as her calling, Judith entered a convent to become a nun at age 12. Her mother’s health crisis necessitated her return home after less than a year living in a cloister as a postulant. She then began a journey as a seeker, and as a student of world religions and Indiginous culture traditions that has spanned five decades.

Judith’s practice includes Aromatherapy, (Clinically Trained Professional, 400 + hours ), Tarot readings, Astrology (both Natal and Progressed horoscopes, including Transits), Medical Intuitive readings, Acupressure, (certified),Gem and Mineral sales and teachings. It also includes spiritual counseling, as well as supernatural protection work, including extractions. ( The protection work includes powerful arcane ancient techniques for energy clearing, and the removal of any foreign energies.) Judith specializes in spiritual alchemy, the restoration of our Divine birthright of love and joy. She brings this alchemical practice to bear in working with all of her clients, including survivors of sexual abuse, domestic violence, physical abuse, and emotional abuse, as well as supporting people in recovery on their journey of healing from substance abuse and addiction. 

Walking a path of service as a spiritual writer and teacher, Judith brings over two decades of the study and practice of Classical Chinese Medicine with the Taoist Master Dr Jeffrey Yuen to her work. 

Aspects of Taoism, Mysticism, and Classical Shamanism ( NOT Neoshamanism ) are woven into all parts of Judith's practice. Judith's ability to combine the mystical with the supernatural, along with Classical Chinese Medicine, creates a unique healing dynamic. Spirituality, Stones, Chinese Herbs, Essential Oils, and Vibrational Energies are used to facilitate a return to balance. Judith embraces and teaches that all healing is accomplished through the healing of the trinity of body, mind, and Spirit. 

( Note: Judith is not connected to the "New Age movement " in any way. Judith does not condone or participate in cultural appropriation of any kind in her practice. All of her techniques are her own. Yes, Judith Star-Medicine is her legal name.)

*** Judith became an ordained Interfaith Minister in 1996 through the Universal Brotherhood Movement Inc.***